Setting the Stage for a Global Dictator :: By Britt Gillette


Around the world, freedom and liberty are under assault. Tyranny is asserting itself. The COVID-19 pandemic has given us lockdowns, vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, and even forced vaccinations and quarantine camps. On January 15th, Canada implemented a vaccine requirement for all truckers crossing the Canada-U.S. border. A week later, the U.S. instituted its own vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the Canadian and Mexican borders. The truckers said no.

They formed long convoys to protest the mandates. Day after day, the ranks of the protestors grew until the Freedom Convoy occupied the streets of Ottawa and several major roadways at the Canada-U.S. border. More and more Canadians joined the cause, bringing food, water, fuel, and even bounce houses to show their solidarity with the truckers. However, the national leaders of Canada rejected the Freedom Convoy’s peaceful demands for an end to the mandates and a return to freedom and liberty.

On February 4th, GoFundMe took down the Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraiser page. Claiming the effort “reflects or promotes behavior in support of violence,” GoFundMe froze the account. At first, they said donors would only see their donations refunded if they specifically requested that the money be returned. Otherwise, it would be forwarded to another cause of GoFundMe’s choice. After an immense backlash, they promised to return all funds to those who donated. That remains to be seen.

A few days later, a new fundraising campaign emerged on GiveSendGo. Almost immediately, the government of Ontario ordered GiveSendGo to withhold all donations. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act and seized broad powers in an attempt to shut down the protests. Broadening anti-money laundering rules, he accused crowdfunding sites of financing “terrorism” and authorized financial institutions to “cease providing financial services where the institution suspects an account is being used to further the illegal blockades and occupations.” Trudeau and his minions then threatened the protestors with massive fines, impoundment of vehicles, revocation of driver’s licenses, and seizure of bank accounts.

Then today, Canada’s Justice Minister, David Lemetti, doubled down on Trudeau’s threats. When asked if those who donated to the Freedom Convoy should be worried if banks will freeze their accounts, he responded, “Well, I think if you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who’s donating hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions of dollars to this kind of thing, they oughta be worried.” He then said, “This is about stopping the financing of these illegal blockades. We are today serving notice; if your truck is being used in these illegal blockades, your corporate accounts will be frozen.” The message is clear – criticize Canada’s national leaders, and they’ll crush you.

Government Demands for Compliance

This is the type of reaction we’ve come to expect from governments like China, Russia, and North Korea. But the Canadian government’s response surprised a lot of people. It shouldn’t have. Throughout history, the drive toward tyranny has been the natural inclination of government. Freedom and liberty are the exception, not the norm. In recent years, Canada has shown growing hostility toward free speech. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see them label peaceful protestors “terrorists” for daring to commit the “crime” of criticizing government leaders and “undermining trust in government institutions.”

Since early 2020, the same totalitarian instinct has invaded other Western Democratic nations. Australia vilified the unvaccinated and put its people in quarantine detention centers. The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Israel, and various cities in the United States rolled out vaccine passports. Austria implemented mandatory vaccination. To various degrees, all these governments trampled on individual liberty, demanding compliance to their draconian measures.

The message is clear. Comply or you’ll be fined. Comply or you’ll lose your job. Comply or you’ll lose your benefits. And if you still don’t comply, they’ll take away your assets and your ability to participate in society.

If we don’t stand up to this now, we’ll lose our freedom and liberty forever. The marriage of Big Government and Big Tech creates an oppressive combination, and we’re only in the early stages. The next government power grab will be the last, and it will lead to total enslavement.

The Next Power Grab

The next power grab will rival any ever dreamed about by past rulers and dictators. Across the world, central banks openly discuss their plans to introduce central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). This includes central banks in England, Canada, China, Mexico, the European Union, the United States, and many other nations. This should alarm everyone because CBDCs are far different from Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is decentralized. No single authority controls it. In contrast, central banks will operate, regulate, and control CBDCs. This simple distinction is the difference between a Libertarian’s dream and every citizen’s nightmare.

The replacement of today’s government currencies with CBDCs will give unlimited power to government. Not only will this new system permanently record every financial transaction, but CBDCs will track where you go and what you do. They’ll track the websites you visit, the friends you interact with, and the charities you contribute to. While most of this information is already available via tracking of credit and debit cards, mobile phones, and social media profiles, a state-sponsored digital currency will provide unfettered access to this information in one centralized location. It will create a closed, government-controlled economic system where everyone is dependent on CBDCs to participate in society.

This gives government the ability to control your behavior, down to the most minute details of daily life. If the government decides they don’t like you, they can cut off access to your accounts and freeze you out of the economic system. We’re already seeing this take place in Canada. With CBDCs, the government will be able to tell you what you can and can’t buy. They’ll be able to tell you where you can and can’t go. In essence, they’ll have complete control over every aspect of your life.

Do you see why this will be not just the next power grab, but the power grab? This is it. Once you enter such a system, they’ve got you. You can never leave. If you criticize the government or do anything they deem “undesirable,” they’ll cut off your access to CBDC, and you won’t be able to buy or sell anything.

This is the ultimate power grab, and it’s coming soon. The current monetary system is broken. It’s completely dependent on central bank distortions of the free market and permanent bailouts for big corporations. The central banks can’t allow the free market to set interest rates. If they do, the increased interest payments will bankrupt governments around the world. But if they persist in keeping rates artificially low, they’ll eventually spark hyperinflation. One way or another, the entire system is set to collapse. When it does, a “great reset” will be necessary. And that’s when the CBDCs roll out.

CBDC Adoption Will Be Swift

CBDCs will be the central feature of this great reset. Think most people will reject them? While I hope so, it’s highly unlikely. Governments will make sure adoption is quick and easy. They’ll simply launch a campaign to “claim your digital wallet.” To incentivize you, they’ll offer an initial deposit of $10,000 (or $20,000, $30,000, or whatever amount is necessary to get people to take action). Once everyone is on board, they’ll eliminate paper currency and other options for payment of goods and services. The result will be a government-controlled economic system based on CBDCs.

The Bible Foretold All of This

For those who have read the Bible, this is no surprise. Almost two thousand years ago, the Book of Revelation foretold of a global economic system eerily similar to the one taking form today.

The Bible says a time will come when a global dictator will require everyone on earth to receive a mark on their right hand or their forehead (Revelation 13:16). Without this mark, people will be unable to buy or sell anything (Revelation 13:17). How will this work? The exact details aren’t clear. But the worldwide rush to create central bank digital currencies provides us with a glimpse as to how such a system might work.

The Bible says the Antichrist will rule a global government (Revelation 13:7). To control who can buy and who can sell, he’ll need a system capable of tracking every transaction on earth. He’ll need a way to monopolize all financial transactions and a way to kick people out of the system if they don’t do his bidding. CBDCs create such a system. All that’s required to bring about this “Great Reset” is a global economic crisis, and one is coming. Hungry people will be more than willing to adopt such a system if it means the difference between eating and not eating.

So what does this mean? It means we’re fast approaching a time the prophets long warned us about. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic (Luke 21:11). Israel is back in the land (Jeremiah 23:7-8). The Jewish people are back in Jerusalem (Luke 21:24-28). And the Gospel is being preached throughout the world (Matthew 24:14). The end times approach. The tribulation, the Antichrist, and global government are on our doorstep. But first, the rapture must take place. So don’t despair. While it looks like the world is falling apart, every Christian should have peace. We know how it ends. Jesus is coming (Revelation 22:20), and He’s coming soon!


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