Awaken Bible Prophecy Update, Pt 1: End-Times Cult…By Gary W. Ritter

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update, Pt 1: End-Times Cult of Catholicism

Update 2-9-2022

After seeing how much material there is to discuss about this topic, I decided to split it into 2 parts. Today we’ll cover Part 1, and then next week, Lord willing, we’ll extend the discussion with Part 2.

If anyone watching this Prophecy Update is a Catholic, I imagine just the title of this video irritated you. Unfortunately, there is more than enough Biblical evidence to justify the accusation of Catholicism being a cult, if not today, certainly when the 7-year Tribulation begins. And isn’t a Biblical position the most important one we can take? Any doctrinal errors in contradiction to Scripture inevitably lead people astray. Believe me, the Catholic Church and the Vatican have such errors galore. Anyone desiring God’s truth with the hope and desire of seeing Him in the afterlife needs to get right what God is speaking to us in His Word.

There are many books that go much deeper than I do today in outlining how the Catholic Church will play a crucial end-times role in the world. One that I heartily recommend is Dave Hunt’s A Woman Rides the Beast. Another really interesting book is Queen of All by Jim Tetlow. In addition, numerous ex-Catholics have written how they came out of Catholicism once they realized how many problems this religion has. One I read a couple of years ago had accounts from ex-priests and ex-nuns when they came to realize how far from God Catholic teaching took them. It’s also generally not difficult to find someone raised in the Catholic Church who turned away from it and then found true salvation in a right relationship with Jesus.

That’s our purpose here. We search out truth, connect dots that are rapidly accumulating in these latter days, and point you to the only One who can save you – Jesus Christ and Him alone.

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