Be Prepared :: By Steve Meehan

The Boy Scouts long adopted the phrase “Be Prepared” as their official motto, and it is one of the first things you learn when you join their organization. The idea is to be ready for what you may encounter when you participate within their group but also extends to what you may experience in everyday life and to be prepared to meet its challenges. No better expression can be applied to what we see develop in this world today or the trajectory of where we are headed.

In looking around at the present times we find ourselves living in, it doesn’t take much thought to realize that the freedoms we once enjoyed and the quality of life we had experienced in times past are slowly being whittled away and have degraded to a point that most people are longing for a return to “normal” and to get out from under the heavy-handed restrictions thrust upon us. The sad reality is, though, that there isn’t coming a return to normal, at least not the normal that we have been accustomed to.

There is a concerted effort underway globally to enact more restrictions and to place all under the control of a select group of people initially, with the eventual outcome that all will be ruled by one man. Governments of the once free world are complicit in this endeavor, including the people running the show in Washington DC. It has been labeled as the Great Reset, but a more appropriate title would be the Great Setup. The world is being coddled, duped, and manipulated into accepting certain lifestyle changes now that will soon give way to harsher measures of control, ultimately followed by the rule of an iron-fisted authoritarian figure that will soon emerge.

The Bible has a lot to say about End Time events and how the condition of life in this world will increasingly erode away and spiral downwards before the eventual return of Jesus Christ to this planet to begin His rule and reign from Jerusalem. Approximately 27% of Scripture deals with prophecy, or things to occur at a future date. A lot of those foretold events have already transpired, but a great deal of it is yet to come and will soon envelop us as we inch ever close to the Last Days events.

Most of the books of the Holy Word have a passage or two regarding Bible Prophecy, but the bulk of the prophesied events describing the Last Days can be found in Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Joel, the four Gospels, and most of the New Testament books.

Jesus lays out a great discourse on the subject in Matthew 24, in a concise, highlighted manner of what to expect when those days are upon us. It is hard not to see that what He details to His apostles when they approached Him on the subject of the end closely mirrors the conditions of this present time and how extremely close we are to the fulfillment of the prophesied events. It is as if He is not only warning His disciples of how dreadful life will be during those days but pleading with our current generation to sit up and take notice of what is going on around us now and what will soon befall us.

Watching the daily news or getting breaking news items on our smart devices and then comparing that information with what Jesus said life would be like in the end, it is uncanny how eerily similar the two match up to what we see happening.

In Matthew 24, Jesus spoke of “wars and rumors of war” preceding His second coming. Presently we find ourselves wondering when or if Russia is going to invade Ukraine. They are at their doorstep. Negotiations are taking place. Threats are being made from each side not to do anything foolhardy. War could break out over there at any minute. Rumors are swirling as to who will blink first.

China is posturing itself in a threatening manner to invade Taiwan. Their stated goal is to have that island country be reunited with mainland China. Repeated military threats have occurred via fighter jets and warships from China operating in the Taiwan Strait, sending a message to Taipei that Beijing is serious about the reunification of Taiwan back to Mother China. The rumors of this hostile action and when it may occur are continually in the news. Taiwan needs to be prepared for this eventual takeover attempt. Will the US, or Europe, or even other Asian nations come to the aid of either Ukraine or Taiwan when hostilities break out? Are we headed for war? The rumors continue.

Iran is working feverishly to acquire nuclear weapons capability. Their stated goal is to destroy Israel, and they would probably turn an eye towards Saudi Arabia or any other Gulf nation in the region in their attempt to be a Middle East power. Israel cannot afford to have Iran acquire even one nuke. They take Iran’s threats seriously. It is apparent that no other nation has the desire to stop Iran from going nuclear. Empty promises and bankrupt rhetoric from the West to prevent Tehran from going nuclear will not sway the Islamic regime from attempting to go nuclear. Israel will be forced to act, and act alone more than likely.

Will the Jewish State go after Iran’s nuclear facilities soon? That kind of activity will certainly lead to a conflagration in the Middle East. Israel is already prepared to act. War would most certainly follow on the heels of that necessary military operation. So, wars and rumors of war are an ever-present reality in our daily lives.

Jesus also warned of famines, droughts, earthquakes, and pestilences that will eventually destroy many lives during the final seven years of human government or the time of testing that is referred to as the Tribulation Period.

Those types of phenomena have occurred many times in the past, but during the very soon onset of the Tribulation, they will ratchet up in such intensity and frequency that there won’t be any doubt as to why it is taking place. That last seven years is a time of God’s wrath and judgment on a sinful world, and it is also one last opportunity to get right with God by turning from sin and accepting His free gift of redemption. Those who refuse will have to try to endure through some extremely difficult days and increasingly worsening conditions.

The loss of life that will take place during that time will be unfathomable. Jesus had said that no flesh would survive that seven-year period unless the time was cut short. It will be that bad.

The condition of life on the planet will be horrendous, and all measures to try to avoid it and not have to endure it should be taken. The Book of Revelation is a must-read, as it describes in awful detail the horrendous calamities that the world will be plunged into. Be prepared.

The very first thing that Jesus said, though, concerning this upcoming time, was the word Deception – don’t be deceived. Not by anyone! Not from political leaders, government officials, or even some so-called religious leaders. Don’t fall to deception. Be wary of the thoughts, words, and contrivances of those who supposedly are looking out for our welfare, those who are seemingly in control. Deception is already rampant from the supposed people in charge.

Satan’s number one tactic for destroying humanity and thwarting God’s plan for salvation for us has always been deception. From the very beginning, in the Garden of Eden, he deceived Eve into eating some of the forbidden fruit that he said would supposedly make them like God. He hasn’t missed a trick ever since and has been perfecting his deceiving craft for eons.

Those who study Bible prophecy know what lies ahead. We don’t know all the details, but we are aware of the outline of things to come.

All or most governments of the world will relinquish control of their nations and will allow for the emergence of a 10-head conglomerate to seize control of the world’s countries, and they, in turn, will align behind a central figurehead – the antichrist, or the beast as the Bible calls him – and this man will rule from somewhere in Europe, possibly Rome.

In America, our so-called leaders are a part of this deception. They may not know it, but they are being manipulated by the enemy to cede our sovereignty to a globalist agenda and to weaken our nation from within.

There is no mention of America in Bible prophecy. How can that be? As strong as this nation is or once was, how strong our economy has been, or the influence we once had around the globe, and we are not even mentioned in Scripture?

There are forces deep within our government who are trying to bring us down by reducing our influence around the globe, dismantling our self-rule, spending us into ruin, and paving the way for the rise of a central world figure. America, unfortunately, must lose its power and influence to allow for the rise of Satan’s man to seize control. Those in power are following a nefarious plan.

That’s why Donald Trump was so hated by the rabid left. Trump was all about America and making us great again. He was far removed from the globalist agenda. He was an impediment to their insane desires. He had to be stopped at all costs. The venom spewed his way 24/7, 365 days a year unceasingly by the radical progressives, and they continually tripped over themselves to find new schemes to try to destroy him.

With Trump out of the Oval Office, they now have a befuddled patsy in there, who Satan can more easily manipulate and pull his strings to achieve his goals. America is being deceived. Be prepared for even greater acts of deception.

The whole China virus fiasco and the way it has been foisted on us is another in a long line of deception. It most certainly originated in a lab in Wuhan and, without a doubt, has been helped along by American taxpayer money. And the phony Fauci with his long list of lies says and does all he can to cover up our involvement in the work that goes on in those labs and the profiteering taking place in the hyping, selling and mandating of only government approved “vaccines” to supposedly lessen the threat of the virus. It is a charade.

Talk about a set-up. The world, when the antichrist comes to power, will be forced to swear their allegiance to him by taking a certain mark, or barcode, or an implanted chip either in their hand or on their forehead in order to buy or sell anything. Without the mark, no jobs, no services, no food. The Bible warns, however, that anyone taking the mark – even if it is the only means of survival – will forfeit any salvation from God and will wind up in the Lake of Fire. It is that serious. You are, in essence, making the Beast your god, and it will be eternal separation from the real God, with no chance for mercy. Don’t take the mark!

But the whole China virus plan has played out to see how far people would go in accepting a government mandate to wear masks, go along with lockdowns, take a government-controlled “vaccine” and its boosters, or accept a vaccine passport to freely exit and enter certain areas. The more compliant the masses are, the more they will freely accept a One-World mark eventually to be able to buy or sell.

The enemy must be very pleased with how little resistance was applied by people accepting this loss of freedoms and how easily humanity was coerced. Just a little more tweaking by government officials should make the acceptance of the mark a piece of cake. Don’t take it!

It’s all about deception. Be prepared for more of it. Climate Change and the propaganda of it is another ruse. The idea was to get everyone onboard behind that cause and eventually fall in line behind the One-World system and their scheme to solve it. It is being touted as the most menacing issue threatening our planet and our existence. More so than despotic rogue nations like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and their continued threats to the West. It is still a ruse, but one that some have blindly accepted and are toeing the deceptive narrative that the world is in peril unless we do something to correct the problem.

Then the China virus came along, and for the past two years, we have been inundated with how dangerous this thing is and how we all need to come together to try to stop it – no matter how uncomfortable life will become. The globalists had to be thrilled to see how the multitudes could be controlled.

What is next? What will the next item on their agenda be to get all to fall in line with their plan? Inflation? Already seeing it. The stoppage and transporting of goods? It is already on our news sources every day. We are witnessing empty shelves in the stores. If they can find a way to control the production, transportation, selling of food items, and who is allowed to purchase them, that would go a long way in total control and their ambitious agenda.

The world is also headed for a cashless society. Be prepared for the day when cash or coins will no longer be accepted and that all transactions will be done electronically or digitally. It is coming soon. It will be far more convenient for nefarious government types to keep an eye on what we are purchasing and ultimately to control who can purchase.

Time is short and getting shorter. Be prepared for what is coming. The world is being lulled into a trap. Most inhabitants of this planet will be blindsided by the onset of the Tribulation period, that final seven years of God’s judgment. Most will not be prepared and will have to go through it.

That coming world leader – whoever it turns out to be – will come on the world stage and can be recognized, according to scripture, when he signs or confirms a pseudo peace deal with Israel and the countries that would otherwise seek to destroy her. That act – confirming a covenant with the Jewish state – will begin the final countdown of the last seven years before Christ returns.

Along with that action, most will at first admire this guy as a man of peace. The West now is weak and leaderless. Therefore, Russia and China especially are becoming emboldened to threaten their neighbors with war. America, the usual nation of strength to impede adventurism by rogue states, is led by a befuddled, inept, and corrupt individual. He is clueless about how to portray strength. No one fears America presently, and both our allies and the bad guys are aware of how much disarray there is emanating out of the corridors of Washington DC.

The leaderless vacuum presently in the West will give rise to this strong-willed person in Europe, and his ability to unite everyone will be aided by elements of a dark, spiritual nature. He will be charming and smart, and the world will throng to him, as the Bible asserts. But midway through this seven-year period, Satan will enter into this guy, and he will proclaim himself to be God in the newly built Temple in Jerusalem. Then, all hell will break loose on planet Earth, and terror will strike the hearts of all those still left throughout the world. It will be ghastly. And the time is especially ripe for this man’s emergence.

How do you avoid it? How do you get prepared? There is only one way. The only means of not having to endure the horror that awaits is to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. He has promised to remove all true believers in Him just prior to the onset of the Tribulation period. That last seven years is not meant for true Christians but for those who have either rejected the gospel of Jesus Christ or are just indifferent to anything related to God. This will be one last opportunity to make a decision that will affect you throughout eternity.

If those in the know – the ones that study Bible prophecy – can sense that we are extremely close to the start of this Trib period by all the signs that we see throughout the globe that were foretold to occur during the End Times, then we also know that the time for Christ to snatch out all those who have placed their faith and trust in Jesus’ from out of the world before that time is very imminent. That event is referred to as the Rapture, and we will be removed before the antichrist makes his debut here on planet Earth.

If one elects to wait until the Church – the true body of believers in Jesus – has departed and thus enter into the seven-year period without Christ’s protection, it will still be possible to get saved during that time, but once you do become a Christian in the Trib period, chances are very high that you will be executed for your faith.

The Bible mentions that a great number of martyrs will come out of the earth during that time, but of course, it will be via very difficult circumstances. Not only will Jews get hunted down during that time – as Satan seeks to destroy the Jewish people again in his final solution – but new Christians will also be a part of a worldwide Holocaust.

Remember, if you don’t have this man’s or his system’s mark, not only will you be unable to purchase food or any goods, but you will be identifying yourself as one who has not gotten on board with their anti-God agenda. You are, in essence, identifying yourself as a Christian, and it will be next to impossible to avoid detection. You will be hunted down and killed. Terror will be an everyday condition.

Far better to accept Christ now and avoid what is coming. It is far better anyway to receive salvation now. Who knows what a day may bring? As close as we are to the beginning of those dreadful years, one may not even live beyond today. People die unexpectedly every second of every day. There are no guarantees of how long our lives will last. We can’t count on tomorrow, or next week, or next year. Our time could be up at any moment. And then what? Where will you wind up?

The road ahead on this planet looks very grim. It will only get better when Jesus returns, with His saints, to set up His kingdom in Jerusalem after the seven years of the Tribulation Period ceases. Then, for a thousand years, life on this planet will be at its best. No crooked politicians or any wars will be fought during that time. We will have a just King presiding from Israel over the affairs of men.

Those Christians who get raptured away to Heaven before the seven years get underway will be residing in the Father’s house, in their own dwelling places, while that awful calamity takes place back on Earth.

Be prepared for what’s coming. It is no joke. It will not be a time of gaiety or life as normal. Far from it. It will be an unprecedented time, never to be repeated again. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll just take your chances on what may lie ahead. God is the only source of real truth in the world, and He has warned Earth’s inhabitants of what is to take place during the end. The varied passages in the Bible that deal with that time are there for a reason. Do what is necessary to not have to go through it. Even more importantly, do exactly what is required to avoid having to spend eternity in Hell. Once there, there is no way out. And it will last forever.

Jesus wants you to be with Him in Heaven. He has prepared a place for you. He created you. He gave you your personality and desires. He gives you your health. He gave you a family. He came to die for your sins so that you could escape the flames of Hell. He died in your place so that you could experience forever with Him. He has promised to share His whole creation with us once we enter eternity. You will experience life on a whole new level when you enter His Heavenly realm. “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

Conversely, don’t let the devil deceive you. There is both a heaven and a hell. Nothing else. No purgatory or a second chance to cleanse us of sin. That doctrine comes from a deceiving enemy. There is no cessation of our existence. You will forever spend eternity in one abode or the other.

Not all will make it to Heaven. As a matter of fact, most will not. The enemy keeps people blinded from the truth. He deceives. Through false religions, wrong pursuits, and through various diversions. There is only one way to salvation, not many. There is only one way to get saved. The Bible repeats the means, over and over.

Be prepared, get prepared. Don’t be foolish and wait. The opportunity may never present itself again. Time is of the essence. Your soul and future hang in the balance. With each passing day, we draw closer and closer to the onset of these events. Who knows what a day may bring or how much time you’ve got left?

“Sirs, what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved” (Acts 16:30-31).

“He that believes on the Son has everlasting life; and he that believes not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abides on him” (John 3:36).

“Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Romans 10:13).

“If you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and shall believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved” (Romans 10:9).

“In my Father’s house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself. That where I am, you may be also” (John 14:2-3).

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father but by me [Jesus]” (John 14:6).