Wake Up! :: By Susan Mouw


Oh Lord, is Your day coming? Are we in the times of the end?
Are these events the signs…those which Your prophets portend?

Wars and rumors of wars, plagues and horrors of every kind
occur so often in these days, we no longer pay them any mind.

Our hearts have become as stone. Even the church has turned against You.
Sin is so acceptable we no longer believe death is its due.

The New Age of humanity has dawned and takes its place
among those who believe by acts we are saved, and not by Your Grace.

Jesus is deemed a wise man, perhaps a prophet, but not more.
The Greatest Story ever told is called fiction, a piece of lore.

Animals of the earth are counted as more than a child.
Babies are sacrificed, but we must protect the wild.

Wake Up! The Bride of Christ.
Can’t you see the hour is near?
Don’t be caught while sleeping.
Open your ears, and His Voice you will hear.

He is standing at the vestibule. Your place has been prepared.
In the not so distant future, His home you will share.

Not all has been fulfilled. There’s still more to come.
But there’s no time to rest as many more souls must be won.

Names are written in the Book of Life, but they haven’t been given the chance.
They must hear the Gospel to accept it. As His messengers, we must advance.

Closer draws the hour with every passing day.
Even one minute lost in dreaming could mean one less that is saved.

Wake Up! The New Jerusalem! Now is the time.
The harvest is waiting in the fields and must not be left on the vine.

Take care not for your future. Leave your belongings behind.
Follow Him and you will be safe from the horrors of the end time.

Susan Mouw, Author

The Road to the Cross
Go Set A Watchman (pending publication)
(newly released on Amazon) As In the Days of Noah
Website: roadtothecross.org