Hallelujah! The Heart of God: Part One :: By Camilla Smith


We know that we are living in the last moments before the return of our Messiah. There is no doubt about it—we feel it in our spirit, and we know it in our hearts. We know because we have the Father’s Word that tells us how all this will play out.

His Word defines so many specific things—things that we are seeing right before our eyes—pestilence, moral depravity, violence, war, political chaos, etc. But there are also many things that He tells us will happen that are happening in ways that may not be so glaringly evident. There are prophecies that are more subtle or that don’t get nearly as much attention. There are promises HE has made to His children—His people—that sometimes go unnoticed because they are not quite as obvious and certainly don’t make headlines on the daily news. But they are happening, and they are undoubtedly some of the most telling signs to show us how powerfully the Father’s Word is being fulfilled in these final hours!

Why is this important? Because when the Word of YHWH says something—we can KNOW it is important to Him!

He tells us over and over just exactly what IS important to Him—and these are things that maybe we don’t even think about! Do we ever stop to ask, “Father, please let me know what is important to YOU? What brings You esteem? What exalts You?” Maybe He is waiting to hear from His children—maybe this should be our daily prayer: “Father, please show Your children what You are doing and what WE can do to hasten the Day of Your Coming!”

There are hundreds of scriptures that give us a hint at some of the things that the Father will bring about in the end of times. There are GREAT Restorations that He will do—not only just a Renewed Heaven and Earth but a Renewed Language, Renewed Ways, Renewed/New Names. How exciting!! In this short article, we are going to just look at a couple of them, but there are many.

First, we need to realize that the Father’s Ways are not OUR ways, and we need to understand that we don’t always think like He thinks. And no matter how much we may have the mind of Messiah—we can’t possibly fathom, comprehend, or understand how all of this is going to unfold. He even TELLS us that we can’t possibly fully understand His Plan for the fulfillment of His Prophecies. He tells us that mankind WILL make up its own rules for the end times! By the way, I will use Scripture verses from a restored-names version of the Father’s Word, so you will see the Name of God (YHWH) as it would have originally appeared.

This verse plainly states that men will come up with their own ideas about things that pertain to the Father’s Word: “But the message of YHWH you no longer remember! For every man’s message is his own word, for you have changed the Words of the Living Elohim (God), YHWH of hosts, our Elohim!” (Jeremiah 23:36).

Changed the words?? Wow! What does this mean? And let’s take a little look at what IS important to the Father.

We know that He is restoring all things—so let’s see what He tells us He is going to restore.

Let’s take a look at Jeremiah 6:16 to see what the Father has to say about His Restoration: “Thus said YHWH, ‘Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and find rest for yourselves. But they said, ‘We do not walk.'”

This is a VERY interesting passage! The Father is making it clear that HE wants us to return to the old paths—the ancient paths—the ways that HE showed us. But the second part makes it clear that we just don’t do that—our sinful nature causes us to NOT walk in His Ways! We go our own way, and not always HIS Way. Of course, this encompasses many things, but this is definitely something that is important to our Father—that we at least recognize and seek out His Ancient Paths—asking HIM what is important to Him. This could include learning more about His Set-Apart days—His Feasts. This could include taking to heart His Commands and how they apply to our daily lives and our walk.

His Word makes it clear that He desires our heart and our obedience. “But this Word I commanded them, saying ‘Obey My Voice, and I shall be your Elohim (God), and you shall be My people. And walk in all the Ways that I have commanded you, so that it be well with you” (Jeremiah 7:23).

How can we define “Ancient Paths”? What is the Father referring to here? Is it possible He wants us to get a head start and a basic understanding of how things will be in His Kingdom? Because, truth be told, we have deviated in many ways from the Ancient Paths. What are some specific things He is referring to? One specific thing is this—His Word tells us that He will return us to His Original Language… His Pure Language where there was no distortion—the Language that people spoke before the confusion and darkness that came out of rebellion at the Tower of Babel. He clearly knows that a restoration to one Language will bring His children together, as He reveals through the prophet Zephaniah/TsephanYah here:

For then I shall turn unto the peoples a clean lip, so that they all call on the Name of YHWH to serve Him with one shoulder” (Zephaniah 3:9).

This is just one part of the Father’s Last-Days Restoration that we will look a little further into going forward. How fascinating that we will be returned to a “clean lip”! Can we even comprehend a Pure Speech—a Set-Apart Language so that we can all be united in serving Him as HE wants to be served? How exciting!

Obviously, this just scratches the surface. There is so much here for discussion and pondering. Abba willing, this will be an ongoing series of short articles that will draw us to seek the Heart of God and what IS important to Him in these last moments. What does His Word tell us? What does He want us to be doing? How can we serve Him in these final hours and bring esteem and honor to Him and His Kingdom? His Word tells us that He is looking for hearts that are perfect for Him (2 Chronicles 16:9). Let’s pray about it and ask Him to reveal to us just what that means. (We will delve a little further into this in Part 2.) Let’s turn to Him and ask Him directly, “Father, how can we best exalt You in the darkness of these last days? How can our hearts be PERFECT toward you?”

In the following articles, we will look a little deeper into getting to the Heart of the Father—what it is that pleases Him, including, first and foremost, our desire to be IN HIS PRESENCE. Also, He looks for our desire to share His Truth and the Truth of our Beloved Messiah, Yahshua/Jesus. He also looks for our desire to be obedient to His Loving Instructions that He has set forth in His Word. (His entire Word can be referred to as “His Loving Instructions to His Children,” as He GAVE us His Word for our own good—for our protection—because HE loves us so much!)

There is SO MUCH HERE! It would take us all eternity to begin to unravel His Magnificent Truth in His Word—but as we are so rapidly approaching the end of this age, let’s join together and set our hearts on things above—seeking and asking reverently and with awe, “Beloved Abba Father, how can we please YOU in these final moments? Help us to understand what brings You honor and exaltation as we approach the time that we will finally be in Your Presence!” We know one thing for sure—THIS prayer HE will answer if we seek Him with all our hearts. We know that when WE seek HIM, He can always be found. In the end, it is all about HIS Esteem!

“But in their distress they turned to YHWH Elohim (God) of Yisra’el, and they sought Him, and He was found by them” (2 Chronicles 15:4).