World’s Stupidity & Deceitfulness Leading to The Great Reset :: By Ron Ferguson

A Canadian woman in her 70s was diagnosed with “Climate Change” (CC) in the second week of November 2021. She went to an emergency room, and the doctor wrote “climate change” as the cause of her illness on the diagnosis. It was concluded that the rapidly changing weather was making her sick. It was Dr Kyle Merritt who drew up that diagnosis at the Kootenay Lake Hospital in Nelson, B.C. And that from an educated doctor? Really!

America’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention said CC can increase cardiovascular diseases and exasperate respiratory disease, leading to injuries and premature deaths. That was part of an article from WION, a News Broadcaster located in India.

The YouTube article went on to make claims that people are affected by heat and floods. Climate Change is making them ill. What is inferred from all the hype on Climate Change now is that every time there is a heatwave, a fire, a flood, a cold winter, cyclone/hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake, some weather event, it is all happening because of Climate Change.

Where does this illogical thinking come from? Well, I have three reasons.

The first is the extreme activism. There is such hype about CC, and every day more and more are taking the oath of allegiance to CC. It now includes most world leaders, the awfully ignorant Prince Charles, the strong atheist David Attenborough, Boris Johnson, and “that fella from the land of the free” (Biden, in case it did not register), and opulent fat cats and billionaires such as Bill Gates who won’t be affected by the rise in prices that will come because of knee-jerk reactions to a hoax. Of course, it would not be the gathering of the weird and wacky if Prince Harry and Megan Markle were not part of it, and they are! Wonder of wonders. The proponents of CC, interestingly, mainly come from the left of politics. They are radical in graduated measures, along with so many who address this CC with a religious mania/fervor.

The second reason is a sad one, and that is a total lack of education in matters that young people ought to know. In Australia, our history is despised. The settlement and opening of the country in 1788 is called Invasion, and there are hate marches from some of the white population as well as the Aborigines.

The lives of the explorers, pioneers and settlers are obliterated, and regarding matters of past climate and history, not a word is mentioned. The indoctrination in education is so bad that the young generation can only relate to a socialist platform and hand-held phones. When they experience a heatwave, a flood, a cold winter, cyclone/hurricane, fires, some weather event, it is all happening because of Climate Change because they have no other historic reference to refer to.

The general media has become an absolute disgrace. If anything deviates from the level status quo of weather, it has to be CC destroying the planet to make it extinct in 20-50 years. To make it worse, the Meteorology Bureau in Australia has discarded all records prior to 1930, before which some of the worst events occurred, and many of those worse than from 1930 onwards. They want to bury the facts and try to con the population on CC as if it is a recent phenomenon.

The third reason for the illogical thinking on CC is a delusion. People are deluded, so they will not listen or research; they are programmed to accept a lie (for those who object to the word “lie,” I have something to say later on). In a previous post, I mentioned the vacuum that exists in the human soul when you take “religion away.” That “religion” can include the Christian faith or idolatry and heathenism. Something must fill the vacuum, and CC does that very well. Something must be believed in; whether it is true or false does not matter – it must become a reason for filling the vacuum. CC slots perfectly in that vacuum.

I believe CC to be the greatest delusion of our time, and the underlying promotions of it are clear – to aid in the implementation of the great Reset. One question I cannot answer is where is this delusion coming from? It has to be from God, or it is demonic. I am uncertain of the answer. In the Tribulation, God will send a great delusion that they will believe the lie; that is, they will believe the Antichrist is the “Saviour of the world.” Maybe the Lord is letting us see how the whole world is going to run after the coming imposter, just like it is after CC, and He is letting us see what a pestilence (Covid) will be like with the Pale, sickly Horse, the fourth rider, the 4th seal.

Now let me address the matter mentioned earlier about accepting the lie. If you do believe the world has warmed 0.1 to 0.4 of a degree C in the last century, I will not argue with you. CC is the tip of the iceberg. It is what is under it we must consider. CC is hand in glove with THE GREAT RESET. It is no myth or conspiracy. It is a very real thing with enormous ramifications and is so godless that a Christian can have nothing to do with it.

For the following material on The Great Reset, I would like to acknowledge the wonderful YouTube video done by Daisy Cousens, from which I have taken some material – I recommend you watch that video.

What is the great reset? The following is about as good as you get in a small definition. It comes from Rowan Dean from Sky News explaining the great reset:

“It is a global commitment they have made to use the panic and fear generated by the coronavirus as a means to reshape all our economies and laws and move to a new form of capitalism that focuses on net-zero emissions. The plan involves replacing shareholders of big companies with stakeholders who happen to be left-wing bureaucrats and climate-change zealots. Replacing Mom and Dad’s small business and private enterprises with big tech and big business. Democracy and free enterprise go out the window. Totalitarian government control slides in through the back door.”

The great RESET was officially showcased in June 2020, with Prince Charles at the head of that showcasing by the World Economic Forum (WEF). A plan advocated for by the World Economic Forum for big business to collude with big government to completely (re)structure the global economy using the tools fostered through Covid-19 and geared towards a new form of capitalism for a supposedly sustainable future.

God forbid that Charles will become the next King. This is part of what Prince Charles said at that launch:

To create momentum for the great reset, we need to capture the imagination and will of humanity. We must redesign systems and pathways to advance net zero transitions globally. This would be the most dramatic act of responsible leadership ever seen by the global private sector and would at once provide a catalytic incentive for the public sector to follow.”

The quote above was Prince Charles speaking at the launch event. The Great Reset is online in the materials. Charles even has an entire page dedicated to the great reset on his official Prince of Wales website. There is also a YouTube video on the Royal Family’s YouTube channel discussing the great reset. There are multiple articles from mainstream media outlets discussing subjects also. Boris Johnson has spoken about it, as has Justin Trudeau. Biden has not actually used the “great reset” term, but his “Build Back Better” is the official slogan of the GREAT RESET, and that slogan was also clearly displayed on the banner behind Boris Johnson when he spoke about it, by the way.

This was said by Johnson:

“We human beings will simply not content ourselves with a repair job. We see these moments as the time to learn and to improve on the world that went before, and that’s why this government will build back better.”

The great reset is godless, and the embracing plan of man is humanism and socialism in this new world order. It wants nothing to do with “religion.” A Christian can have nothing to do with any of it, including support for Climate Change, even if the Christian might think there is change. You must flee from it. I think all of this is foundational for the structure the world leader/Antichrist will step into after the Rapture.

Years ago, people vainly tried to identify the Antichrist, which is an impossibility because he can’t be revealed until the Church is raptured and the first seal of Revelation 6 is broken. All sorts of names, from Henry Kissinger to the Pope, were mentioned. I did not give it much thought but expected it would be a political leader from Europe. Now, just maybe, the unifying influence of the WEF is an interesting slant on things.

It is unbelievable how much has changed in just the last few years. The world is aligning itself. The world is in a gigantic arms race. Covid has unsettled the world and made it easier to manipulate and control people. The Washington Post and the New York Times thundered out the Trump-Russia conspiracy, all from Clinton’s planning. Now it is unmasked as a great devious hoax, but how much publicity is it getting in the USA? I understand, very little. Evil parades itself, and the good is imprisoned. Wicked men proceed from bad to worse. Evil is good, and good is evil.

Do we get depressed? It is easy to, especially us older ones who know what hard work and decency were 60 and more years ago, and now we see what was built up through our generation crumbling through the acid of socialism /Marxism and demonic activity.

We see all these things happening, but does it affect our citizenship? Not one little bit because our citizenship is in a most glorious place. I think it is going to be realized very soon. Don’t be depressed with what is below, but be joyed about what’s above.


This world is in deception’s hand
To execute one task;
In the control of Satan’s men
Whose minds strive in the dark.

And for this reason, we do see
Injustice everywhere.
Immoral men who plan their schemes –
For truth, they do not care.

That makes it hard for Christian folk
Who live in truthfulness.
So often, they must pay the price
For honest faithfulness.

This world hates those who aren’t of it,
Who don’t fit in its mold.
For they’re the ones Another owns –
His sheep held in His fold.

They have a diff’rent code to heed;
A diff’rent Master’s voice.
And ostracized they may be… Yet
In Jesus they rejoice.

This world has turned to evil more;
Post-modernism rules.
Parameters all men have set,
And live their lives as fools.

But Satan is this world’s vile prince –
The power of the air.
His evil hosts have current rule,
But saints will not despair.

The word of God has clearly said
That these things must increase,
Until the King of Glory comes,
When Satan’s rule will cease.

Then how does one live in this world
Injustice to combat?
Again the word of God declares
What we must do for that.

Commit your way unto the Lord –
Let Him direct your way.
Count not the grievous marks that hurt.
Let them, your God repay.

Rejoice that in God’s Book of Life,
Your name is written there.
The world will go its sinful way,
But yours is treasure rare!

R E Ferguson 10-11 Sept 1999