Creation Then, Not Evolution (Follow-up Post) :: By Ron Ferguson

A Follow-Up Post From “I Can’t Understand All This”

In that last post, we looked at some of the fantastic marks of creation God has left us in this world and the Universe. Only the deliberately perverse mind of a denier would dismiss a “higher power” and choose either to shut the windows of the mind or retreat in the opposite direction into a God-denial.”

Satan is the malicious worker of evil and destruction. Rather than attack straight out God as the Creator, Satan works through subversion and enticement, for we are not ignorant of his devices. He makes sure he controls the education systems, and it is no surprise that education in our days (structure, organization, curriculum, personnel) is controlled by humanists, socialists, and perverted people. They make sure God is eliminated from the education system and that evolution is inserted instead. I was involved in it. I know.

In the recent Virginia election where Youngkin became governor, one of the burning issues was that parents should have input into the children’s education. It had been taken from parents’ hands, as it is in Australia.

In Australia, some of the most depraved things are being taught in the area of human sexuality and gender, even to very young children. An 8-year-old made a statement to someone I know, “I think I am a lesbian.”

The other most dangerous issue is evolution, for it is used as the “proven science,” they say, and by it, it is destroying young minds with the inherent dismissal of a Creator. “The survival of the fittest,” which is evolution’s basis, is just so anti-Christian. It is evil.

The powerful will defeat the weaker.

That lies at the basis of so many wars and was the cause of the genocide of the Jews in WW2, along with Luther’s nasty and vile condemnation and persecution of Jews that Hitler used to exterminate them.

Earlier I mentioned the word “enticement.” Have you noticed the eye-catching, even graphic publications on evolution and dinosaurs? That is Satan’s means of allurement, to catch up a person to indoctrinate this evolution evil. School libraries are full of these publications.

Back in 1998, I was waiting for the rest of the Committee to arrive for an Easter Convention planning meeting for North Queensland, and I was watching some leaves and thinking about their individual structure. Right then, I began the start of a poem with a paragraph that is now the fifth stanza of the poem. The purpose of the poem is to try to refute the nonsense of evolution. Here it is:


Amphibians evolved from fish, they say
Back there, four hundred million years, one day.
And birds from reptiles! – such fantastic dreams!
One hundred fifty million years – time screams!
Yet what sustained the thought in reptile brain,
Until some million years, a bird, became!!?
Come, show me now; provide some missing links!
There are none! With that, evolution sinks!!

To every living thing it was outlined,
To reproduce according to its kind.
In constant reproduction, we can see,
This principle ordained and orderly.
Then faithfully, all species keep their dress.
There’s not an intermingled mutant mess.
Primordial slime did not begin life;
Nor did complexity arise from strife.

Birds possess innate migratory urge;
On far, predestined flights, will species surge.
A manx shearwater took twelve days to fly
The route – America to Wales – first try.
Then it arrived exactly at its nest.
Bird navigation – still a mystery quest!
Creation’s stamp is so upon a bird,
That to deny that fact is just absurd.

How can the salmon trace again the beam,
Without a compass, to its natal stream?
For distance and direction to be won,
The honeybee takes bearings from the sun.
Sophisticated sonar used with ease,
Will navigate the bats among the trees.
Innate design can’t be denied as fact:
No fluke of chance, or fate accomplished that.

In every leaf God’s handiwork is seen,
In patterned structure and each shade of green.
The flower bud that opens up to view
Bursts out in glory with compelling hue.
Such richness of the fruits is there to see,
With all their colours and diversity.
Who then can boast that all this came by chance?
A fool he is who maintains this wrong stance.

The marvellous complexity of sight,
Allows for gradients ‘tween dull and bright.
The retina receptors – rods and cones,
Are perfectly designed for colour tones.
The lens can change its size and shape freely,
To hold each object focused perfectly.
Designs as intricate as these, demand,
A recognition of creation’s hand.

Who taught the spider weaving crafts so fine:
A web to make from even, silken line?
Who gave the lyre bird a voice superb,
To mimic flawlessly all sounds thus heard?
Who taught the ants of soon impending rain?
High nests they make, so dry they will remain.
Came this ability by fluky chance,
Or by exact design? What is your stance?

The crocodile will build a breeding nest:
Of coming heavy rain, it knows the best.
Now who designed the lateral line on fish?
Did it evolve – a self-fulfilling wish!
Amoebas, paramecia, are small –
Don’t transmute their species – not at all!
And more examples in this world, we find!
Then he who won’t admit to these is blind.

Who would expect chaotic chance to yield
Such perfect symmetry? Creation’s sealed!
In man or beast, reptile or bird or fish,
The left will match the right. Not random wish!
There’s no haphazardness, but balanced frame –
Not logical in evolution’s claim.
In evolution, parts would jumbled be;
But not the case! This “theory’s” false, you see.

A fish – it has a mouth, two eyes, a nose.
But man, as “evolution’s crown,” has those.
With “hundreds of millions of years” now past,
The basic head design has still held fast!
But Darwin’s lie of major species change,
Cannot explain the constant facial range.
Did not evolve a row of eyes for man;
A set of mouths; replacement teeth for gran!

How useful would a set of wings then be,
For human flight, to cruise so merrily!
Who could deny the usefulness on farms,
If evolution had produced four arms!
Perhaps the reptile or the ape, maybe,
Had self-inducement, not sufficiently!
Perhaps ancestral members lost the art
Of self-propelled thinking on their part!

For those, whose God’s creation, won’t allow;
Who won’t before creation’s Maker bow,
Explain this universal fact to me,
Why all through starry space and earth and sea,
Are interlocked all comprehensive laws
That operate so smoothly without flaws.
Did scientific principles arise
Through chaos or disorderly surprise?

The handiwork of God is clearly seen!
With diverse life, earth, air and water teem.
For Webster’s Dictionary, there’s more chance
Of its formation in a printing branch
Through huge explosion in the printing type,
Than for this nonsense, evolution tripe.
Man has devised this evil “theory” then,
And denied God – Creator of all men.

Poem is copyright. I am happy for its use in Christian ministry, but kindly ask first. I’d love to know how it can be used. Not to be used in commercial publications without permission.

28 March – 5 April, 1998 R E Ferguson 10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10