The New World Religion of Climate Unity :: By Ron Ferguson

Dear readers, I want to examine CLIMATE CHANGE in the light of how I see its importance in events. I don’t accept it, of course, but that should not put you off the article.


When missionaries went to pagan/idolatrous societies and into tribal and clan cultures, they found there was no atheism. Not a single example. All the people in one area believed and followed a particular heathen god or gods. They were passionate about their deity, and two factors motivated them. The first was fear, and the second was commitment.

Fear of spiritism is very real, as is the demonic control in these people’s lives. Anthropologists and the university-wise write off these people as primitive and utterly dismiss their beliefs. Christians should not do that. Pagan beliefs were/are very real even though we would never connect with them, but we ought to acknowledge the source, which is satanic. It is not some fairy-tale.

The Australian aborigines worship the Rainbow Serpent in their deeply entrenched spiritism religion. What I find abominable is that in recent years, some Australian governments, especially the left-wing Labor ones, have been opening Federal Parliament with the acknowledgment of the Rainbow Serpent in what is called a “smoking ceremony” where smoke is wafted from smoldering plants. It is straight from hell, connected with spirits. We are a sick country.

Modern man thinks he is liberated from all entanglement of religion, and the resultant rise in declared atheism is profound. Liberated people are, in fact, enslaved but in a different way. You cannot replace God or even heathenism, for that matter, without creating a whole void in the human life; for mankind, each one, is a spiritual being.

Modern society dismisses anything Christian and even now is persecuting it, but that void has been replaced by other things. At one end of the scale is sport, and in Australia and New Zealand, sport is god! At the other end of the scale is something much more sinister. It is the blind adherence to the driving force of today’s world. That great movement that has exploded only in the past few years is termed “climate change,” once known as global warming. But warming was very questionable, so the name was changed to a more nebulous term. We all know climate changes all the time.

There is a religious fervor about this movement. It has its high priests – ones like the current Pope (read Daymond Duck’s latest article); Biden who would not know what climate is; some deluded girl from Sweden, Bill Gates, and even now, sadly, Prince William. There are a lot more, especially the bosses in the United Nations, who are using Climate Change as the motivator for the Great Reset. Al Gore was a fake, traveling the world in his own fuel-guzzling jet while preaching to others.

The world has never ever approached a higher percentage of Christian numbers compared with those who run after Climate Change. They are everywhere, vocal, demanding, threatening, callous, arrogant, blackmailing. It is a movement that is sweeping the world. I was really incensed today to read that President Biden is threatening Australia to reduce its emissions to “net zero” or action will be taken to isolate Australia from trade and investment. Who does he think he is? Australia has stood by the USA as its closest ally in every conflict since WW2. Meanwhile, Australia’s emissions in the world are at 1%, while the USA is the second highest in the world after China. France has been croaking away at Australia about emissions, but it is much higher.

Does any of this distress me? Yes, it does. It is like seeing a swimmer heading towards a group of sharks, and there is nothing you can do about it. The world is corrupting itself, binding itself up in the shackles of world socialism under the United Nations. In fact, it is rushing towards the goal. It is the new religion. On every television channel and every news broadcast, all you hear now constantly is Covid and Climate Change. Corruption is rating quite high on the news here lately as a recent addition. There, the 3 Cs. Climate replaces God. Environmentalism is the religion to be worshipped and adhered to. The Australian Council of Churches has come out to advocate climate change action and to condemn the Federal Conservative Govt. That is no surprise from a wicked liberal body, the humanism ACC.

When Paul was in Rome – this is recorded by Luke – Acts 17:16, “Now while Paul was waiting for them at Athens, his spirit was being provoked within him as he was beholding the city full of idols.” The way Paul felt in Athens was similar to the way some Christians now feel about Climate Change. It is a perversion, a movement that brings people into itself as fanatic devotees. It is the pagan idol being worshipped right now (except in China, which has its own agenda).

A little later on from that previous verse, we have – Acts 17:23, “For while I was passing through and examining the objects of your worship, I also found an altar with this inscription, ‘TO AN UNKNOWN GOD.’ What therefore you worship in ignorance, this I proclaim to you.” The true God was unknown to the Athenians, as He is to modern nations. They worship an unknown god, but they don’t know they do so. The modern unknown god is the new religion.

We are at the end of the Church age. It will not be long now. There is already enough chaos in the world right now, but something sinister could break any time. China is in a huge debt crisis. Evergrande, a huge development company in China, has defaulted on loan repayments for the last three repayments of around 400 billion dollars, and three more large Chinese developers are likely to follow suit. If and when they fail, it may bring devastation into the world finance system.

Here is a News Release – [‘Frightening’ sign of things to come]In a recent, exclusive interview with the Institute for New Economic Thinking, high-profile US investment manager Jim Chanos offered an analysis of the China Evergrande crisis – but said he believed the political repercussions of the disaster could be even worse than the economic fallout.

“I think that the impact might be more political than financial. That’s what worries me,” he said. “It’s the rise of bellicosity, the rise of a more militant China as the economy and the financial situation has gotten more precarious. That’s a 1930s kind of problem.”

Also, China has lent money to 193 nations, most of them considered great risk, and some already cannot repay. The amount is 385 billion dollars.

All these matters are triggers for great unrest that the world leader/Antichrist will tap into or claim to fix. It certainly will break out after the Rapture and very quickly. Here are a few thoughts on the horses of Revelation 6:

[B]. THE FIRST SEAL, THE WHITE HORSE. These notes are just that, a few notes. This is not an exposition on chapter 6 of Revelation. So many of the RR writers believe the Rapture is just so close. For decades, we have said something similar, but now so much in the last 5 years is being laid down that we have little doubt. This man of wickedness will come from Europe in all probability (from within the borders of the old Roman Empire). It could be from the UN itself or a leader of a European nation. Impossible and useless to speculate, but the world certainly is being rounded up. Climate change, the socialist Great Reset, Covid, trade and freedoms.

[C]. THE SECOND SEAL, THE RED HORSE. I wrote a fair bit on this in my last article. The world is primed. It just needs the fuse. It is a personal belief, but I think we won’t see much of wars (maybe we might hear more of rumors of war), certainly not all over the world as suggested in the written word of Revelation 6 when John states, A great sword was given to him” (the rider), and “peace was taken from the earth.” Earth has never known that situation in all its history. Armies today are ready and positioned. When it happens, it will be terrible with a big loss of life, I feel.

[D]. THE THIRD SEAL, THE BLACK HORSE. This is death. It is awful to write on these things, but in some wars, more die from the effects of war than from actual battle. In the Revelation account, there will be a great famine brought on by war – a supply issue. It is most interesting that as I write, food shortages are happening all over the world. Not only food, but goods are affected also, and supply can’t be met. Revelation mentions the terrible cost of food. “A quart of wheat for a denarius” 6:6. That is one quart for a whole day’s wages. It will be staggering. Right now, inflation and the aftereffects of the Chinese virus are driving up the cost of food and energy supplies. This is exactly what is going to happen with the third horse. That is close, is it not? We are beginning to see a similar thing starting to unfold.

[E]. THE FOURTH SEAL, THE PALE/SPECKLED/ASHEN HORSE. This one ushers in pestilences, diseases, plagues, wild beasts (it seems somehow that nature will rise up in hostility to attack mankind), and this happens in wars and after them. War and killings will still be happening with this horse. What is horrific is that the wording suggests one-quarter of the world’s population could die with these 4 horses. Revelation 6:7, “Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.” The Chinese virus is a pestilence/plague, so imagine that multiplied all over the earth worse than at present.

All these horses are future, of course, after the Rapture, then following on from the scene in heaven in Revelation 4 and 5. What we must not overlook is the way each of these is now present in a milder form on the earth when it was not just 3 years ago. God is giving us cameo images of the great events to come. No wonder so many of us have a conviction of a Rapture on the doorstep.

[F]. ONE LAST THOUGHT – Why is no one in any position of authority pointing out the times in the past when the world was a lot hotter than it is now. There is no proven link with coal whatsoever in any warming. The Vikings did not have coal power stations in the year 1000 AD when the earth was several degrees warmer than now, and they farmed reindeer in Greenland.

I am suggesting the reason why, and the ready acceptance of this hoax (my thought), or minimal warming if you insist, is because a great delusion has descended worldwide that divorces itself from truth and reason. It is a blind “falling into line” and won’t allow any thought to questioning it!

In the tribulation, God will send such strong delusion, but we see it in the world now in the form for this age, not the one to come after the Rapture. 2Thessalonians 2:8-12, “And then that lawless one will be revealed (Antichrist) whom the Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His coming (Second Coming), that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders, and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they might believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.

I will close with a poem that attempts to present our word, especially the delusion part.


Lift me up from the world of vanity, O Lord,
To the joyous pinnacle of the secure rock,
Into Your sweet, abiding presence to engage,
And far away from this corrupt world’s nasty shock.

There, in the secluded calmness of withdrawal,
Alone in the presence of God, there to reflect
On a sad world that’s lost proper, restrained control.
This compromised and complacent world will reject

God’s pleading invitation to return to Him.
It’s anchored its sinful behaviour sure and fast;
Irresolute, it won’t forsake its outlawed path.
Its wickedness is now displayed, but it won’t last!

From the pinnacle, I look down in surveillance
Upon the lost world in an effort to discern.
In busyness, all men and women are enmeshed;
No time to listen to the gospel or to learn.

Let us set ourselves to study that macro view,
Apparent in perspective from pinnacle rock;
Cast our eyes on the world’s arrangement and structure,
And decipher what functioning we can unlock.

At once, what appears clearly is Delusion Road,
Passing without hindrance through all nations of earth;
That major, well-travelled highway of destruction,
Is not just long, but well defined and great in girth.

Off Delusion Road run many deviant streets.
There, may be discovered, all man’s enterprises:
All national parliaments and News broadcasters,
Many places of trade, commerce and franchises,

World conglomerates, and busy business magnates,
Government agencies, advisors, rogues and such;
Rallies for climate change, protests, social issues,
Dens of liars, agenda frauds, who promise much.

Along Delusion Road are more which never cease,
More than my eye can understand or apprehend,
For any place without the Lord is deluded.
On their own wrong, hoodwinked choices, all must depend.

These people delude, but themselves are deluded.
Satan is the cunning master of deception.
He owns that street which through the word is progressing,
Malignant, an artful master at subreption.

Then I saw a well-marked byroad from the main one.
The name was brightly lit, so it was plain to see.
Alluring signs were many, all enticing ones.
I was observing “Addiction Lane – entrance free.”

At first I saw the misery of broken lives,
Wretched faces, bankrupt people and emptiness,
All attracted by flashing and enticing lights –
Activity plenty, but so much loneliness.

As I looked further, I saw one side of the Lane
Was dedicated to one’s personal interests.
Here was a gigantic shop aptly named Facebook
And more, close by, Twitter, Gyms, places for conquests.

Untold misery was found on the other side,
Heartache, violence, injury, forms of corruption.
Here were the Gamblers’ Retreat, and the Drinking Dens,
The Drug Resort – the worst for human disruption.

Another sleek street tracking from Delusion Road,
Possessed the curious name of Fleshly Street.
There you encountered glamour and wild temptations,
And often saw signposts spelling out, “Be discreet.”

Off that street were many side tracks, sometimes disguised;
Ones like Pornography Lane and Brothel Pathway
Full of lustrous shops called “Adult Entertainment.”
Many enticements to persuade people to stay.

Another street was Technology Avenue:
Very wide, and intersected Delusion Street.
The buildings lining this Avenue were immense,
Full of entrepreneurs’ offices, suite after suite.

One I saw was a fruit, another, small, not hard.
Those two were very big, but gigantic by far,
Was another, so large, it controlled the whole world,
And lighting the whole earth, at its apex, was a star.

In letters so large, a semi-blind man could read,
Was the name GOOGLE thumping out in ev’ry land.
It was the master at controlling censorship,
And information through its operative broadband.

I could see there was not much godly influence
Associated with the tech giants, rather, greed.
Strong they were in humanism, atheism,
And Social agendas – with those the world they feed.

The most active street I saw was named All Sports Court
It led the way to a gargantuan complex;
The headquarters of every sporting project.
It held hundreds of sports by name in the index.

The income flow into this complex was immense –
Football, tennis, cycling, golf, basketball, baseball –
Just the tip of the iceberg, but the saddest thing
Of all is that men love pleasure. That’s their downfall.

Great lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.
God has been banished from all parts of people’s lives,
Not just in sport, but in many undertakings.
From the knowledge of God, each one his life deprives.

I looked to the right and sharp off Delusion Road
Was a thoroughfare – Faith Way was its name.
It led to all manner of religious centers.
I saw Christian colleges, but there was no shame.

These Colleges with Hinduism were affined,
And worked in a close relationship with Islam,
In the spirit of “religious toleration.”
With the one-God concept agreed, there was no qualm.

Many trucks were moving along the Faith Way road –
Each one with it name displayed – “Liberalism,”
“Co-operation,” “Open-Mindedness,” “Free Thought.”
The last truck was well splattered with “Humanism.”

One broad road exited Delusion Road next turn.
It was Affluent Avenue to Greedy Court.
I saw houses stunning in great magnificence.
It was here the wealthy, their recognition sought.

Scattered all over that place were exotic cars,
Boats, all mod con mansions, and classy swimming pools.
These people worshipped money, for money was god.
To them, God does not exist, but God calls them fools.

The love of money is a root of all evil.
It breeds corruption, greed, lies and dishonesty.
Those who want to be rich are caught in nets, ensnared.
They seek for money’s reward, not God’s majesty.

Dives ended up in hell because money was king.
So many followed, enticed by money’s false charm.
Money is illusionary, no fixed substance,
For eternal hell without God will be no balm.

With great surprise I spied Reprobate Avenue.
It was situated on the edge of a cliff,
And if you got too close, it looked dark, threatening.
The stench was apparent to a casual whiff.

Hiding in that locality are murderers,
Rapists, perverts of all types, Satanists and pimps;
All the vile off-scouring of society.
One day before the great white throne, they will be wimps.

I’d seen enough.  It was depressing to the soul.
Man’s degradation is too much to endure more.
Delusion Road that winds through all the earth unchecked,
Is at the center of man’s reasoning, the core.

On the pinnacle of the secure rock, Lord,
Hide me forevermore in Your presence, I pray.
The state of the world is too much to absorb now.
I have viewed a corrupt world that has gone astray.

I am heading home to the glory in the sky,
To meet the Saviour who died on the cross for me.
I was part of that reprobate and wicked world,
But now, I am a true son of eternity.

[24-26 September 2021   R E Ferguson   Metre = 10 throughout]