Peacemakers (Amidst Lawlessness) :: By Edwin Tan

Way back about half a century ago, ‘give peace a chance’ was the slogan that was an antithesis to the Vietnam War. But there was nothing compared to the unthinkable daily occurrences blazing across many landscapes. But all this ought not to surprise those like us who have a front-row seat where the unveiling of prophetic reality is concerned. On this note, we are cognizant of a blissful conclusion. This brings us to our definition – we are peacemakers in view of the times!

It is not about giving peace a chance – we are to go about not just making peace but creating an atmosphere that fosters goodwill. Matthew 5:9 specifically spells things loud and clear about what our role is when the Age of Grace nears conclusion. ” Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”

Undoubtedly loud and clear where the symbol of distinction goes for the ambassadors of God’s presence. This is when our actions are directed by the Holy Spirit and not our whim plus fancy. God is Spirit, and we get the direction from Him.

Before we fulfill the role so spelled out above, we have to put on a fresh new face.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

There is quite a chunk from our old nature that dims us and keeps us from shining the light of hope on the many that are screaming for it. Our upbringing, our education, and certainly our life experiences do shape our psyche. Devoid of the Bread of Life, these serve as our reference points – more often than not to our detriment. We become like the crowd, reveling in pre-pandemic days and having nothing but strife in the current situation. Purely pathogenic as body and soul atrophy in such a dire state. We know what this all leads to where eternity is concerned. So when we become a new creation that steers clear from a destructive destination, why not help others in doing so!

The old self that is nothing but a woeful creature of habit, when we shrug it off, our life becomes a beautiful book of openness that receives the anointing of the Holy Spirit with great joy. No growling and grimacing when something novel touches us. We become calm in the midst of stormy situations. This we do with His help as our faith blossoms. So when we speak differently and react uniquely, it would startle if not baffle onlookers. In this case, individuals get to know the children of God – furthermore, they find comfort and joy when they fellowship with these ambassadors of brightness!

To us, the Lord appears to be tarrying as, at times, the foreboding nature of things becomes barely bearable. The landscape is getting increasingly parched and desolate, so much so that some could say that peace is becoming more like a scarce commodity. There might be substantial truth in such an argument, but it can be significantly negated when we become peacemakers. With little doubt, we are, by the Holy Spirit, to offer succour and comfort to those who are in need of a break from the tumult. But there is a more important function: through the manner in which we present ourselves, the Good News can be shown to these folks.

While conferences and webinars serve as potent witnessing tools, do not discount the peacemakers that are part of the preaching the Gospel process. Still, as it stands, all of us have to occupy until the trumpet sounds.



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