Coming to Grips with a Government That Wants to Kill Me:: By Jonathan Brentner

A few weeks ago, President Biden walked up to an outdoor microphone and repeatedly and angrily declared, “the unvaccinated are murderers.”

Of course, Biden’s statement represents a total fabrication of reality that springs from an administration steeped in deceiving the American people. And even worse, one that greatly devalues human life.

Former Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, in a recent radio interview with Jan Markell, referred to the Biden administration as a “culture of death.” The facts confirm her statement. Those in charge of the United States display absolutely no interest in saving lives; in fact, I believe they want to kill a great many people.

In order to build a case for such a startling claim, I’ll start with something that provides indisputable evidence of their flagrant disregard for human life.

The Extreme Advocacy of Abortion

Abortion represents the barbaric, evil, and, yes, demonic taking of a precious life before birth. The grotesque abuses of this practice, such as the harvesting of organs and limbs (in some cases from live babies) and the killing of those that survive grotesque late-term abortion procedures, make this an exceedingly vile practice.

The Biden/Harris administration represents the most avidly pro-abortion twosome ever to hold the highest offices in America, and this alone overshadows the White House with a red cloak of death. Congress, with the vote of all but one Democrat and no Republicans, recently voted to enshrine the cruel slaughter of the innocents up to the moment of birth in all fifty states. Biden has indicated his eagerness to sign this vile legislation should the Senate approve it as well.

Surely God’s judgment on the U.S. must be on our doorstep!

Surely this over-the-top devaluing of human life shows itself in other areas in the U.S. government.

And it does!

The Surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban

The actions of President Biden in Afghanistan further demonstrate his disdain for the lives of those over which he governs. He intentionally surrendered this nation to the Taliban, the most brutal and bloodthirsty group of terrorists on planet Earth. Not only that, but he also gifted these demonic, brutal murderers with a treasure trove of weapons beyond anything they could have ever imagined.

As if that were not enough, the Biden administration left thousands of Americans behind in the country to face torture and, most likely, murder. On September 28, 2021, Lloyd Austin, the current U.S. Secretary of Defense, admitted under oath that Biden stranded four thousand Americans in Afghanistan. Many of these have escaped death through private means, including the help of retired military personnel who risked their lives to save others. But at least one hundred remain in Afghanistan, facing a terrifying and deadly future.

With the help of the Biden administration, the Taliban have already identified and killed many Afghans, also left behind, that helped our soldiers during their time in the country.

As for the car bomb that killed hundreds of Afghans as well as thirteen American soldiers, a military drone had the car in its sights, but the Taliban, yes, the Taliban, refused to give the U.S. the authority to strike. This information comes directly from a U.S. government report on the incident. The Biden administration could have prevented that attack that killed hundreds of Afghans as well as thirteen American soldiers, but instead, Biden bowed to the wishes of the Taliban and allowed it to happen.

The Tyranny of COVID-19 Mandates

The slaughter of innocents before birth, the surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban, and the leaving behind of American citizens and loyal Afghans to face possible torture and death at the hands of the Taliban should be enough to prove the carelessness of the current U.S. government regarding the wellbeing and lives of its citizens. And it most certainly does!

Why, then, should we believe it cares about our health? Why think that it has our best interests in mind?

Since COVID-19 first appeared in the U.S., the government has dramatically raised death counts by campaigning against hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, both of which have a proven track record of effectiveness versus the virus, especially if administered in its early stages of the illness. Instead, many doctors and hospitals have sent those with minor symptoms home with no prescriptions. When some of these later required hospitalization, some followed the advice of Dr. Fauci and gave them remdesivir and put them on ventilators, which together killed a great many people.

Now, instead of recommending treatments known to help people in the early stages of COVID-19 or providing life-saving insight on how to build up one’s immune systems, the Biden administration, along with many like-minded state governors, is mandating the so-called “vaccines.” As of October 1, 2021, here are some of the adverse effects reported by U.S. medical personnel to the CDC:

  • 16,310 deaths
  • 20,789 permanent disabilities
  • 605 reported hospitalizations
  • 7,868 heart attacks
  • 6,812 cases of myocardia

It’s estimated that at best, medical staff only report ten percent of vaccine adverse reactions to any vaccine to the government. A recent Veritas film clip demonstrated that many hospitals refuse to report any deaths and adverse reactions to the COVID-19 injections. In it, one nurse complained that it takes a half-hour to do the necessary paperwork to report an adverse vaccine reaction to the CDC.

Take the numbers listed in the above bullet list times ten, and you will have a truer picture of what is happening in just the U.S.

Please know that my purpose in sharing these tragic numbers is solely to warn of the serious dangers of these vaccines; I am not judging anyone who has received the injections. Many dear friends and beloved family members have received them.

The news media and government tell us these jabs are safe, but the numbers tell a much different story. It’s very likely that as many as 160 thousand people have died in just the U.S. as a result of the COVID-19 injections. Is this not enough for people to think twice about receiving these jabs.

Michelle Bachman’s statement referring to the Biden administration as a “culture of death” rings true in so many ways. The result of Biden’s “vaccine” mandates, if fully implemented, will directly cause tens of thousands in the U.S. to die, if not a great many more.

There’s an uncredited quote making its rounds on Facebook that states, “At no time in history have the people forcing others into compliance been the good guys.” This is most definitely the case in America and across the globe as well.

Tribulation Period Conditioning

The division between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated continues to grow. The governments of Australia and the United Kingdom are already preparing camps to send the unvaccinated for their own “wellbeing.” The CDC in America says it also has the right to do so, and credible rumors persist that they are already preparing such encampments for those who refuse to comply with the vaccine mandates. Additionally, they claim the right to incarcerate terrorists, which includes people like me who question the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines and refuse to go along with the current deception.

The majority of people forcibly taken to these COVID-19 internment camps, “for their own protection,” will not return home. Their governments will later report that they have died of the coronavirus.

The COVID-19 tyranny in America and throughout the world foreshadows the seven-year tribulation during which time Scripture tells us that the kingdom of the antichrist will kill a multitude of both Christians and Jews. The “us versus them” mentality of Nazi Germany will return, but this time on a worldwide scale with no powerful allied forces to fight against the tyranny.

Vaccine mandates and passports are leading the world directly to the mark of the beast, as described in Revelation 13:16-18. As Brandon Holthaus described them, they are “stairsteps” leading directly to the time when the antichrist requires his mark in order to buy and sell.

But For Jesus

My purpose is not scare you but to prepare you for what’s coming. What is already taking place around us should already alarm people without any help from me.

If you believe that the U.S. government has your wellbeing at heart and that all is well, you are either not paying attention to current events or remain hooked on the lies that the mainstream media is feeding you.

Long ago, the Bible warned of the deceptive time in which we now live so people would recognize the signs of the time and turn to Jesus, and so believers would get ready to meet their Savior in the air.

Jesus is able to overcome all the adverse effects of these injections in His people, and He is working out His purposes throughout the world. As a result of the lawlessness and wickedness of our day, many are turning to Christ and receiving His forgiveness of their sins and the gift of eternal life.

Those of us securely in Jesus have nothing to fear. He is coming soon for us, and after He takes us to the place in His Father’s house that He’s preparing for us (John 14:1-3; Colossians 3:4), He will pour out His wrath on this lawless and Christ-rejecting world.

How do we come to grips with a government that wants to kill us? We look to Jesus, the “the author and finisher of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). The one who originated our faith in Him and perfects it will never leave us on our own, but He will bring us safely to His kingdom regardless of our fate in the coming weeks, months, or years.

You see, we live during biblical times. Dangerous, yes, but nevertheless biblical times.

Apart from Jesus and the promises of His Word, light and hope would not exist in this dark and threatening world. But because of Him, those of us who trust Him look forward to a joyous and exciting adventure that will begin the moment He comes for His church.

I believe the Rapture will happen soon. But if not, please know that we can trust Him totally for whatever lies ahead in our future.

Jonathan Brentner

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