Australia Is the Dress Rehearsal; America Is the Finale :: By Vanessa P.

What will the world look like without America standing in the way of evil? The world is slowly erupting into a US and THEM mentality at the urging of governments across the world. The vaxed and the unvaxed.

America is being invaded as I write this. There were thousands and thousands of Haitians sitting under a bridge in Texas to be processed and released into a neighborhood near you. Unvetted and unvaxed. But if you ask Jen Psaki, they don’t need the vaccine or even testing because they aren’t staying. That’s what she thinks of you. She thinks you will just believe this. There are an estimated 80,000 more headed this way.

The Democrats pulled off a coup last November. For two decades, we kept electing socialists all over the country, so why are people so shocked that their true nature is finally coming out? Communists will do communist things. The first thing a communist nation will do is “weed the military out for extremists.” Just like Lloyd Austin promised to do. It’s been eight months….where are they? Where are these white supremacists who are our number one threat?

Did you know the US army recently had a covid vax presentation wherein one of the power points promoted the seven tenets of Satanism? There was an image of Baphomet with children worshiping him. Yes, really.

The United States Navy Seals, one of the most elite fighting forces in the world, is also being dismantled by Lloyd Austin. He is forcing them to choose between being a Seal and getting vaccinated or quit and lose everything. Hundreds are planning to quit. There are only around 2,500 Seals. These are the men who killed Osama, so the left doesn’t want them protecting this nation.

Haitians are pouring in, Afghani’s are pouring in, South Americans, Mexicans… God said Babylon’s walls will fall. Walls were built for defense. Without a border, there is no nation. With no borders, there is no America. God said our foundations would fall too. There is no honor nor respect for the founders of this nation. He said our carved images (statues) and idols would be destroyed and our idols humiliated after death. BLM and Antifa had that covered for two summers. He said our wise men, princes, elites, military, etc., would all become godless. You can read about all of these things in Jeremiah 50-51.

In a democracy or a constitutional republic, the military serves to protect the nation, no matter who is president. It does not exist to protect certain political parties as the Democrats seem to think. In an authoritarian system, that’s exactly what the military does. Serve one political party. Just ask Germany; they had experience with this under Hitler. We know how that turned out.

Now, just over a generation later, they are back at it.

The KSK is a special forces team similar to the Seals. Recently, hundreds were fired. The German Defense Minister said, “The KSK, at least in some areas, has come under the influence of an unhealthy understanding of elites.” That’s an actual quote.

What is an “unhealthy understanding of elites? That’s pretty scary. In other words, their military is aware of what’s happening around them. Their eyes are open. Can’t have that.

Australia has called in their military over covid and the maskless. That’s in addition to 18,000 police on the streets. Australia, once a beautiful tourist destination, is under martial law. They’ve gone full tyranny on their citizens.

Have you seen the videos emerging? Australians are being shot at with HUGE “rubber bullets” of some kind. These things look like little canisters. The citizens are being pulled from cars and beaten, attacked, and assaulted by their own police and government. One elderly woman in her seventies was shoved to the ground, her hip was broken, and then she was maced by two policemen as she lay there. Parents are being arrested in front of their children for being too far from home or not wearing a mask.

Australia is the test, and America will result in the finale.

God says Babylon (I believe the USA to be Babylon) will be destroyed. He said He will punish Babylon for all she’s done. God said what she’s done to others, let it be done to her.

In 1797, our relationship with France collapsed. France is where Marxism/socialism began. The French Revolution plunged France into chaos and revolution. What did they want? Four things: Close the churches. Stop Christian worship. Rewrite history and topple the statues (carved images) of national heroes, particularly Christians. Crosses were burned, and Christians were harassed, attacked, and even murdered on the streets. Sound familiar?

The French Revolution brought the end of whatever Christianity was left in the nation. It’s been on life support for decades. Catholics were attacked right next to Christians and anyone else who wouldn’t follow along with the new, Godless majority in France. There are many Christ-believing commandment-following Catholics, but that’s a whole other topic.

At the start of the Revolution, commoners formed a government body called “The assembly.” They considered their powers to be equal to that of the king. King Louis XVI attempted to stop the assembly from meeting but to no avail; they had their first meeting on a tennis court.

The Revolution brought with it the queen’s head. The night before Marie Antoinette was executed in Oct of 1793, she wrote the following letter to her sister: “I die in the Catholic Apostolic and Roman religion, that of my fathers, that in which I was brought up, and which I have always professed… I sincerely implore pardon of God for all the faults which I may have committed during my life. I trust that, in His goodness, He will mercifully accept my last prayers, as well as those which I have for a long time addressed to Him, to receive my soul into His mercy.” – source

France and Australia rank four and five as the most atheist countries today. God is not going to bless the West any longer.

He’s been kindling a fire in our cities, just as He said He would. Democrats rioting in the streets and burning cities down is kindling a fire. Democrats assaulting Trump supporters in the streets will soon be Democrats assaulting Right-wing Christians in the streets.

First, they hated you for being Republican. Then they hated you for supporting Trump. Now they hate you for being unvaxed. Soon, they will hate you for being a Christian. This is the mind of the Democrat Party. This isn’t your dad’s Democrat Party anymore.

There are so many compromised politicians in our country, it’s sickening.

Now we know why Trump had such a hard time. I knew the left was fighting him at every turn, but I never dreamed our very own military was against him. Not our soldiers or marines (a marine once told me they don’t like to be called soldiers; marine is sufficient. Is that true? Hoorah either way), but our top brass.

Four-star generals were having secret meetings behind the Commander in Chief’s back. Four-star generals are betraying this nation for the best interest of China. Four-star generals are calling our enemy to assure them they will give a heads up if we attack.

General Milley is a TRAITOR!!!! He is a communist, and you can bet the bank that he’s paying attention to Australia. The traitors over here are seeing just how far a Western government can move against its people.

First, you disarm them. The left has been trying to disarm you for decades.

What was it Mao said about a gun? “Political power begins at the barrel of a gun.” Then he proceeded to disarm the people, which in turn led to a genocide of millions.

Australia disarmed its people too. After ONE mass shooting. The citizens of Australia lined up to hand over their rifles and handguns. Truckloads of rifles came one after the other to dump the people’s arms. And the people cheered. “We’re not America; we don’t need guns!” Ha! The United States is free BECAUSE WE HAVE GUNS!!!

DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR ARMS, AMERICA! EVER. Australia is looking back on what was, not what can be. They’re lost. They have no right to ever question China again. The only political figure that has condemned the tyranny happening in Australia is Ron DeSantis.

The United States of America was special in that our founders etched into history a nation of people that kept their leaders in check with arms. No other nation has ever done that and then flourished for two hundred forty-five years.

Two decades after giving up arms in Australia, the government is admittedly building concentration camps, only they call them mandatory quarantine centers. There’s a 1,000-bed quarantine facility being built in Toowoomba, Australia, conveniently located near the airport.

It will be finished any day now. You see those men on the streets of Australia today? They realize what’s happening, but it’s too late. They will end up in these camps. CS Ava is building, and so is America. Constitution? What constitution?

Although I believe America to be Babylon, I think the West as a whole is under judgment.

For decades we’ve heard many women brag, “I don’t need a man.” Let me tell you something; they are going to wish they had a good one when the balloon goes up. I can guarantee it. You think that guy that won’t get a job and games all day is going to protect you against roving gangs looking for food? Don’t count on it.

When this nation falls into civil war, don’t think for one moment that you only have to worry about illegals or demonic leftists. You’re going to see a lot of “regular people” doing what they need to do to survive, even if it means killing you and taking your wife as their own. Selling your kids to the highest bidder. Don’t think it can happen? Think again. The American empire can fall just as any other empire has fallen. And they all fall the same. Unity is gone.

What’s happening in Australia is coming here; our battle will just be a lot bloodier. With over 300 million guns in this nation, and the majority of us being PATRIOTS AND CHRISTIANS, it’s the ONLY reason the left hasn’t gone full-on tyrannical yet. They don’t know who’s got what. They are trying, though.

The men in groups like Proud Boys and Oathkeepers will protect what’s theirs. They will protect their families, but they will PROTECT ALL WOMEN. They will fight for this nation, and the left knows it. That’s why GWB called them terrorists on 9/11. It’s why the Democrat Party has been demonizing God-fearing, patriotic men. First, they won’t relinquish their manhood because some leftist is offended. Second, you’d better hit them with everything you’ve got because they will keep getting back up.

It’s time American men paid attention to more than their social media. Time to realize where we are. What season we are in. Have you prepared for what surely seems to be headed this way? LADIES, are you going to buy that purse or put some spaghetti sauce in the pantry? Men, are you going golfing every weekend, or are you buying that AR? Are you prepared to protect your wife and kids? Those are the things you need to be worried about. Not who said what on Facebook. It’s always been a tool to destroy this nation, and it worked.

Women have ALWAYS been abused during times of war. Women will NEED a strong, Christian patriot by their side. If society breaks down, women are natural targets. War is not a woman’s business. Women were never meant to witness the brutality that they end up seeing. But you’d better learn how to shoot that AR. You’d better learn how to stitch more than a blanket. And of course, leave it to Western women that think they are just as efficient on the front lines as a man, even though they can’t even pass the same boot camp requirements, with very few exceptions.

Joe Biden said just one year ago that a dark winter was coming. Fauci is now telling us if we don’t all get vaccinated, it will be a dark winter. The term Dark winter isn’t coincidental. Dark winter was a war game/political exercise that took place in 2001.

Only in 2001, they used a smallpox outbreak on the American people. Joe Biden was the Chairman of the Committee on the ‘Threat of Bioterrorism and The Spread of Infectious Diseases.’ This committee authored a report to the US Senate that focused on ‘Operation Dark Winter.’ So Joe Biden’s handlers know exactly what a dark winter term is.

There are over one hundred cargo ships waiting to be unloaded, most in Los Angeles, but NY is quickly catching up. My question is, why did Harris tell Americans to get their Christmas shopping done way back in July? What part is she playing with these cargo ships? You mean to tell me that we can send national guard troops in to take the jobs of teachers and nurses, but we can’t send them to unload the more than half a million cargo containers. It’s not only the US. In Brussels, there are empty shelves due to logistics, of course.

I believe the black horse in Revelation to represent the economy crashing and famine. Things are going to get so expensive that you won’t be able to buy items we now take for granted. Soap. Deodorant. Toothpaste. How about medication? Diapers? Since November of 2020, our dollar has continued to collapse. Geez, I wonder what happened in November of 2020.

America has outsourced nearly everything we use on a daily basis to China. As those ships keep backing up, there’s going to be less and less on the shelves.

I went to Walmart yesterday. The spaghetti sauce I have bought every week for three years jumped FORTY CENTS in a two-week period. Chocolate milk I’ve paid $1.50 a gallon for over three years is now $3.59.

Some are reporting that their stores are putting out expired food. Let’s be honest; our market is about to crash.

“When He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, ‘Come and see.’ So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, ‘A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine.'”

Inflation is soaring, gas prices up more than 50% since that fraud stole the election. Utility costs are rising, and the fed just keeps printing Monopoly money. It’s not real money; there’s nothing to secure it. Our global debt is just over 281 trillion dollars. Through it all, the rich continue to get rich, though. Just ask Jeff Bezos.

For several years I have believed that the red horse represents communism. The Democrats in America have definitely let their communist feelings be known, but so has the rest of the world. Australia has shocked people around the world.

What gets me is WE ELECT THESE PEOPLE! Who do they think they are?? In any communist nation, one of the first things you will notice is the lack of food and goods. If you could go back to 1980 Venezuela and speak to citizens, they’d laugh if you told them that their grandchildren would be eating out of dumpsters, if they’re lucky enough, that is. Many families don’t even have that. Venezuela sits on one of the world’s largest oil reserves, but the people are starving. Hugo Chavez introduced socialism two decades ago. First, he raised taxes, made absurd laws, got the loyalty of the military, and then took over the private sector.

They were once the most prosperous and stable nation in South America. What we are witnessing now is nothing new; it’s just new to the West. The West is falling, and it all began with the removal of God from every institution. It’s the open borders policy that has changed the demographics of entire nations.

Tens of millions of people have died from the flu since the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. When the flu vaccine came out, it was encouraged, not forced. Every year you’re ASKED. But covid is something altogether different. They are demanding you take it, ostracized if you don’t. We were told if you vax, you won’t have to mask. That was a lie. And the more rights you give up, the harsher the government becomes. Just ask our friends down under. Ask Kyle Mitchell. He was an Australian protester running away from riot police when his skull was cracked by his own police. He died right there on the street.

This will become normalized. They haven’t been calling actual terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and Hezbollah militias for no reason. They want the word militia to mean domestic terrorist, and it is working.

Fifteen days to slow the curve has forever changed the West. It’s forever changed America. When they say we aren’t going back to pre-covid, they aren’t lying. They like the control. These people are all being led by the same force, and they don’t even realize it.

The end result of all of this is the destruction of Babylon. Some believe Revelation says “fallen, fallen” to signify ancient Babylon and end-time Babylon falling. I don’t believe that. I think it’s announcing Babylon’s fall from within and then our total physical destruction.

The very next thing we see after Babylon’s destruction is a great multitude in Heaven. Just prior, people are standing at a distance on cargo ships, watching us burn. Scripture says they can’t get any closer because of her torment; that would be nuclear.

Revelation also tells us that Babylon sits as a queen and feels no sorrow, but she shall. Sitting as a queen means we’ve sat like royalty; nobody can touch us; we decide the fate of other nations. We decide the fate of the world. Overthrow governments. Spy on allies. Had Christians murdered and fleeing because of ISIS. We did that… seven years later, we left Americans and our allies to die In Afghanistan. Have you heard many even mentioning it as they were? No.

God says we feel no sorrow, and we don’t. Not so much the people but our politicians. Like Biden, they are all compromised.

We didn’t face the struggles people in other nations faced. Why? Because God blessed us greatly. How did we reward Him? At first, we thanked Him, prayed to Him, and gave thanks to Him. Now, we murder babies, kicked Him out of school, out of government, and we allowed foreigners from the nations to bring in multiple false gods.

I will say it again. We are not United, and we are no longer one nation under God. We are many nations with MANY GODS. God will not bless a nation like that.

You can travel the whole world and not find a nation even close to America or her people. Illegals fight and risk death to come here. I don’t think there has ever been an American fighting to get out, though

God is not our friend in the sky. GOD IS HOLY HOLY HOLY! No, He doesn’t give you a pass on sin. It’s only through Jesus Christ that we are forgiven. God is a jealous God. And we’ve chased everyone but Him. Soon, we will cry out with our faces towards Zion, begging Him to return. He will not forsake His people. We are watching the controlled demolition of America. I really hope y’all are ready for what’s coming. America was special. A golden cup. Now we are full of sin, wickedness, and pride.

The prideful shall stumble. My Christian brother and sisters, I beg you to wake up. Now. Don’t be like the five unwise virgins!!

Vanessa P

Twitter -Nessaredkingdom