Hanging Tough (Finale) :: By Edwin Tan

Easier said than done; prophetically speaking, everything is falling neatly into place. But even for those watchmen and watchwomen who have been diligently tracking the evolution of the prophetic picture, there is a sense of growing unease as the backdrop waxes nothing but ominous vibes. That feeling of being so close yet a long and arduous wait indeed eats into the resilience of members of the Body of Christ, myself included. Exasperation appears to taunt many of us who cling to the Blessed Hope. But the Word of God and the Holy Spirit keeps us from listing precariously!

Romans 12:12 simply but inspirationally enables us to hold fast in these testing times. “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer” (NIV). Nothing too difficult to digest, even in the midst of a slew of turbulence. Herein can be found the pinpoint relevance of a straightforward passage of Holy Writ that refreshes many who inch toward weariness.

Oftentimes, in these days of bleak outlooks amidst a worsening pandemic across the globe, it is all too easy to be sucked in by prevailing trend lines. Perhaps at times being mesmerized subconsciously by news feeds and what is reiterated on the airwaves sways many into a state of agreement with the dominant narrative – all this to the detriment of our true focus. What should be joy based on the hope mentioned in Luke 21:28 is all too easily swept away by the deceptive gloom perpetrated by the author of confusion.

One area to which many pay scant heed is none other than the Lord’s prophetic timepiece – Israel. The debacle in Afghanistan is closely related to the fulfillment of the alliance of nations so mentioned in Ezekiel 38 and 39. Afghanistan is not just part of the composition of Magog, but the recent booty would probably contribute to the arsenal of the formidable forces bent on crushing Israel. They would ultimately be defeated supernaturally by God. Currently, the opposing forces are as swell-headed as ISIS, who wreaked terror after laying hands on booty left by Americans. They are indeed blinded by this misnomer which would lead to their woeful demise.

Move over Group of 7 Industrialized nations. The buzzword in any future business news reporting would be D ten; this corresponds to the ten Kings mentioned by Daniel the prophet. Such a confederacy would precede the rule of the Antichrist. Australia has been a very active proponent of this upcoming framework of global government. It is, therefore, a matter of time before it truly takes root, warp-speed fashion!

From these two significant developments, we can say with great confidence that our hour of redemption is around the corner. This would be tonic to the many souls feeling sort of overwhelmed by the ceaseless flow of hopeless narratives. There is undoubtedly an inescapable harsh reality that many of the remnant grapple with on a daily basis. It is truly like living on the edge of a sharp knife, at times like hanging on by a mere thread and somehow scraping through – only to go through this harrowing process over again! So much for breathing close to countless sighs of relief.

That form of affliction is the ultimate test of our patience. We wait eagerly for the trumpet to sound and the seemingly unending ordeal to be etched out of memory. As I write, it has not happened yet, but persevere we must. I believe with all my heart that all this patient waiting will be worth it all when we appear at His Judgment Seat!

Prayer is definitely essential because all flesh and that which is created is at wit’s end. When we pray in all faithfulness, we are bringing our petitions to our Creator, who is limitless in resource versus our limitations. This belief in the power of fervent prayer is that which makes critical differences in a planet that has run out of ideas, thereby being prone to deception and delusion by the lawless one.

Take heart, all you who do not back out of the Blessed Hope. The moment all of us have waited for is becoming clearer by the day; it cannot be too long now. Seek His strength to endure the final hurdles.

Yours in Christ


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