World Confusion :: By Ron Ferguson

The Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of “confusion” is “a situation in which people do not understand what is happening, what they should do or who someone or something is.”

We know that in our physical bodies this can start to happen with dementia and aging. That is just part of what Paul wrote about – 2Corinthians 4:16, “Therefore we do not lose heart, but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day.” There Paul made the exact distinction – body and spirit. I want to examine confusion but not in relation to the failing body. I want to look at the spiritual confusion and what results from that.

Confusion brings stalemate, and stalemate brings chaos. If one of a malevolent mind schemes to overthrow, then the chief weapon in his arsenal is confusion. Confusion unsettles the mind and causes it to become inoperative. In that way, what is evil has the ability to take advantage of the situation to become established. Without needing any debate about the matter, this world is in a current state of confusion.

The ineptitude of many governments of the world is caused by confusion. As a result, they orchestrate policies that are both inanely stupid and meaningless, or policies that are harmful and a decay in society. Anything not of God is of the devil, and those who are not of God will do the devil’s bidding. The subversive mind will create confusion so that the person may rise up and conquer.

I may ask a Christian about a certain matter, and hopefully, I would expect an answer that has some basis in the Bible and in the morality of the Bible. That is because, as Christians, we have a blueprint before us for guidance and well-being. When the Bible is followed in whole or in part by a society, then we have order and direction, but when the Bible is discarded, then we cut away the supports for decency, order and sanity. That is why we are seeing all democratic nations and governments today in the world in confusion.

I don’t know all that much about the functioning of American politics, but when you have the chief General of the American defenses (Milley, I think) making secret phone calls to China in an effort to combat your own President not long before the election, then not only do you have a traitorous act, but you have one who is bent on mass confusion and destruction of society.

When you have a media that is so left-wing, it espouses what we as Christians can only call “demonic actions” and anti-God sentiment, then you have a media that is creating confusion in society’s mind.

I won’t name again the media outlets in the USA that do that, but most of the readers know the ones I mean. Perhaps the greatest infusion in our day of confusion is social media. On that platform, lies and distortions are given wings, especially if it opposes what is good.

This is only a personal feeling, but I think that after the Church’s removal, social media, especially Facebook, will be the vehicle of communication in the Tribulation and the “correspondence vehicle” of the world leader/Antichrist. From a current Christian viewpoint, Facebook is so anti-Christian, and we all know how it silences Christian outreach and anything of the right, so called, but it promotes all the evil of the left. It is social media that perpetrates lies and scandals, and I think it is very evil at worst and a timewaster at best. Sorry about any of you who may use social media or Facebook in gospel outreach, as I know some do that. I don’t mean to put you down at all, and I trust that God will make that ministry profitable for you. It could be a lot like Daniel being in a den of lions. I think you understand.

Apparently, much of the U.S. is shielded from the pathetic ramblings of the leader of the free world by its media. This President is confusion at its worst. I am giving a few examples of clips from Sky News and one other. If you have time, look at these, and they prove the point – they are on the short side.

And here is a collection that looks amusing, but it is so pathetic.

I won’t say more about Joe Biden, but much ought to be said about the puppet masters who operate the puppet of a President. That is where the evil is. They wanted this failing man as President so they could pull his strings without any opposition. They are using a confused, mentally impaired man, and that is the vilest and most despicable thing. If the Lord tarries, it won’t be good for Christians. I want to give a quote here from “The Telegraph” in the United Kingdom. It is a column written by Alistair Heath:

“Biden’s woke, Left-wing America is no longer a model for the world.

I still love America, but the tragic reality is that today’s United States is no longer Ronald Regan’s “shining city on a hill.” It is, instead, a Republic in a decline, plunged into a moral, economic, philosophical and existential crisis that may yet destroy it. Joe Biden’s useless presidency will merely intensify the forces driving the nihilism that is eating away at America’s soul.

In the authoritarian, anti-democratic world view which now dominates universities, big business, governments and cultural institutions, free speech is dismissed as violence, conservatism as fascism, and differences of opinions as micro-aggressions.” (end of quote)

In the State of Victoria, Australia, the Premier, who is a socialist dictator, has just announced that Christian schools (any religious schools too) will not be given the right to dismiss anyone (teachers) who opposes their faith views. That means Christian schools can be swamped by homosexuals or radical Marxists for teachers. All over the “free” world, rights are being taken away from Christians, and it will not improve. We are now in the “difficult days” Paul speaks of in 2Timothy chapter 3. (perilous times – KJV).

Recently, I have been reading Eusebius, the historian/Church Father. He recounts many of the intrigues of the authorities, the unspeakable edicts against Christians, and the tortures they endured. Every means of the most painful tortures was devised against Christians, but so many of these saints endured until death. Who can ever comprehend the injustice of man against man? What animal species would ever rip the unborn from the uterus and then put the offspring to death?

If we take time to read Eusebius and Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and a few other books of church history, it is almost sickening to read of the satanic inhumanity of those who hate Christians. It is not a surprise because the Lord and Paul warned of this behavior. The major persecutions against God’s people were carried out by the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church.

As we near the end of the Church age (NOT THE END OF THE AGE), we are seeing the power alignment of the Revived Roman Empire come into being, so it will be no surprise to see why persecution is increasing in the western world. The Roman Empire will comprise of 10 States in territory that was under Roman control in AD 100. The closest we have today is the European Union, but we cannot say that with any authority. The United States was not even in existence then, so those wishful thinkers who want to include the USA in the Revived Empire, or find the USA in prophecy, are horribly misled.

When I was first looking at prophecy when I was 16, I remember a lot of people at that time (in the 1950-1970s) saying that there had to be a worldwide revival before the Lord can come back. They got that idea from Matthew 24 that says, “This gospel must be preached to the whole world and then the end will come.” Unfortunately, those people confused the difference between the gospel of grace and the gospel of the kingdom.

The gospel of grace is what we now preach. The gospel of the kingdom is what John the Baptist preached, and the Lord also early in His ministry. It has as its basis, ‘Repent and be baptized, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ That will be the exact gospel to be preached in the Tribulation by the 144,000 – repentance and expectation for the Millennial Kingdom to be set up. It will be at hand then; it is not our Gospel. Unfortunately, that notion of confusion comes from those who want to ram down people’s throats that Matthew 24 is the Rapture. It is not – it is the Second Coming. The gospel of the kingdom is not the gospel of grace we preach today. In that Matthew 24 verse, “the end will come,” it means the end of the age will come = the Second Coming.

Romans chapter 1 is a most interesting study. It details the decline of man from the knowledge of God to the lowest rung of the ladder, which is the acceptance and practice of homosexuality (verse 23). We are most certainly there. However, in man’s decline, and the sad fact that there was no repentance, we read in the chapter that “God gave them over.” Three times it says that. Once man abandons God, God allows him to go his own way, then he will do and institute the absolute confusion of a debauched conscience and mind.

That is why so much evil is happening, but these demonic minds of our leaders think they are doing good things. So much confusion exists because they are demonic. Only a demonic mind can murder the unborn, put to death the elderly, or leave your own people to be murdered by terrorists. Today in Queensland (Aust), the socialist/Marxist dictator who is Premier succeeded in getting through the euthanasia bill that gives the right to any person to end his/her life if the doctor has said the person may not live more than 12 months. What is galling is that there are restrictions on Christians to have any ministry or comfort with those people. This government is one of death and murder.

If I stopped this article right here, it could be seen as a bit negative, but we need to realize that all the problems at the end of the Church age were predicted for us. We are told that wicked men will grow from bad to worse. Go back 100 years, and the Democrats in the USA and the ALP in Australia would have been horrified if before them were laid the foulness of laws of their modern counterparts. 100 years ago, they would never have sanctioned abortion of the unborn up to the day of birth, OR the legalization to kill and assist the vulnerable and elderly to kill themselves, OR the ruination of children’s sexuality, OR to confuse children again about their gender…

What has changed? I will suggest the following:

  1. As his time nears the end, Satan and his host of demons are on overdrive.
  2. Sin is like a mutation, and over time, mutations get worse, not better. The only thing that has held the final mutation back is the number of Christians in the past few hundred years, but today, with the rapid decline of true Christians, not the professing ones, then evil is filling that void.
  3. Church leaders are to be held responsible. Too many in pulpits are deniers of the faith, humanists, liberals, unconverted, greedy for fame and money and celebrity. The Church has become insipid, without strength, and powerless in proclamation.
  4. The Bible describes Satan as the prince and power of the air. People have said this can also apply to the airways, and I agree. If you take time to write down the major newspapers of the world and the major players in communication, you have before you a powerful number of media outlets. We live in various countries, so we can only speak for our own lands, but I will draw attention to probably the most powerful of all players – Google. Google is an anti-God and anti-Christian organization. Surely, I don’t have to explain that. Americans will know the part it played in the last election with censorship and still does with politics that don’t adhere to the left, and Christian sites.

“In 2006, Google acquired YouTube for $1.6 billion. YouTube is the world’s third most frequented website after Google (number one) and Facebook (number two.) An ad tracking agency, known as Omnicore, reported 1.9 billion monthly users on YouTube.” [Taken from a Blog]. Google owns Facebook and YouTube and all its own companies. There you have it—the three leading digital networks in the world = Google.

  1. With the Bible in decline, even banned now from a growing number of places in Australia (including the Gideon bible), when people are ignorant (ignorant of God and Christian and moral principles), then they are controlled by confusion like a blind man walking at night on parting tracks (trails), never knowing which ones to take.

Don’t expect the world to get better, for it will not. I have found in my life that a good number of Christians are positive about the world, thinking it will get better. I am a realist in this. It will get worse. We will see more confused leaders making more confused decisions and a confused population that does not know the left hand from the right and votes for confused leaders. Only the word of God can impart sanity, direction, a code of morality, and rightness. People without vision perish. There is no vision today because the light of the word of God has been all but extinguished in affluent western democracies. There is a nexus between confusion and delusion, but that is a whole new subject.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom because our Lord must be close. The Rapture must be on the horizon as the morning star is shining to herald the Bridegroom coming for His Bride. Let us take note that the world will decline, that Christians will face persecution, that nations will act with confused minds, and that world conditions will get worse. I hate to say it, but be not surprised to see an implosion of some of western society. Satan always goes for the top man, and that is the USA. May God be merciful to us.



P.S. HOT OFF THE PRESS: September 16, 2021 – 12:35PM, A Confused Mind

In a historic joint announcement with the United States and the United Kingdom detailing Australia’s nuclear transition, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been called “that fellow Down Under” by President Joe Biden.

Mr Morrison, on Thursday morning, confirmed that Australia would use American and British technology to build its next fleet of submarines, replacing the existing Collins-class warships.

During the press conference, which featured leaders from all countries in their respective capital cities, Mr Biden thanked “that fellow Down Under” for bringing the countries together. He quickly backtracked and addressed Mr Morrison by name as he thanked him for his partnership, but the fumble was not missed.