Let’s Have Some End-Time Fun with President Trump :: By David Cogburn

I think we will all agree that not only our nation but the entire world has undergone a tremendous change since our Presidential election in 2016. President Obama had been President for 8 years, and most thought it was abundantly clear that the next President would be long overdue Hillary Clinton to be the first woman president of the United States. Our country took a “hard” left turn under the two terms of President Obama, and Hillary Clinton was thought to continue us in that direction.

Then out of the blue comes a Republican challenger, a businessman named Donald Trump, who had never spent even one minute in any kind of political office. He was running against a herd of experienced, savvy political opponents, most of whom had spent their entire careers in political office of some kind or another. His candidacy was considered a “joke” by mainstream media, and when he somehow came out on top as the Republican nominee for President, the Democrats and the left were overjoyed that Hillary would have such an easy opponent to steamroll over.

We all know what happened. Donald Trump, with zero political experience, managed to handily defeat Hillary to become President of the United States. What the Democrats and the left failed to understand was that Donald Trump turned out to be a Washington “outsider” and was representing the voice of the people who were sick and tired of Washington politics and their hypocrisy.

Many said that the reason Donald Trump became President is because God Himself put him in the oval office. But is that true? Is there any way to “know” that God was personally involved in making Donald Trump our president? Was there any kind of sign to show that He was involved? And the answer is – it was not only a sign but a NEON sign that only God’s watchful children were able to discern. Few people even know how old Donald Trump was on Jan 20, 2017, when he was inaugurated to be our next President. Most of us God watchers know that seven is God’s perfect number, and on President Trump’s first full day in office on Jan 21, 2017, he was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old – 777 – God’s perfect number on steroids.

Now, we all know about coincidences. Many say that a coincidence is simply God’s way of staying anonymous. But it gets better than this. Not only was President Trump the President, but his vice president was Mike Pence. When you put those two names together, you get Trump-Pence, which sounds a LOT like trumpets.

But let me make one thing crystal clear: Everything I say in this article is 100 percent fun-thinking and nothing else. So now, let’s see what happened. God puts His man into office. The left is about as anti-God as you can get, so they can only do what comes naturally. They hate President Trump with a passion, and their hatred of him and the mainstream media’s hatred of him “began” what I refer to as the great DIVIDE in not only our nation but even around the world. During the next four years, the attempts by the Democrats, the left, and the mainstream media to destroy President Trump went off the charts with lies and proven false allegations against him to get him removed from office. They started talking about impeachment even before he was sworn into office.

President Trump singlehandedly brought the mainstream media out of the closet and proved them to be a supporter and collaborator with the Democratic Party and no longer interested in trying to fool the American public that they were neutral. The most interesting part of all of this is, even in the midst of all of these daily attacks and efforts to remove him from office, President Trump managed to do some amazing things to make America great again in terms of our economy, massive tax cuts, making us energy “independent” for the first time, and making us an oil “exporter” vs an oil importer.

He was the strongest supporter we’ve ever had for Israel next to President Truman who recognized them as a nation in 1948. He even moved our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – something other presidents said they would do during their campaign speeches but never did. Finally, we had a God-chosen president who kept his promises and blessed Israel with our embassy now in Jerusalem.

Our economy grew by leaps and bounds, faster than anyone could have imagined. And our unemployment plummeted to new lows with everyone – whites, blacks, Hispanics, women, Asians. All of this was done while the Democrats spent every single day attacking President Trump with made-up lies to get him impeached and removed from office. Then, in December 2019, we find out about what turns out to be a worldwide pandemic called Covid-19 that many say evidence shows it came from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. There is still debate on whether it was, and if so, was it released accidentally or intentionally. But President Trump was no supporter of China, and his economic policies and tariffs were costing them billions if not trillions of dollars. China wanting President Trump to lose the next election is an obvious major understatement.

We all know what happened in 2020 with our nation and much of the world being shut down due to Covid-19 and we the people being put under massive government restrictions that took away many of our God given freedoms. Also, as you would expect, many thousands of small businesses went under, unemployment went through the roof for many months, and our spending also went through the roof with stimulus programs to help the millions that were hurting.

What was amazing was how much the stock market fell for two or three months but had come back to new highs by October 2020. The timing of all of this was also “coincidental” in terms of this leading into a 2020 presidential election. We know what happened. President Trump lost the election, and most conservatives believe the Democrats cheated and stole the election. That is still being investigated today.

But the bottom line is that almost all conservatives expected and even knew that President Trump should “easily” beat Joe Biden, a candidate who spent nearly every week in his basement bunker due to Covid-19 vs out on the campaign trail like President Trump. Trump held multiple rallies many weeks with 20,000 to 40,000 plus at each one of them. When Biden did get out to campaign, he was facing hundreds vs many thousands for President Trump.

So, what happened? Why did President Trump end up losing? It’s pretty obvious to many end-time watchers that God put President Trump into office, so why would God “allow” the election to possibly have been stolen? God blesses those that bless Israel, and no one has blessed Israel more than President Trump for many decades, yet God allowed him to be removed from office.

As Christians, we all know that God is ALWAYS “in control,” thus it’s easy to say that it must be part of God’s end-time plan. The Bible makes it clear that, during the very end-times, Satan knows his time is short and pulls out all the stops to do anything and everything he can to thwart God’s plans.

Jesus gave us the end-time signs that would be increasing in frequency and intensity like birth pains, such as wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, plagues, natural disasters, etc. And with the internet, we can see daily how ALL of Jesus’ signs are escalating off the charts in terms of increasing in frequency and intensity as a birth draws near. The Ezekiel 38 nations that align with Russia to attack Israel at the end are just about all in place, and we certainly have had a worldwide pandemic that has caused massive division throughout the whole world. The elite powers-that-be are doing everything they can to control every aspect of our lives, and many people throughout the world are rebelling against them.

Our nation has never been as divided as it is now. Who would have thought that there would be a day coming where our nation would be ruled by a Marxist party vs a capitalist party? But that is where we are today. I think most of us end-time watchers “know” in our inner being that the rapture is so close we can almost feel it. But here comes the “fun part” of the Donald Trump presidency – the fun thinking of the coincidences of God putting President Trump into office.

President Obama caused a rift in the division between left and right at the time President Trump entered office, which turned into a grand-canyon type of division by the time he left office; and this is happening all over the world. The whole world is more anti-God now than perhaps at any point in all of human history, just like the Bible said it would be. Everything is set in place like never before for the rapture and tribulation to begin.

The globalists have only one agenda – a one-world government, and they know that the ONLY way they can even think about achieving that is to destroy the sovereignty of the United States. And that begins with our borders. With President Trump out of office and the elites in power running everything, they are now in a position to have the power to possibly achieve their goal sooner than later. They should read the Bible and find out they “do win” since we do get a one-world government. But little do they know what awaits them during the one-world government during the seven-year tribulation period. As the old saying goes – be careful what you wish for.

Okay, okay, here is the fun part of God’s so-called coincidences surrounding President Trump and the end times. And please remember, NONE of this is biblically prophetic as far as we know. Numbers 10:9 might “coincidentally” allude to it a little bit, which I will mention in a moment. But when I first learned about President Trump appearing to be put into office by God, the fact that his name is Trump with a VP Pence, and his age at inauguration was 777, I told myself – wow, this is almost TOO amazing and coincidental. Is there any way that there could be any type of coincidental prophetic “tone” to all of this?

Most of us end-time watchers know that the rapture occurs at the last “trump” in 1 Thes 4 and 1 Cor 15. Just the fact that a man named Trump was put into office by God at what appears to be so close to a possible rapture is amazingly coincidental by itself, and even VP Pence’s name added to Trump sounds a bit “too much” like trumpets to be another coincidence. Google it, but even the name ‘Donald’ means ruler of the world. His middle name ‘John’ in Hebrew is ‘Yohanan,’ which means graced by Yahweh. The word ‘trump’ in the Bible can mean warning. So when you look at his full name – Donald John Trump – you get “the ruler of the world, graced by God, warning of something major on God’s calendar.

So let’s talk about trumpets for a moment. We know the Bible is full of trumpets/shofars blowing for all kinds of reasons – especially during the seven major Jewish feasts God has set up, as well as lots of trumpets blowing in Revelation during the tribulation period, also during the rapture, etc. If you look up what ‘trumpet’ means in the Bible, you will see that it says, “The trumpet is used to build anticipation and tells the reader that an alert, announcement, or warning is about to take place.” Could it be that when you look at this definition of trumpet/trump that God might have been using President Trump to build anticipation and tell us that an alert, announcement, or warning is about to take place, such as possibly a soon-coming rapture and tribulation period?

Now that he’s not in office, you can officially say, when it comes to presidents, he’s the last Trump. How cool is that? I know most of you will think this is all so silly and sounds crazy, “but” we also know that God works in very interesting ways at times. And don’t forget – this is simply a FUN thing to think and wonder about.

There is also an interesting aspect to this in Numbers 10:9 that says, “And if ye go to war in your land against the enemy that oppresseth you, then ye shall blow an alarm with the trumpets; and ye shall be remembered before the Lord your God, and ye shall be saved from your enemies.”

This certainly seems to apply “today.” The left is at “war” against the right in our nation. It was a skirmish before President Trump and has turned nuclear since President Trump. They are an enemy that oppresses us. And when the trump blows an alarm, the Lord our God will save us from our enemies. Obviously, the safest way to save us during a time like we are in now is His rapture to bring us home in order to begin the seven-year tribulation.

SO, does President Trump seeming to be miraculously put into office in 2016 and everything that’s happened during his four-year term point to anything prophetic concerning the end times? Is he a harbinger and warning of something major about to happen end-time-wise? I don’t know. All I see is a plethora of coincidences that, when you start adding them up, the preponderance of the evidence seems to start leaning toward God-incidences. But, hey, that’s me. This article is meant more for fun and wonderment than prophetic insight. I hope you’ve found it enjoyable to think about.

Maranatha, Lord Jesus.

David Cogburn