No Way Out If You Trust the World :: By Edwin Tan

Back in that pre-digital era, home entertainment devices lacked the sophistication of current-day so-called state-of-the-art appliances. Yet, it struck quite a common cord in many instances. Good would be rewarded while evil was punished. Villains might get their way for a start, but the one who stood for righteousness eventually won. Such was the case in World War Two serials or blockbusters, where America represented the triumphant victors over oppression.

Perhaps there was a morality that inspired this trend. All about playing by set rules and societal norms of the day. Whether directly or in a subtle manner, the Christian ethic was very much a dominant influence. Not just because there were more church attendees but more so the overall sense of sticking closely to the truth. Little was heard as far as deviations mattered. These folks were not in vogue, so they were better off acting as a silent minority!

Ever since prayer was banned in public schools in the early 1960s, the rot was set in motion, although subtly, against a still largely Conservative backdrop. Undoubtedly, it would become an irreversible trend – very much like specks of untreated rust which were ignored, or for that matter, taken for granted.

As the decay permeated through numerous pulpits and pews, there was more than the faintest inkling of what price had to be paid. Tolerance plus giving way to divergent views was deemed as showing love. All at the expense of the Living Word! This unwholesome practice morphed into more than quite the norm as the once silent oddballs grew louder. Apostasy was indeed in full bloom as the old-time religion took the back seat. Cheap thrill, but what would be the cost of so doing?

I first had a good read of Romans 1 when I was in my late forties, which was some time ago. The latter part of this chapter always left an unshakeable mark in my mental lexicon. Especially the words, “God gave them over,” followed by “reprobate mind.” At that point in time, I reasoned to myself that the chances of an encounter with these were very slim. It could happen over my dead body, and it nearly was the case. After a stroke that was accompanied by a couple of heart failures, I survived to see the stark-naked reality in my early sixties. I got a solid grasp of the grim realities when Afghanistan fell to the enemy forces after nearly two decades of ceaseless warfare. I got the real picture when Jan Markell did a radio interview with Jack Hibbs. Plain, scary truth – the world we once knew in free fall!

Some might have heard of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but I would rather regard it as the Fourth Reich! The Third Reich did not last long because there was no lawlessness like that which we witness today. The carnage was indeed put in check because there was a decent number that abided in the truth. Mankind has inadvertently put themselves in a mess because lawlessness was unchecked but welcomed with open arms!

So this upcoming cabal of wickedness far exceeds the worst totalitarian regimes that ever existed. They can effectively take on any dissent and resistance. They have all of Big Tech on their side. As good as nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide!

So herein is the price so many sheepishly put on their backs by being a bedfellow with the rot. However, there is only one way out. This is where the straight and simple semantic of Romans 6:23 stares at many faces. Let me put it this way: what is earned for the wasted years is death – physically in a short space of time but spiritually forever. So there is only one way out of this – God’s gift of eternal life through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Do this and be spared from the condemnation that is coming for the unbeliever!

Time is running short; do not waste any more time on the decision that determines your eternal destiny.

Yours in Christ


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