Spooks, Blowbacks, and the Fizzled American Dream :: By Vanessa P.

The American “fraud in chief” left thousands of Americans and allies to the Taliban. Joe Biden shrugged his shoulders, checked his watch, and then literally did what the Taliban told him to do.

The president of America bowed down before a Terrorist group and then rewarded them by giving them a literal arsenal that includes black hawks, guns, missiles, ammo, vehicles – you name it. All that was missing was a pallet full of cash. Perhaps that’s next. He gave to terrorists what he’s trying to rip from you.

When Biden said the Afghan army was one of the most well-equipped in the region, what he meant was The Taliban is the most equipped military, and all thanks to him.

These weapons will end up in the hands of the CCP.

What better way to defeat a military than to know how to use said military’s weapons and computer systems?

We not only let Afghanistan fall in a week, mind you, but we left American citizens there to die. Not only that, we provided the Taliban with the names of every single American and ally.

EVERY SINGLE ALLY THAT HELPED US for two decades has been put in danger by Biden. By AMERICA.

I’m shocked that American hostages have not been paraded around Kabul yet. I’m not so convinced that we still won’t witness this. I’m hearing they are hunting for Americans, and everyone knows the Democrats like giving money to terrorists. Obama paid the Taliban for that traitor Bergdahl; have people forgotten this? We then freed five terrorists for the Taliban too. Trust me; they haven’t forgotten. They know American lives are worth something. Not to the Democrats so much, but to the American people.

Since the Taliban took that list from us, they have been going door to door executing anyone that assisted America. But again, they are HUNTING Americans.

Now, why would we do that? What kind of nation uses the people of another nation and then discards them to terrorists seeking to kill them?

BABYLON, that’s who.

That was shameful what this nation did. There are now images of our very own black hawks being used to hang people.

First of all, they were probably on the list we provided. Second of all, HOW DOES THE TALIBAN KNOW HOW TO FLY HELICOPTERS? We taught them, of course.

We taught them many things for many years. Like the use of Viagra so they’d have an easier time raping young boys. Our very own soldiers were court-martialed under Obama for defending children from rape. Albeit through physical contact, like a busted nose… but now we find out we kept Afghan men hopped up on Viagra.

We taught our enemy in Afghanistan how to fight and win a war. We trained them, and they took their talents to the Taliban. The CIA (aka spooks) has a term for this: “Blowback.” Osama bin Laden was the ultimate “blowback.”

A “Blowback” describes an operative or operation that ends up turning on its creator or handler. It’s someone the US uses when it benefits her. We trained our enemies militarily, and then we watched as these operatives turned against us.

Who did the spooks turn their attention to in the eighties? Osama bin Laden, and we all know how that turned out. He was the main mastermind behind 9/11. Osama was one of thousands of Islamic military-aged men that we trained, even though he hated this nation.

Sound familiar? Today’s Afghan army we heard so much about from the Biden administration? They either ran or joined the Taliban. Blowbacks.

Osama was a terrorist from the start. And yet, he was someone the CIA helped anyway because it benefited us with the Soviets at the time.

Growing up, Osama Bin Laden was not much different than the rich elites here in America. Thanks to daddy, he was fabulously rich, never worked a real job a day in his life, and he went to the best schools to learn from overpaid teachers. It was in school that he became educated by Islamic activists and even became influenced by WESTERN professors who taught the evils of the West. Especially the evil of America. These were white liberal professors, of course—the same people who corrupted the American education system.

In school, he became more of a militant Muslim. He admired the Muslim martyrs in Afghanistan and aimed to become a jihadist for Islam. He also studied western subjects like economics and business administration. He was smart. Probably why the spooks chose him.

Born in Saudi Arabia, he became drawn to the holy wars going on in Afghanistan with the Soviet Union. He felt that an attack on one Muslim was an attack on all Muslims. He did not believe in diplomacy and was unwavering in his commitment to the fight for Afghanistan’s freedom from the Soviets.

During the ’80s, thousands of Muslims from all over the region flooded Afghanistan to help the mujahideen fight the Red Army. The CIA was secretly supplying Osama and these multi-national fighters with the training and tools they needed to win.

We didn’t arm just one person or one nation when we began arming the Afghani’s; we were essentially arming the Muslim world against the West. Now it has become a holy and cultural war against us. Mind you, we were arming them AFTER the marine base attack in Beirut and the TWA Flight 747 hijacking. Iran hostages.

By 1984, Osama became a leader to the Afghani’s and the fighters flooding in. His education and background brought organization to the growing mujahideen and Afghani army.

There were new fighters arriving daily with zero coordination with one another. It was chaotic. Osama brought order.

His father, Muhammad bin Laden, was a devout Muslim who instilled into Osama at a young age to live his life as the prophet Muhammad did. Muhammad bin Laden had over fifty children. Americans are barely having one.

Muhammad bin Laden was a real estate developer/construction owner who earned a fortune during Saudi Arabia’s building boom of the sixties and seventies. At ten years old, Osama’s father died, and he instantly became a multimillionaire. Later, he added to this fortune.

Osama used his own money to help fund terrorism all over the world and his company-owned equipment to begin carving into the mountains of Afghanistan. He built caves and tunnels for the Islamic fighters to use.

Here was this now billionaire from Saudi Arabia who was fighting, eating, and living in caves along with Afghani fighters.

He earned respect from those around him, especially the mujahideen. But the US ended up making him a hero to millions.

By 1984, he began teaching JIHAD. He also began teaching that even if you were a fellow Muslim, if you didn’t live the way he believed the prophet Muhammad taught, then you were expendable too. This included everything from prayer, worship, and even eating.

In 1988, he founded Al-Qaeda. He became even more fanatical with his religion of death and his hatred of America. He wanted to spread global Jihad now. This was his new goal. Even back in the eighties, bin Laden used the media to gain followers of his cause and spread propaganda. So, when did the MSM REALLY start reporting propaganda for our enemies? Because I doubt Trump brought it out; he just revealed it.

Bin Laden wanted American influence in the Middle East stopped. Al-Qaeda became the terrorist tool to do it.

Not long after the creation of Al-Qaeda, he required all members to swear a religious oath to him. They basically began worshipping him. Like a cult. He believed himself to be some sort of Islamic messiah.

In 1989, the Soviets left Afghanistan in defeat, and much of this was due to bin Laden himself, of course, with the spooks helping him. After defeating the Soviets, it emboldened him to come for America. To bring Jihad to our shores. He just defeated a world superpower; why not go for broke?

In 1990, Saddam Hussein began amassing one hundred thousand troops on the Kuwait/Saudi Arabian border, threatening invasion.

Bin Laden went to the Royal Family and said he had 30,000 veteran fighters from Afghanistan ready to help. His idea was rejected; instead, the Royal Family turned to America for help.

This was seen as a personal insult. Instead of using fellow Muslim armies to defend his homeland, Saudi Arabia used CHRISTIAN nations.

When US troops began arriving in Saudi Arabia to “liberate” Kuwait, he saw it as an insult to all of Islam. Never mind that the Saudi government backed our mission and invited us.

Saudi Arabia is home to Mecca and Medina, making Saudi Arabia the gatekeeper to Islam’s holiest sites.

He felt betrayed by Saudi Arabia, and his hatred for America continued to grow, culminating in the murder of 3,000 American citizens on September 11, 2001.

The majority of the Afghan vets, not all being native Afghans, mind you, have since been involved, in some way or another, in the most violent Islamic movements and uprisings around the world.

In 1993, Ramzi Yousef was one of the original terrorists that bombed the WTC. In a mere few hours, investigators just happened to find the Vin number to the truck that carried the bomb. Amazing, isn’t it? Can’t find Osama in caves we know he built for a decade but found that tiny piece of metal with a Vin number.

While Ramzi failed to make the impact he intended to, his uncle, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, would have much greater success. He was a Lieutenant for Osama bin Laden in al-Qaeda and was one of the masterminds of 9/11, along with Osama.

For a decade after the 9/11 attacks, the United States claimed to be looking for bin Laden. The CIA was on top of it, but were they really? They trained him; now we were supposed to believe they were hunting him? Got that Vin number though.

We watched our military enter cave after cave for years, looking for the elusive bin Laden. We could put a man on the moon, pinpoint locations of anyone on the planet, listen to secret phone calls, but we just couldn’t find the most wanted man in the world.

Then, just when Barack Obama needed a “win” of some sort due to his constant barrage of scandals like Fast and Furious, the IRS and apology tours, we found him. Obama’s first term was ending badly, and now America suddenly knew right where bin laden was. Funny how that works.

For decades, America has helped create chaos in the Middle East. On September 11, 2001, the chickens came home to roost, and those chickens never stopped multiplying.

God said Babylon would pretty much be a shady, backstabbing nation that has blood on her hands. Before Trump, I would have argued with you about this. No way. WE’RE THE GOOD GUYS. Then Trump came, and I realized we haven’t been the good guys in a long time. We turned on God long before Obama too.

Now, twenty years later, as the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, I have to wonder what’s planned. Every year for two decades, Americans kept thinking, “Will they attack us again on the anniversary?”

This year, more than any other, I’m asking myself this question. What do they have planned? We just handed a terrorist organization full control of a country and then just happened to leave all of our state-of-the-art military equipment behind too.

The anti-American sentiment is growing since the Kabul failure, and now the world knows Biden has dementia and is WEAK.

But you know what else Biden and his handlers have that you don’t? A MADE IN CHINA STICKER slapped on their foreheads.

The Taliban is already agreeing to work with China. The United States is who empowered China.

The Biden administration humiliated the USA, and China isn’t wasting one minute of propaganda news to remind the world of this. The Democrats and RINO’S weakened us. We don’t just appear weakened; we ARE weakened. Our morale is low too. Speaking of RINO’S, is there really such a thing, I wonder? I’m starting to think they’re ALL on one side.

Biden has done more to destroy this nation in eight months than Obama did in eight years, but not one article of impeachment? That says ALL I NEED TO KNOW.

The images the world saw were of desperate Afghani men clinging to the side of an airplane at the airport in Kabul, only to fall from the sky to their deaths. That’s desperation. But are all of these Afghani men, who were boarding our planes, allies who helped us? NO! And they’re barely even being vetted. They are already arriving in America and literally walking off of airbases to go where they want. Many are being resettled in red and purple states. Oddly enough, states like California and New York aren’t getting any of these Afghani’s. The Democrats have no intention of ever losing another federal election.

God warns Babylon that foreigners will inhabit our land. He tells us that our borders will be no more and that our walls would fall down.

When John the Revelator wrote Revelation, walls were built around ancient cities and played a very big role in defense.

Our border is broken; there are estimates that 200,000 illegals are coming across a day, and that’s just on the southern border.

The Democrat Party has seized control of this nation, and they aren’t letting go. Americans really need to stop pointing at Australia when we are losing our own freedoms right here at home. The cherry on top is we now have unvetted Afghani’s walking our streets as September 11 approaches. People who idolize Osama bin Laden.

I looked at that first picture that came out; there were something like 700 people on that plane. I counted maybe 25 women and children. These were all young, military-age men.

Where were their wives? Mother’s, sisters, daughters?? You can’t tell me that these men had no women in their lives. They abandoned them.

When young women heard the news that Kabul fell, they ran from the schools, desperately wiping lip gloss off. We made it possible to let these young girls learn and go to school. To get diplomas and certificates. To get jobs. Then, in one day, we helped rip it all away from them. Everything they worked for. Gone. What sort of nation does that? Not one under a Trump leadership, I can guarantee that.

Young girls who walked carefree to school just one month ago, laughing and gossiping with friends, are now completely covered up and afraid to leave their homes.

One woman, who was forced to cook for some Taliban fighters, was set ablaze for her poor cooking. This is what we’ve left them to. And not only Afghani women BUT AMERICAN WOMEN.

The result of Biden’s chaos was thirteen dead US soldiers. What was our response? We fled Afghanistan after twenty years with our tails tucked between our legs while actually telling the world that we relied on the Taliban for security. Yep, we said that. America appeared to flee in defeat just like the Soviets fled three decades ago.

Biden said Trump made this withdrawal plan, not him. So basically, the communists running America could undo everything Trump did by executive order, and most of it on day ONE (thanks, Bill Barr), but they couldn’t get out of this withdrawal?

President Trump and Mike Pompeo made it absolutely clear to the Taliban that if they so much as peeked across the red line drawn, that he would obliterate them.

It’s shameful. First of all, Trump had a plan that did not include leaving thousands to die.

Second of all, had something unexpected occurred, not one American would have been left behind under a Trump administration. Third, had Trump not had the WH stolen from him, Afghanistan would not have fallen, to begin with.

The anniversary of September 11 is approaching. This generation running around yelling that America was never great were barely out of diapers when we were attacked.

Ilhan Omar claimed 9/11 was just another day where some people did something. The very people, bound together by Islam and hatred for the West, now firmly control the West. Let that sink in. Then let me know if you still feel optimistic about this nation. We raised a generation of men who won’t fight for a job, let alone this nation. And when you have a nation of weak men who won’t fight to protect their very own country, don’t be surprised when our end comes.

The only thing stopping the beast from gaining full control of America yet? Patriots! There are over 300 million guns in this nation. Australia should show you exactly why they want them.

The twenty-year anniversary of 9/11 will be especially hard for families who lost loved ones. Hardest on the vets who fought, lost limbs and friends in Afghanistan. American blood drenches the soil.

In 2011, under the Obama administration, the Taliban killed 31 marines by firing a rocket at a helicopter. One decade later, that same administration (let’s be real here) used those same Taliban fighters to murder 13 marines and left thousands of Americans behind to die.

We just watched America lose her place on the world scene. Nobody trusts us, and many don’t want to deal with us. They are laughing at America.

If our intelligence and president got it so wrong in Kabul, do you really trust them to protect this nation on September 11?

Vanessa P


Twitter- @NessaRedKingdom