Messages on Prayer: Part 1 :: By Keith Watts

The Holy Spirit has moved upon my heart to write articles based on the messages I have preached on the YouTube channel, starting with the 15 messages on prayer (working on number 16, Lord willing). The title will be, Have You Fasted for 40 Days?

The Word of God speaks to us, and we speak to God through prayer. That is so amazing to me. I do not know a famous person on this earth, but I do know the Creator of the universe. One of the things that I enjoy the most about this life is talking to the Lord. I pray that you will read each article on this series of prayer; I believe it will help your prayer life. May the Lord bless you as you follow this series.

In this article, I will do a brief summary of the 15 messages. When I preached this message on 05-19-2020, I introduced 6 messages. The Lord has added so many more to this series.

Introduction Text: Psalm 27:8-9

Verse 8: “When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek.”

The word ‘seek’ means to search out (by any method), strive after, ask, beg. Wow! When you pray, do you do this? Do you do this every time you pray? Do you seek his face? The psalmist said, “My heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek.” How would your prayer life be if every time you talk to the Lord, you sought after his face with your whole heart? How would you feel if someone came to you and started talking to you, but their eyes were not even looking at your face, and you could tell that their heart was not in the conversation? You would be upset with them. How do you think our Heavenly Father feels when we do the same thing to him? He is longing to hear from us.

I want to ask you three questions: 1. Do you have a prayer life? 2. How healthy is your prayer life? 3. How many minutes a day do you spend praying to the Lord? Please examine yourself and be honest.

Prayer Part II: God Knows What Is in Your Secret Chamber. Text: Ezekiel Chapter 8

Most Christians cannot get past this first step to enjoy their prayer life. I am telling you right now, the most wonderful enjoyment a Christian can have on the face of this earth is to have a healthy prayer life. The cleansing of your heart is in two messages. In this first message, it is all about what is in your secret chamber. I preach verse by verse in this message. Just as God revealed to his prophet Ezekiel, God sees your secret chamber, your heart, and also your mind. Nothing is hidden from God. Is there ever a time when you are 100% right with the Lord? I am talking to the Christian. You need to be right with him from the time you wake up until you go to bed. If you do not do this first step, how can you do the rest of the steps that I talk about in this series?

Prayer Part III: Praying to Clean What Is in Your Heart. Text: Psalm chapter 51

I preach verse by verse in this message also. What a wonderful Psalm this is! King David committed adultery and murder. The Lord forgave him, but the consequences of the two sins were with King David for the rest of his life. There are three things we must do: 1. We must acknowledge our sins. 2. We must ask for forgiveness for our sins. 3. We must forsake the sin. We need to take sin as seriously as the Lord does. We need to keep clean throughout the day.

Prayer Part IV & V: Praying to Praise and Thank Him. Part IV text: Psalm 63:1-5. Part V: Acts 16:25-26

I had so much to say about this. The Bible has so much to say about praising and thanking him; it is a big part of a healthy prayer life. Is there ever a time you spend with the Lord when all you do is praise and thank him, not asking for one thing from him? So many times, we make a long list of what we want from God, and when we are finished with the prayer, we say, “In Jesus’ name, Amen!” WE should start the prayer by asking for forgiveness for our sins and then praise him and thank him. So many times in my prayer, I cannot stop asking for forgiveness, and I cannot stop praising him and thanking him. It is so sweet.

In Prayer Part IV, I said, “Find out why I was giggling out loud while heading home from work.” In Part V, this message is about Paul and Silas. In Part V, at the end of the message, I ask 6 questions.

Prayer Part VI: Starting a Prayer Chain for America. Text: Joel 12:12-13

The message is all about praying and fasting. By far, the hardest thing for me to do is fasting. What is it going to take for us to really start fasting?

In Prayer Part II, I said, “We need to start fasting now more than ever.” Eleven weeks later, in Prayer Part VI, I said, “Don’t you think it is time for us to pray and fast to the Lord like we have never prayed and fasted before in our lives?” That was one year and four weeks ago when I made that statement. Today, I am saying we need to not only pray and fast more than ever, but we need to pray longer, harder, and louder to the Lord and fast more often and longer than ever before. If you really realize what we are facing before the Lord comes to rapture us up to be with him, you would get very serious about praying and fasting. In the article that I will be writing for Prayer Part VI, I will write more on Starting a Prayer Chain for America.

Prayer Part VII: Having an Altar at Home. Text: Genesis 8:20, 12:7-8; 13:12

A secret place to meet with the Lord; some call it a prayer closet. You can have more than one place. There is a place you can go on this earth where Satan cannot get to it. You need a place for you to meet with the Lord. You also need a place for you and your family. Noah had an altar. Abraham had an altar. Lot did not have an altar. More than likely, Lot is the only family member in Heaven today. That should tell you how important it is to have an altar for you and your family to meet with the Lord.

Prayer Part VIII: Intercessory Prayer. Text: Job 42:7-10, Genesis 20:6-7, Exodus 32:7-14

How many people are on your daily prayer list that you are praying on their behalf for their salvation? In this message, it is about Job interceding on behalf of his three friends, Abraham interceding on behalf of his enemy, and Moses interceding on behalf of the Nation of Israel. That is why it is so important to pray on behalf of others. Someone interceded for you.

Prayer Part IX: To Get a Hold of God’s Heart. Text: Jeremiah 15-1, Exodus 32:11, I Samuel 7:8-10

The Lord said to Jeremiah, Though Moses and Samuel stood before me, Yet my mind could not be towards this people; cast them out of my sight, and let them go forth. The Lord was saying if Moses and Samuel were crying out to him for Judah and Jerusalem that he would not hear them. This statement is so amazing to me. In this message, it is all about Moses and Samuel. These two men got a hold of God’s heart. We can also get a hold of God’s heart. Do you want to get a hold of God’s heart?

Prayer Part X: To Move the Heart of God. Text: II Kings 20:1-3, 6; Daniel 9:3-5, 23

In this message, I take a look at King Hezekiah. This king really moved the heart of God Almighty. I take a look at his prayer. We should ask ourselves, how did he move the Lord’s heart? Then I take a look at Daniel and his prayer. It is so amazing to me how these two men moved the heart of God. Our Heavenly Father is longing for us to get a hold of his heart and to move his heart. How can we do this? The answer is through prayer.

I bought an advertisement for these two messages, Part IX and Part X, on Facebook. The attacks on these two messages and on me were so evil and vicious that I had to block over 70 people from commenting.

Prayer Part XI: My Testimony on the Prayer I Did Not Want to Pray to God. Text: Luke 1:37

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Do you believe this verse? Does the church in America believe this verse? I said no to the Holy Spirit for nine months when this prayer request would come into my mind to pray. I would tell the Holy Spirit that this prayer request he wanted me to say to the Father was too big to ask for. One night in February of 2020, I said this prayer to the Lord. When I said this prayer, the Lord knew it was from my heart to his heart, and he also knew that I had faith to believe he was going to answer this prayer request. It is so amazing to see how he is answering this prayer request.

Prayer Part XII: The Prayer Series’ Final Message. Text: Genesis 5:24

I need to change this title. This message is all about getting to that place where Satan cannot get to. This is such a wonderful place. When you get to this place, you don’t want to leave it. It is such a sweet fellowship with the Lord. Then I talk about the seven steps to get to this place from these messages I had preached on.

Prayer Part XIII: We’re in a Spiritual Warfare; Time to Get Serious About Prayer. Text: Exodus 17:8-16

Israel fought with Amalek in the valley. When Moses raised his hands, Israel would be winning the battle. When Moses’ hands would come down, Israel would be losing the battle. When prayers are going up, we are winning. When prayers are not going up, we are losing and losing big. Aaron and Hur would help Moses raise his hands. I preach verse by verse in this message. This is a picture of three men praying to the Lord, and we see what the effects were on the battlefield. It is the same in our own lives. At the end of this message, I challenged every pastor from around the world to show these messages on prayer to their pastors and church members. I had a tremendous response from so many pastors.

Many Christians today know very little about prayer. Many pastors’/ preachers’ prayer life is unhealthy. Why is this? We are to be busy doing the Lord’s work. A weak prayer life of a pastor is a weak ministry and weak sermons.

Prayer Part XIV: Please Pray for America

In this message, I talk much about America. Overall, the church in America is rich in things of this world but poor in the things of God. In Prayer Part VI, I received a tremendous response from pastors and Christians from all over the world. But in America, only a few pastors and Christians joined in this prayer chain. It seems to me they would find something wrong with it to join in this prayer chain for America. I was calling all prayer warriors from around the world to join with us for a day of prayer, fasting, and repentance on July 5, 2021, for America. I had one pastor join with us, and I had one church share this post to all of the church members. As a Christian American, it broke my heart that there was very little response from pastors and Christians in America, yet the rest of the world’s response has been amazing to see.

Prayer Part XV: Preacher and Christian, Have You Ever Fasted? Text: Matthew 6:16-18

When you are praying and fasting, does it reach the heart of God? This message is all about why your praying and fasting is not moving the heart of God. So many around the world are praying and fasting but not seeing results. Something is wrong. I also preach out of Isaiah 58:1-14. I show from the Bible what is wrong and what you need to do. When you pray and fast, you will start seeing results. You’d better hold on tight because it will be so amazing to see God Almighty at work.

I want to give you my ministry Facebook page; it is 4HIM Online Ministries. I also have a group page; it is Prayer Warriors 4HIM Online Ministries. If you are a prayer warrior, I would like to invite you to join in this group. Thank you.

A day of prayer, fasting, and repentance on October 7, 2021, for America and on behalf of over 333,305,718 precious souls, and also Israel and on behalf of over 14.7 million precious Jews from around the world.

I am asking every prayer warrior from around the world to join with us on this day. We are interceding for the lost souls in these two nations. Please join with us for a harvest of lost souls.


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Keith Watts
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