Let Them Eat Cake :: By Vanessa P.

If the government will stop you from buying necessities in a store because you might catch cold without their savior-like vaccination, don’t think for a minute they won’t prevent UNDESIRABLES and DEPLORABLE’S from simply surviving.

In NY, Mayor Bloomberg has stated he tried everything, including being nice and offering incentives or even a warm hug in order for people to get the vaccine. Apparently, his warm hugs aren’t attracting people to vaccination sites for the jab. He has now stated it is no longer voluntary. The unvaccinated will not be allowed to BUY OR SELL. In fact, the unvaccinated are no longer allowed in bars, restaurants, gyms…that’s called not being able to buy or sell. If the gym owner wants you in but is threatened with arrest, he’s being prevented from selling.

Scripture says you will be hated by all nations for Jesus’s name’s sake. This is Satan’s final push, as he knows his time is coming to an end.

There is no name higher than Jesus Christ. No name used more often than His holy name throughout history whether He is worshiped or denied, prayed to or cursed. His name is the most high.

The disciples told us very clearly that Jesus was returning. They told us what leads up to that glorious day. If He doesn’t fulfill all of which the disciples said He would, then He isn’t the Son of God. It would make Him just some rabbi who lived 2,000 years ago.

His name is invoked through joy and peace, war and death. No name has more promise attached to it. No other name makes demons tremble or miracles come true. We glorify His name for a reason. If He failed to keep that promise, or ANY PROMISE, this would make God a liar. Scripture says God does not lie (Numbers 23:19).

“Indeed I have spoken it; I will also bring it to pass. I have purposed it; I will also do it” (Isa. 46:11).

Don Lemon, the CNN resident hypocrite demon, has basically called for the fulfillment of prophecy on air. He said that the unvaccinated should not be able to buy or sell and that we are ignorant and arrogant. This from the guy accused of sexual assault in a “me too” moment. When you want to prevent me from grocery shopping to feed my family, going to a football game or museum etc, that’s called NOT BEING ABLE TO BUY OR SELL.

Remember vaxxed equals no mask? Yeah, right. The pretender in chief is a liar, and the Democrat Party is nothing but one big lie.

Want a quick drink after work in NY? Grab a few things from a deli, go to the gym? Forget it unless you have a recent negative test result or proof of your vaccination. Or unless you’re Pelosi getting your hair done. In Germany, the Nazis constantly asked the Jews, WHERE’S YOUR PAPERS? It won’t stop at restaurants and gyms. It will extend to supermarkets, pharmacies and hospitals. It also will not stop at NY. IT’S GOING FEDERAL.

The CCP has recently gone on record to say America has poisoned the world with the CHINESE man- made VIRUS. I do believe they represent the people with no mercy that God warns end-time Babylon of. A people who also happen to worship a man. Hasn’t the godless left laughed at the notion of the world worshipping one man? Yet, in China, almost 2 billion people give utter and total allegiance to ONE MAN.

We are very close to being locked out of grocery stores and even doctors’ offices if we do not accept this “life-saving” vaccine. We did exactly what every single founder warned against. We gave up our liberty and God-given freedom for safety and security. And just as they warned, we never got it back, nor will we.

We watched our nation turn into a big brother nation with the Patriot Act. Many conservatives were all for it because a Republican introduced it. Had Obama introduced the Patriot Act, Republicans would have been against it and Democrats for it. These people that we elect to REPRESENT us in DC are doing a poor job, but we keep electing them.

We need constitutionalists in Washington, people who are not afraid to call out the demonic left. Virginia’s own Jarome Bell is another Patriot not afraid to call the left out. He’s running for Congress in Virginia.  Alex Jones recently caught wind of him, and with that, so did General Michael Flynn and Senator Wendy Rogers of Arizona. Jarome Bell is exactly what the left fears – Black and proud, a military vet with a mind of his own. He refuses to bow to the left and will come out swinging for this nation. I was introduced to him almost two years ago by a mutual friend, and what you see and hear from Jarome is truly what you get. If we had more Patriots like him and Marjory Taylor Green, we would be the America our founders dreamed of.

We need someone to fight for this nation. To close our border. Biblically speaking, though? I think it’s too late for this nation. I believe we are Babylon and the Democrats pulled off the perfect coup. They will never relinquish power.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was on CNN yesterday. His response to the American People on losing freedoms over Covid? Scr** your freedoms.

Isn’t this the same guy whose father was a Nazi Brown Shirt for Hitler? The same guy whose father helped round up Jews for slaughter? The Brown Shirts hate freedom too. They killed people who sought it, ripped it from those who had it, and hated anyone who wanted to achieve it. Like father, like son it appears.

The wolf is in the hen house.

God said end-time Babylon’s walls would be thrown down and we would be overrun by foreigners. He said our very foundations will fall. Our idols and images (statues etc) would be destroyed. Antifa and BLM began destroying America’s statues and monuments after Trump was elected. The “peaceful but fiery” RIOTS miraculously stopped once Biden took office, for the most part anyway. How coincidental.

America went from the “Greatest most progressive country” in the world, according to the left, to a racist, tyrannical, White supremacist nation, and all within hours.

Obama left the WH on Jan 20, 2017. With him he took any loyalty to this nation that the Democrats had left.

Suddenly, with Trump in office, Democrats hated America and everything she was founded on. The hatred is unnatural; it is not normal. They are being pushed by a dark force and they don’t even realize it. They feel anger and hatred towards you; they feel justified in it, even with no reasonable explanation behind the hatred. It’s a dark force they’re being led by, and it’s hurled this world into chaos.

“Your cities are burned with fire; Strangers devour your land in your presence; And it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers. So the daughter of Zion is left as a booth in a vineyard, As a hut in a garden of cucumbers, As a besieged city” (Isaiah 1:7b-8).

“How the faithful city has become a harlot! It was full of justice; Righteousness lodged in it, But now murderers. Your silver has become dross, Your wine mixed with water. Your princes are rebellious.” (Isaiah 1:21-23a).

God calls end-time Babylon a harlot. I believe the United States to be that harlot, or scarlet beast. He also said a woman rides that beast. America’s leftist women have spread their propaganda across the globe since the seventies.

In the seventies, they were burning bras and demanding equal pay. Today, they are demanding that you believe in anything they believe. In the nineties, men were told to get in touch with their feminine side. Well, those men had boys who now think they are real women.

Kamala Harris is running the show now, along with Dr. death aka Fauci.

The godless choose not to believe in the truth, but they revel in delusion. They choose creation over the creator.

America was the land of rights and justice for the individual. We were founded in righteousness, but our end will be in shame.

There are hundreds of millions of people across the world watching America fall. Many of them feel dread. America held the rest of the world in check. Christians and Jews know this more than anyone.

Right now, the UN has already started setting up isolation camps across Europe. It’s for those who refuse to get vaccinated. Scripture warns that Babylon will be invaded by a nation with many kings. I’d say the UNITED NATIONS qualifies. They’re ALL watching us fall…and waiting. China, Russia, and the EU.

I hope you’ve been heeding my warnings these last couple of years. Did I think Trump would win? Absolutely, and he did. But I also knew it wouldn’t be easy because of the massive ‘cheat by mail’ scheme.

Civil war was coming whether Trump retained the WH or not. This nation is too divided; we will never, ever be a United country again. Trump stood in the globalists’ way for four years. They were not going to allow another four.

If Rev 6:1 is really speaking of Covid (bow means SIMPLEST OF FABRICS IN GREEK, and Corona literally means crown), then that next horse is galloping at full speed towards America. I believe the red horse to represent communism, and we are witnessing the opening credits. This is just the very beginning stages of a globalist takeover. I pray Jesus returns soon. Every. Single. Day.

The third seal or black horse I personally believe to represent the economy collapsing. Food prices are already rising, and quickly. Inflation, anyone? Have you paid attention to prices in the stores lately? How about sparse shelves? Scripture is telling us that food will get very expensive. Do you have $20 for a loaf of bread? I don’t.

When the Jews were rounded up and put in ghettos, they began to starve. They couldn’t afford food. They hid their jewelry and said goodbye to families as they were led to their deaths.

God blessed this nation because we blessed Him. That hasn’t been the case in years. We murder babies in the womb, and our politicians are liars and cheaters. We’ve caused war, destruction, and the death of millions of people since “Shock and Awe.”

The earth will tremble at His return. It did not tremble when ancient Babylon was taken. All those people who are walking around, shrugging their shoulders, cursing HIS NAME, laughing at His return, will tremble.

“They shall go into the holes of the rocks, And into the caves of the earth, From the terror of the LORD And the glory of His majesty, When He arises to shake the earth mightily” (Isaiah 2:19).

Jesus told us that there’s never been a time like it before, nor will there ever be a time like it again. He also said that unless He returned, no flesh would be left. That’s famine, pestilence, and war.

In Daniel, scripture describes the four end-time world empires/Beasts.

As I’ve said many times before, I personally believe the first beast to represent Britain and the United States. How many lions that produce an eagle have you heard of?

“The first was like a lion, and had eagle’s wings. I watched till its wings were plucked off; and it was lifted up from the earth and made to stand on two feet like a man, and a man’s heart was given to it.”

I also believe the man’s heart represents Uncle Sam but also who we were as a nation. We helped the widows, fed the poor. We truly were a nation with a heart.

The sun may never have set on Britain, but the United States became greater. In fact, we became the greatest nation this world has ever known. You don’t achieve that without God on your side.

The second beast seems to be the Soviet Union, as they are represented by a bear. I believe the three ribs represent nations that they’ve conquered or will conquer.

The third beast was like a leopard with wings. This is believed by many to be Germany and France. Germany is represented by a leopard and France a rooster. France and Germany have a long-standing relationship dating back to Charlemagne.

Even though it was through pure barbaric force by Hitler, Germany was very close to not only ruling Europe but possibly the world. Our boys from America went THERE so they wouldn’t come HERE. So much for the blood of our grandfathers and stopping communism.

Then we have the dreadful and final beast or world empire. This is the satanic empire we’ve been warned about. It’s different from all the rest. It’s more powerful, for one. A confederacy with ten sovereign nations brings with it ten nations with powerful militaries. America may have the greatest military now, but against a confederacy of nations? Don’t count on it. Scripture says Babylon is invaded by a nation with many kings. UNITED NATIONS.

It’s no secret by now that I believe China to be the empire that suffered a mortal head wound and rises from the ashes to become even more powerful than before. All thanks to America, of course.

In Daniel, IF it’s America being described as the eagle coming from the lion, then we have a problem because, in Revelation, the lion, the leopard, the bear and feathers are all still there. Minus the eagle/America, though.

America is GONE.

China infiltrated this nation. They bought our politicians. Mitch McConnell, a Republican? No. He’s got a ‘BOUGHT IN CHINA’ sticker on his forehead along with his Chinese wife. They all do in some way or another.

China and Russia would love the honor of finishing us off. I believe civil war will finally erupt in America, which, in turn, will cause the UN to set up shop. Oh, while we’re here, might as well force some vaccinations too!

You can repair a nation attacked from the outside; you can’t repair a nation broken from the inside.

We are no longer the United States. We are the divided states. During the civil war, brother fought brother, father against son. Right now, we have spouses divorcing over “Trump.” It’s not Trump. It’s choosing a side. One side represents communism and evil, and the other, freedom. America chose freedom, but while the world watched, the Democrats stole this nation. They pulled off the perfect coup.

I still stand by what I’ve been saying since November. Arizona isn’t over. Trump never conceded, and the fight for the soul of this nation is just starting. Our military let us down. The Pentagon is infiltrated by communists. Patriots, who are now labeled as extremists, are all that’s left to fight for this nation.

Satan is attempting to bind our strong men. Our soldiers will be required to get the COVID vaccine beginning next month under a plan laid out by the Pentagon and endorsed by Biden. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said he won’t “speculate” on what those consequences might be just yet. But military officials have said in the past that refusing to receive any mandated vaccine could be considered as  failure to obey an order, and may be punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Unvaccinated cadets at the US Military Academy at West Point are getting singled out, bullied and unfairly punished — even if they have COVID-19 immunity from earlier infections, according to a report.

Don’t forget that in Israel a whopping 95% of the people in the hospital with severe covid ARE VACCINATED. America’s health officials and politicians are lying to us. It’s the vaccinated getting sick.

Patriots have got to finally stand up and fight for what’s theirs, something granted to us by God. Something guaranteed in our Constitution inspired by God. FREEDOM AND LIBERTY.

Don’t give in to tyranny. Don’t give in to the globalist beast. Fight for your freedoms. Fight for this nation and God. Fight for your family and neighborhood. Have courage. Stand strong. Jesus never promised us an easy ride; we just know, trust and believe it will be worth it in the end. He warns us to prepare for Satan’s wrath through man. He told us it would be our leaders to watch out for.

The CDC has a military plan in place to rip you from your spouse and children and put you in a quarantine FEMA camp if you refuse the vaccination. Don’t forget that in Israel, a whopping 95% of the people in the hospital with severe Covid ARE VACCINATED. America’s health officials and politicians are lying to us. It’s the vaccinated getting sick.

In Tennessee the Governor just went off of the CDC’s guidelines suggesting just that. Governor Lee quietly signed an executive order that authorizes the National Guard and Tennessee State Guard to arrest you, to involuntarily imprison you, commit you, as well as statewide quarantines. Not many in Tennessee even realize what he’s done. He’s a Republican btw.

A couple of years ago, President Trump said, “In reality, they’re not after me; they’re after you. I’m just in the way.”

Well, they removed him, and he’s no longer standing in the way.

Vanessa P


Twitter @NessaRedKingdom