Useful Preservatives :: By Edwin Tan

Picture the prophet Isaiah having a bird’s eye view of the recent happenings in California and Virginia. He could be having a laugh; the seventeenth verse of Chapter 54 of his lengthy book is real-time on earthly news feeds!

Gavin Newsom never prospered in any way with his blitzkrieg on the churches in California. Some churches may have closed, but look at what Jack Hibbs is accomplishing despite a barrage of threats relating to shutdowns. His church seems to be defying the gravity of suppression, growing by leaps and bounds. We could say the same for others who have kept the Good Fight going – notably Tom Hughes and Brandon Holthaus. Ironically speaking, Gavin Newsom suffered substantial monetary losses in a recent litigation involving a Christian institution.

The very recent case of the Loudoun County School Board against a lone teacher is another instance whereby diabolical machinations against the Body of Christ backfired. Not only that; Byron ‘Tanner’ Cross won the case against an ungodly body bent on castigating believers in the Living Word, but also noteworthy was the chorus of support he garnered – perhaps some who were not Christians.

There can be no other explanation for the recent successes experienced by believers – it is all simply said in Matthew 5:13.

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.”

The above real-time examples attest to the salt of the earth living up to its designated role. Simply performing the task concerned with preservation, preventing the rot from gaining a significant foothold. The corrosion that is spreading around the world is the result of letting the flavor be sucked out by forces of lawlessness. All this is nothing more than succumbing to seducing spirits of darkness. When there is feeble or non-existent resistance against the powers, principalities and malevolent masters – there is only one conclusion. They are free to do as they please. This they will surely do as the preservatives that have failed in their purpose get trampled on. All this is so evident in churches that have virtually forsaken the Truth for lies. A powerless pulpit that preaches hopelessness to the pews.

That atmosphere of despair ultimately drives many into the web of demonic deceit – being conned while conning others, a prerequisite for delusion and ultimately destruction!

Conversely speaking, the godly institution that stands by the Counsel of God and refuses to compromise is acting in the manner of a potent preservative. The leadership must be helmed by those who put their unquenchable faith in Holy Writ, not just through sermons that speak the truth but through a living example of walking the talk. The congregation would thereby be empowered and more than capable of being that salt that stems any decay. Fervent prayer in an unceasing manner is the critical component here, that it may reach the highest heaven – letting His power, grace and mercy tower over the wrecks of the times.

There is, without any doubt, innumerable instances of people cringing and hollering at terrifying talk about looming crackdowns. Take heart and pay attention to the brighter side; none of what has been reported is fiction – it is real! The enemy could never breach a defense based on fervent corporate prayer laced with the inerrant Word through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. As a matter of interest, the opposing force has some wounds to lick!

So long as the Bride of Christ is still on planet Earth and the Restrainer of evil is at work 24/7, the gates of Hades will not be a prevailing force (Matthew 16:18). So long as the preservative fulfills its role and function, rest assured that the Lord will take care of whatever surfaces. On this note, let everyone in the Body of Christ not waver as the day of redemption fast approaches.

The preservative cannot and will not be here in this fallen planet for long. When the Restrainer is removed, so will the seasoning, which is none other than the Bride of Christ.

Here is a piece of strong advice for those with schoolgoing kids; once the salt is gone up in the Rapture, the bad guys have a free hand in doing all that Woke evil. Kids can be forced into a lot of things that horror movies portray. There is only one way to avoid all these nasties. Turn to Jesus – the Way, the Truth and Eternal Life! Get saved when there is still time for you and your loved ones.

With the love of God in Jesus Christ.


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