BLM is the New Political Party;…the New Religion :: By Vanessa P.

BLM is the New Political Party; Social Justice the New Religion 

Lori Lightfoot has recently decided she will only grant interviews to people of color. She specifically said white reporters are talented but “white nonetheless.” As Chicago collapses around her with a 50% increase in violent crime, she is worried about the color of the person interviewing her.

Chicago is a sanctuary city where criminals have been pouring in. When a Latino DEMOCRAT politician, Ramen Lopez, questioned what she was doing on crime and to end sanctuary policies, she, of course, called him a racist. That’s the left’s “go-to.” Stop giving them power with that word.

The only racists I see are on the left. They feel blacks need whites to take care of them. Fancy Nancy thanked George Floyd for dying. This is how sick the left is. The Democrats have wanted to control the Pentagon with a far-leftist for over a decade. The left is even trying to emasculate our most prized institution in this country. Our military. Those who keep this nation FREE AND SAFE.

Our Pentagon is supposed to be NON-POLITICAL. Have you seen our new recruitment ads for the military? They look like recruitment ads for some “university of the arts.” Then there’s Russia’s new ad that just happened to come out after ours. It shows MEN. Strong men who look like they are ready for war.

God said Babylon’s men will turn into women as she’s invaded. Look around you. How many old-school, tough, manly men are left?

It’s recently been discovered that the Pentagon has had a secret military of 60,000 people with fake identities to essentially spy on Americans. That’s ten times the size of the CIA. This secret military includes people that worked for NSA, private contractors, and special forces. They specialize in espionage. That’s what they do. The program they operate under is called “signature reduction.” They carry out top-secret military operations within the US and abroad. Now I wonder, who could this secret military be watching in the US?

Our own soldiers are having their social media accounts looked over to see if they are “racist or extremist.” If you voted Trump, you are now BOTH.

We were energy-independent just one year ago, thanks to Trump. We depended on nobody but hard-working blue-collar men to supply our gas and oil. Biden and the Democrats apparently didn’t like that. The Democrats loathed the fact that America was becoming great again. Like I said before, we now have people running America who hate America. They are running us into the ground. The world has noticed Biden’s weakness.

Palestinians especially have noticed his weakness, which is why they have started pogroms on the Jews in the nation of Israel and abroad. What has Joe Biden done? He’s pulled the only troops we had in Israel, out of Israel. First of all, this wouldn’t have happened under Trump. Second of all, had it happened, Trump would be boldly declaring we stand with Israel.

This isn’t the usual rocket attack that Israel faces on a regular basis either. This is different; this is slowly turning into a civil war. Some Palestinians have been captured on camera beating Jews and carrying AR-15’s as they hunt for them in Israel.

This hatred of Jews has ignited a fire all over the world too. Israeli flags are being burned. People like that goofball AOC are calling the terrorists the victims while labeling Israel the aggressors. We have “leaders” in the US disparaging Israel as they are being attacked.

And during all of this, the leader of the free world is pretending to drive F-150’s. He can’t even do that for real. He wasn’t driving. His secret service was.

Speaking of civil war in Israel, over 120 retired generals recently drafted and signed an open letter questioning the mental health of Joe Biden. They are also questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

I said several months ago that Arizona was the state to watch. Leaked reports are showing that almost one million votes were switched from Trump to Biden or were illegally cast. And just days prior to handing over the dominion voting machines, the Democrats attempted to wipe the data. It was mysteriously found days later.

God said Babylon was a golden cup in His hand, meaning we were a prized possession of His. Then in Revelation, He said Babylon is a golden cup full of abominations. God’s anger with America has reached a boiling point, and it’s only going to get worse. The America we grew up in? Gone.

We need to stop saying America is “One nation under God.” We haven’t been one nation under God in decades. This country is now MANY NATIONS UNDER MANY GODS. Why wouldn’t God be angry? He’s had enough of us.

The Pentagon is no longer being trained to protect us from foreign enemies, just domestic. It’s you and I they are coming for.

Space force Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting recently appeared on a podcast to promote his new book, Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest and the Unmaking of the American Military.”

In his book, he outlines how America’s military is now using Marxist indoctrination to train our troops. And the left is furious. He’s now being investigated for partisan politics as an officer. Meanwhile, the entire Democrat Party is partisan politics.

The new recruits aren’t being shown video of Hamas or Mexican drug cartels building tunnels. They’re not talking about how China aims to dominate the world. No. They are now being shown videos of January 6, 2021, at the US Capitol.

They are being programmed to see YOU as the enemy. Those in the military that supported Trump are now the extremely silent majority. Even the upper brass isn’t saying anything. Is this what our founders envisioned? Not in a million years. This is what they were tired of under King George. Taxation with zero representation. The Biden administration doesn’t mind collecting your taxes, but don’t you dare speak your opinion. I’m being taxed but no longer represented.

I told you a few weeks ago about our new leader at the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin. He’s a “social justice warrior” who believes the United States military is full of white supremacists and racists. He also believes that the biggest threat the US is facing also happens to be these imaginary racists filling our ranks.

MAGA now equals extremism. Your MAGA hat made you a target before with the basement-dwelling leftist fascists running around our streets. But now? That MAGA hat is fast-tracking towards the US military arresting you for treasonous behavior. If anyone thinks the US military would never do this, did you ever think a US president would do what Biden’s been doing? Did you ever see this nation turning on Israel? Well, just wait. Basically, you are not allowed to criticize this country or the military. Just ask that creeper, Joe Scarborough. He says you’re a traitor and if you don’t like this new America, GET OUT. How quickly we’ve changed. How quickly the long-standing meaning of Patriotism has changed.

You know who else isn’t allowed to criticize their military? The Chinese. Go ahead and criticize the CCP as a Chinese citizen and see what happens. Then again, looks like we’re about to find out right here at home.

This vaccine passport is gaining traction, and I believe it’s going to usher in the full effect of “Can’t buy or sell.” We are already starting to see it implemented with sports games. They know the average American male wants his sports and beer. He’s not giving up season tickets for anything; bring on the vaccine.

Recently Joe Biden made an ominous statement to anti-maskers and anti-Vaxxers. He said we will pay the price for not getting the vaccine. Imagine Trump saying that?

The thing is, he isn’t just saying that. Lloyd Austin isn’t calling our military racist for no reason.

Bishop Garrison is the new Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense, Mr. Lloyd Austin, for Diversity and Inclusion. Cancel culture and wokeness has now reached the greatest military in modern history.

Garrison posted on his personal social media account that EVERY single Trump supporter is a racist, misogynistic extremist.

Garrison, as well as Lloyd, are partisan hacks. They hated Trump, and so now hate you. Garrison is in charge of separating “permissible” opinions from extremist views. He is in charge of spreading Marxism throughout the military. The purge is happening. You may not see it yet, but it’s going on. Garrison is basically the “opinion” police.

Every communist nation purges their military first, and America will be no different. You think Jinping has people in his communist military that aren’t loyal to him and who will carry out his orders?

DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is also called “The Pentagon’s brain,” recently recommended that the Pentagon add a new category to the extremist list. It’s called “Patriot Extremism.” Patriot extremists believe “the US government has become corrupt” or “has overstepped its constitutional boundaries”:

Are you a constitutionalist? Pro 2 amendment? You’re an Extremist, according to our very own Pentagon.

As China strengthens and threatens our allies in the region, we are training our soldiers on how to be diverse.

Are militaries of superpower nations supposed to be more concerned with image than winning wars? No. When China and Russia invade, our military will have been almost dismantled. How many people majoring in the “arts” also join the military? They DON’T! It’s good ole boys from the South that mainly join our military. The South is the Bible Belt; it’s filled with conservatives. CONSERVATIVES ARE USUALLY CHRISTIANS. These are the people that Austin and Garrison are targeting. So, are these soldiers with conservative leanings and strong support for Trump going to be removed from the military? Court martialed? Maybe re-education camps that Hillary first suggested in 2016.

An escalation against the American people is beginning. The covid vaccine isn’t being pushed for no reason. They aren’t offering million-dollar jackpots for nothing. Our Pentagon and Democrat leadership want you vaccinated and are even going to bars at night in Texas to do it. So we have uniformed men walking the streets with vaccine doses, going into bars with inebriated people.

They don’t care about possible side effects. And they want me getting this shot? Not on your life.

I still love America; the flag gets me teary sometimes, though. I miss being a kid in the eighties when patriotism was all around you. When other nations feared and respected us, when people came here legally and were extremely proud to become an American. That’s all gone. America has spread her corruption and her influence throughout the world. We haven’t always been the good guy. As a matter of fact, when’s the last time we were looked at as the good guy? Far too long.

The world is over, America. The Democrats destroyed the greatest nation God ever built. A nation He had waiting for His people to be free. Americans have spread the gospel since her founding, we praised God for all we had been given, and even that is gone. The churches are filled with people who don’t believe half of what the Bible says. I love this nation for all it stood for until we allowed the Democrats, and especially Democrat women, to take over. God says a woman rides the beast, after all.

We are about to witness a world without America, a world where evil prevails over good. Until Jesus Christ returns out of the sky, things are about to get bad for all of God’s people.

America and Israel are in trouble. God help us.

Vanessa P

Twitter @nessaredkingdom