Where We Stand :: By Denis Bowden

The ‘experiment’ with freedom is now dead. It died around us over the past 100 years even as we enjoyed it!

Was there ever such a historical era of its equivalent where, outside of The Garden, man enjoyed such personal freedoms?

So, the personal freedoms and social latitudes that were sewn within the fabric of the United States of America were somewhat of a first. Particularly the dutiful right of free men to raise militia and bear arms to defend their constitutional way of life.

Australia was created a constitutional democracy, using that of America as the democratic template for the pattern. Our own founding fathers took that which they considered was value-added to our particular environment and people. So also, I suspect, did New Zealand.

The U.K subsequently developed similar freedoms, though never formally adopting a Constitution. And, of course, there was a flow-on effect to Canada.

Europe’s social emancipation didn’t occur until the fall of the Kaiser and the allied Austro-Hungarian dynasty. Only Tsarist Russia, despotically ruled, having had Marxism foisted upon them, continued to be ruled by despots and juntas.

Now we see that America has fallen! No, I do not mean ‘is falling.’

The terrible events unfolding day-by-day confirms it.

This link sets it out very starkly.


We should particularly note this comment within the above link:

If you are found to have been reading or believe the literacy of the Book of Revelation, you are, by definition of the new Woke Culture, considered highly suspect.

Actually, they know what your strong religious views represent, just as did those evil, demonic spirits that inhabited the two men in the catacombs of the Gadarenes when they recognized Jesus the moment he stepped ashore. One immediately rushed and confronted him and called him the Son of God.

Mark 5:2-9 “When Jesus got out of the boat, a man with an evil spirit came from the tombs to meet him. This man lived in the tombs, and no one could bind him anymore, not even with a chain. For he had often been chained hand and foot, but he tore the chains apart and broke the irons on his feet. No one was strong enough to subdue him. Night and day among the tombs and in the hills he would cry out and cut himself with stones.

When he saw Jesus from a distance, he ran and fell on his knees in front of him. He shouted at the top of his voice, ‘What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? Swear to God that you won’t torture me!’ For Jesus had said to him, ‘Come out of this man, you evil spirit!’

Then Jesus asked him, ‘What is your name?’

‘My name is Legion,’ he replied, ‘for we are many.'”

Our online discussions/emails are being closely monitored. Apple, Microsoft & Google, for instance, have discernible links to American Intelligence organizations. That is perhaps the worst held secret in cyberspace, blown by whistle-blowers from within them. This, in addition to those companies also data mining us for profit through our computers and cell phones.

We are like some fat caterpillar lying blithely on a leaf, chomping away contentedly. Then along comes a large, yellow-tail wasp. She immediately burrows into our innards, lays her eggs, and flies off. The larvae soon hatch and begin gaining their sustenance out of us, until scooped out, we finally succumb. Christians, in particular, have become the World’s lunch.

What can we do about it?

It poses these questions:

Do we…as faithful servants of the Living God, avoid all controversy (bearing in mind that everything we believe in falls within that category?)


Ignore it as we continue to pick up our cross and walk the long, narrow and lonely road toward Home?

There is only one answer! We must go on. For, this is the core of our faithfulness to God, through Jesus… and of His Great Commission to spread the Gospel.

Accept the fact that sites such as ‘Rapture Ready’ are being closely monitored. Accept also that ‘we’ are on ‘borrowed time.’

Sooner, rather than later, attempts are going to be made (as with Facebook/Twitter account) to deny us access. Eventually, government will come for both the readers and the ‘seditious’ writers who speak out against the sin that the World now preaches as its own core belief system.

Woke Culture is a good example. I have noted several online quotes by those who say they are associated with the Biden Administration, calling for our arrest, detention and worse.

However, no true disciple of Jesus comes to Him without accepting the risk and, thereby, the possible consequences.

I’ve attached a link to a PDF which is a lesson on John 15: 18-27 (Jesus, hated by the World).


We can either attempt to ‘stand on sinking sand’ or on ‘Christ the solid rock.’

I rather suspect this is why many former Christians have (over recent years) altered their biblical views to protect their own skins.

The hierarchy of the denominational Church, and too many pastors/priests and their congregations, have moved to accommodate the World. They have clearly declared that that which Christ and the Bible clearly sets as sin… is no longer so. In doing so, they have joined the World and denied God through His Christ.

Last evening, I watched a new clip of an excuse for a Christian pastor with his family. He, his wife and two children were dressed in the colors of the gay ascendency. Standing outside their house, they were making the statement that the whole family supported the gay movement, and I assume, ‘Wokeism.” All were smiling broadly, and all were waving the rainbow flag of this movement. The caption was entitled, ‘Wolves in sheep clothing!’

This type of anti-Christ stench now permeates too much of the remaining denominational church.

The World, now decidedly Marxist in both outlook and focus, says that ‘sin does not exist and never has.’ Rather (so Marxism asserts), the concept of sin was simply a means of allowing churches such as Rome to control the masses.

The Marxist Communist handbook, ‘Das Kapital,’ calls religion ‘the opiate of the masses’ for that very same reason. Rather two-faced of them because Marxism, as a politico-economic system, aims to do just that; ‘control the masses.’ People are considered tools and/or ‘useful fools’ as Stalin used to refer to them.

Incidentally, there appears little doubt that the present pope is a man with Marxist sympathies. He is certainly a declared ‘One-World’ government and one-currency oddball as he calls for an economic reset and full redistribution of wealth.

Oh, and that includes your little nest egg and mortgaged house. You won’t hear much Christ-centered rhetoric coming from him.

Francis is a Jesuit. This Order has always been (like the Masons) an ‘unusual’ lot, to say the least, as was their founder, Ignatius Loyola. Even religious assassinations of alleged Protestant heretics were allegedly not beyond them. Founded by Pope Paul III in 1540, they became, to some extent, persona non grata within Catholicism because of the extreme positions they held and certain actions that they undertook.

They have been suppressed and expelled from at least one South American country (Brazil), and their Order was successively suppressed by both kings and senior prelates of the Roman Church at different times.

For those of a historical bent, I have attached a PDF link that gives a chronological view of this controversial Order, notwithstanding its works of charity. It’s long.


During the sixties/seventies, a number of their priests were pro-Communist, and it recorded, certainly help foment some of the local South American Revolutions. So much so that they were eventually not very welcome in the Vatican.

It is said that the reason they were headquartered in South America originally was because some of the popes mistrusted them so much that they did not want them around the Curia. And now we see that this pope, with his advocacy of CHRISLAM, has seriously alarmed many of the more Conservative (read traditionalist) princes of the Roman Church.

No…. I am no friend of Rome, but then, just in case you thought I was partisan, I hold strong reservations about the present hierarchy of Protestant Canterbury. They drink from the same poisoned chalice in which dogma and doctrine are basically of their own invention, and Bible literacy abhorred in favor of allegory.


We cannot run away from the World. However, neither should we have to wallow in its iniquity and increasing level of depravity.

The World is presently controlled by ‘he’ whose age-old mission is to destroy mankind in general and Christians in particular.

The Cross put paid to the achievement of Satan’s plan. His age-long machinations were made null and void by the sacrificial death that our paschal lamb made of himself on the Cross.

God’s ultimate plan is to restore the state of ‘Fallen Man’ from among those who would believe in Jesus as the Christ King, seeking His atoning Grace. That means full reconciliation of man to the state he held prior to the Fall.

However, Satan still pursues his original plan, and he has many converts. He is assisted by demonic beings who readily can inhabit men/women and even children. We, as believers (in the literal truth of God’s Word), can go with Satan’s World as a means of self-protection of our flesh, or follow Christ.

Following Christ will automatically and swiftly bring the ire of the World and the eye of Satan upon us.

Alternatively, turning away (you would think) might save us?

This could include holding the view that since the Rapture is so imminent, we can afford to be, ‘don’t worry…be happy.’ Permit me then to pour some cold water on that less than spiritual philosophy.

Yes… we are close indeed. Yet, we do not know the time frame that God has set in play for this to occur. All we were given to look for was the ‘signs.’ They now confront us, and even the spiritually blind see them but understand not their cause.

Let me put it another way. None of us can walk away from the fact that we live in the World. We chose, however, to become self-declared followers of the Living God through Jesus.

He has reconciled us as we ended our denial, repenting lives lived hitherto, in sin. Praise God for His infinite love and mercy to those who have so repudiated their denial.

What does that mean in logical terms?

We have freely/willingly given of ourselves to Jesus in brokenness, declaring it publicly with our mouth. God has declared that He will not forget it! And through this act of contrition called repentance, wretches such as we have reconciliation and ultimate restoration.

And Satan’s World loathes and detests all of us for our declared commitment. He directs the World to view us as highly dangerous vermin. Does that mean our possible physical death?

Yes, it does! The Bible is clear on this. Another reason why Woke culture loathes the Book of Revelation. It gives the ‘plot’ away.

Loving God through the Atoning Grace of His Christ is a wonderful treasure but… it has always come at a price, more so today. ‘And silly ole you… you thought it meant Sunday Service and charity cake bake-offs, did you!’

When the faithful church is Raptured’ home,’ in accordance with prophetic scriptural promise, the Day of Wrath, known as ‘The Tribulation,’ will commence. The lot of anyone later attempting to come to Jesus will be horrific, to say the least. And all new Christians will even face beheading.

Revelation 20:4 “I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.”

The ‘Harpazo’ (from the Greek), called ‘Rapture’ in loose Latin translation, was taught for many years in the early church until the time of Clement of Rome and later, Origen and Augustine. Through them, Christ’s church came to be influenced by Plato’s ‘allegorical’ philosophy. Thus, the church was poisoned as literal understanding of Scripture virtually ceased.

The Rapture teaches the removal of the faithful church to be spared the ‘Day of Wrath.’ And we understand that Scripture has revealed this event to have been set prior to the Second Coming of Christ. Neither modern Rome nor Canterbury will teach this, and they deny its scriptural authenticity.

Thessalonians 4:16-18 “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words.”

In the Second Coming, Christ returns as King of Kings and Judge of the nations. This event follows the Rapture.

The Rapture, however, by preceding Christ’s Second Coming, is when Christ calls his true church ‘home.’ Only those called will hear the Trumpet and His voice saying, ‘Come up here!’

Both the substance of the dead and the living are raised to the heavens, transcended as they rise to the state attained by Jesus as, indeed, he himself rose. This means, among other things, they have gained a new body that is no longer restricted by human dimensions.

Suddenly then, many millions of Christians have vanished.

The World will go ‘bananas!’

I believe that the World will attribute the absence to ‘aliens.’

My opinion is solely based on the current moves by America to divulge all they allegedly know about aliens. In my mind, I see this as a deliberate move to soften up those who remain (following the Rapture), to believe and accept our sudden absence as ‘extra-terrestrial.’

The present Administration of America is demonstrably Marxist/elitist. Its basis is satanic, even if its proponents don’t know it. If the view (I share with others) is correct, then Satan is presently preparing an unsuspecting world for the disappearance of millions of human beings by claiming ‘aliens took them.’

Satan is hardly likely to cause to be announced that his hated enemy (Jesus the Christ-King) has taken his faithful church to Heaven before the Day of Wrath commences that they might be spared it. What a marvelous catalyst for instant Christian conversion that would prove to be with, say, the President announcing through his controlled media, ‘God took them home just as he promised in the Scriptures!’

Sheer logic tells us that the basically unbelieving world of man will readily opt to accept any other proposition put forward, particularly if it is announced by their President.

As a consequence of what has occurred, the Administration/governments (knowing the truth) will turn their anger on any nominal Christian or later convert.

Mankind in general is already blindly convinced that the great achievements of science and technology will ultimately save all flesh. Relying upon flesh to save flesh. Spiritually blinded, they will ignore the great consequence of…‘ losing your soul, as in judgment, ALL are brought before the Great White Throne of the Living God to be confronted with their denial and receive sentence.’

Scripture clearly indicates that a life led in denial of God will eventually lead (even prior to death) to spiritual blindness. In that event, such people are truly lost. “For there are none so blind as those who cannot ‘see!'”

Those who think this way will choose the World because, even though they know it is beset with many near-fatal flaws, they will still (within their blindness) implicitly put their faith in the intellect of man. Already the World is clearly stating its intent to rely on science/technology/medical breakthroughs to overcome and deliver ‘Huxley’s Brave New World.’

Brave New World is a social science fiction novel by Aldous Huxley. Written in 1931, it was first published in 1932. It is largely set in a futuristic World State whose citizens are environmentally engineered into an intelligence-based social hierarchy (read ‘elite ruling class’). Huxley postulated that huge scientific advancements in reproductive technology (read alteration of DNA and the human genome), sleep-learning, psychological manipulation (read brain-washing), and classical conditioning (read Pavlovian conditioning of humans) all combine to make this type of society.

Oh Boy! how close to the mark was ole Aldous. No doubt the Pope/George Soros/Bill Gates and the Extreme Left were all great fans. I can well imagine a cold winter’s night at the high Andean Jesuit Retreat in Argentina and the future pope with his feet up at the fire, devouring the novel.

Christians who take their Scripture literally and abhor allegorical interpretation are well aware that Judgment is served in two cups:

1: Those who chose Grace through Jesus are instantly washed clean of their denial of God (unfortunately though, not their propensity to continue to sin) that, sadly, still lies within our flesh until earthly death claims us. Thus, WE have already been judged. We wait on the bestowing of crowns for what we did in Grace from that point onward. This is victory. This the gain. It is judgment nevertheless. The defendant has been found ‘not guilty’ thanks to Jesus.

2: Those who conversely (having lived their full life of denial of God) will then, as resurrected beings, appear before His Great White Throne. Here, God sits in Judgment to deliver the sentence of eternal separation and living death. There is no reprieve or possibility of a ‘Governor’s last-minute Pardon.’ Their name was not revealed in the ‘Book of Life.’ No forgiveness is possible. The defendant stands eternally guilty.

Forgiveness by God can only be achieved through the Grace granted by Jesus, the Christ-King. He won it for all who would freely accept while it was on offer during their physical life.

How unutterably sad it is when mankind refuses this proffered gift. It completely breaks my heart as I contemplate close family and some dear friends who won’t make the cut.

The World has, in the main, rejected God’s offer of eternal life for over 2,000 years. Strange, isn’t it when this same ‘World’ has been searching science and technology and now genome/DNA manipulation in an attempt to realize exactly the same outcome!


Because if man were capable of creating a form of eternal life, it would be designed to come in such a way that the recipient will not have to consider the consequence of sin. The call of depravity is now so strong that many, maybe most, will therefore seek a human solution at any cost.

Yet, we of Christ are rejected as highly dangerous and suspect subversives?

Well, we are clearly ‘anti-World’ but ‘highly dangerous to whom?’ Folks, the only ‘being’ who knows the real and present danger we pose is Satan and, of course, his demonic spirits and human converts. The real danger is to his own plan to destroy God’s plan for our reconciliation. Mark me well.

No one knows the Scriptures as well as does Satan. As indeed, he knows the limitation of his ‘hour.’ So then, even a life spent in serving our fellow man in charity/deeds and accomplishments that have supposedly contributed to the betterment of the World won’t save us. For it is man who freely chooses to live his flesh before God as a ‘denier’ in a satanically controlled ‘world.’

Unfortunately, one very slippery banana skin remains:

ALL of mankind (both the living and the dead) are to be resurrected to stand before God for Judgment. Neither atheism, agnosticism, your own personal and highly cherished belief system, or a blessing from the highest prelate of the old denominations will or can spare you. God, the Creator and Father of mankind, will judge both those in Grace who are to receive their rewards AND the children of Satan. This includes even the most innocuous of deniers who ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly.’

Our choice, folks, given us in the Garden when we chose the ‘knowledge of good and evil’ over reverent obedience.

Denis Bowden