Our Redemption Draweth Nigh :: By Rob Pue

We don’t watch much television in our house. Hardly any, really. The television is probably the least-used appliance we have. But sometimes we turn it on to watch an educational program, a documentary, one of the “old” classic TV shows, or even an occasional movie. What I’ve noticed over the past year is the constant, never-ending barrage of Leftist propaganda — often woven into the programs themselves, but ALWAYS in the commercials. And the Leftist propaganda is THICK. It’s obvious and, one might even say, “in your face.” How others cannot see this and instantly identify it as propaganda is beyond me.

Recently, during a ministry trip to Ohio, my wife and I had some free time one evening and were watching one of those old classic TV shows. EVERY commercial break featured a 60-second “public service announcement” celebrating and pushing the COVID shot. The gist of the message was, “It’s time to get back to work, back to family, back to eating out at a restaurant, back to celebrating with friends. Back to ‘normal.'” The commercial went on to say, “This is OUR time, Ohio! This is our chance to get our lives back…by getting the shot.”

Now, if you’ve seen any of the pharmaceutical drug ads that generally run during every commercial break of every television program, you know that drug companies are required to use at least half of that very expensive air time to state the known dangers and hazards of whatever drug they’re pushing. Some of the side effects and dangers of these drugs are horrifying. Yet Big Pharma is required by law to state them plainly.

Not so with the COVID “jab.” Because “vaccine” manufacturers are EXEMPT, by law, from any lawsuits resulting from horrific adverse effects of the vaccines they sell. In short, the vaccine-makers are untouchable, even if the shots kill you. And we know now that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have incurred serious life-long injuries after taking the “jab,” and thousands have died from it within days, sometimes within hours. And we know that according to the VAERS.hhs.gov website, which stands for “Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System,” that seriously dangerous reactions from the COVID shot are, at a minimum, 32 times higher than any other vaccine in history. And I can just about guarantee you that this number is much higher because we know many of the serious injuries are never reported to the VAERS system.

Still, everywhere you turn, they’re pushing the shot. In fact, the “resident” of the White House recently had the audacity to state that it’s now up to US — get the shot or wear a mask. “Your choice,” he said. Some choice. The fact of the matter is, the COVID shot is NOT a “vaccine.” It’s been scientifically proven to be nothing less than an experimental witch’s brew of DNA/gene-altering poisons. It actually changes a person’s DNA — something that can never be reversed or remedied. This IS the truth, whether you think I’m crazy or not. Research it yourself.

There are so many questions regarding this stuff that it’s impossible to keep up with it all. One thing I find very troublesome is the hundreds of videos that have now been posted online showing that magnets actually stick to the vaccination site on a person’s body shortly after receiving the jab. Why would THAT be?

Now, I admit I don’t know exactly what the “mark of the beast” will be, but Scripture tells us that it will be something a person receives in their body that will be required in order to buy or sell. We’re now being told that in order to return to “normal,” we MUST take the shot. Governments, health officials and corporations around the world are now putting in place requirements for a “vaccine passport” system — so that in order to work, travel, enter a store or have any part in society, you will have to provide proof that you’ve taken this experimental drug. This is NOT some “conspiracy theory,” and it’s NOT “fake news.” If you don’t know this by now, I’m not sure how that’s possible.

Most states and many private companies are now offering bribes as incentives to take the shot. In Ohio, the Republican governor there is offering a weekly “lottery” type drawing in which anyone 17 years old or under can win a free 4-year scholarship to the university of their choice; adults have a chance to win $1 million when they show proof of vaccination. Other states are offering other incentives, from free burgers and fries to free beer here in Wisconsin — along with a CONSTANT barrage of propaganda and brainwashing, telling us that we can get SOME of our freedom back if we just get our shots.

And a new term has been coined as well — “Vaccine Hesitancy,” which is meant to describe anyone who questions the official narrative and anyone who does not want and will not take the shot. People are being shunned and ostracized, and that situation is only going to get more intense in the coming weeks and months. The goal of the New World Order Globalists is that the entire population of Planet Earth gets these injections. And make no mistake; these are dangerous and deadly injections for many.

If you dare to state otherwise, you can be CRIMINALLY charged.

As I mentioned in a previous message, in 2020, the US Congress quietly installed a new censorship clause in a “coronavirus emergency response and relief package.” In HR 133, Congress gave the Federal Trade Commission authority to target, arrest and fine anyone who doesn’t follow the government’s narrative on lockdowns, masks, quarantines and vaccines. Thus, several of America’s Frontline Doctors, who have dared to speak the truth about this situation, have lost their jobs and even been jailed — for simply telling the truth — and proving it scientifically and practically. Truth and scientific proof has been scrubbed from the internet, and free speech regarding these things is now universally forbidden in all but alternative media outlets, which are also being “de-platformed,” censored and ridiculed as “conspiracy theorists.”

The truth is, an estimated 124 million Americans — about 1/3 of the population — are now “fully vaccinated.” As of April 30th, 3,837 people died shortly after their COVID shots. And according to the CDC, more than 60% of pregnant women have had serious side effects, including 16% that have had their babies die in the womb within a week or two. Now think about this: in 1976, the US government vaccinated 45 million people against the Swine Flu. That entire program was canceled after reports of just 53 deaths. Meanwhile, we have 4,000 deaths from this COVID jab, and the powers that be cannot seem to push hard enough for EVERYONE to get these shots — in which MAGNETS stick to the injection sites on a person’s body. Something’s REALLY fishy here, folks.

As I said, the propaganda being pushed now is THICK. And to me, very plain and obvious to spot.

Another television commercial I saw recently astounded even me. I don’t recall who sponsored it, and I only saw it once, but once was enough. I’ll paraphrase here, but basically, it was stating, “Isn’t it NICE — for months now, no scandals in the White House, no hatred and violence, no riots. Joe Biden has simply kept his promises. Joe’s taking care of us.” (Yeah, just like ‘Big Brother.’) The commercial then went on to show the millions of dollars he’s spent giving away free money to those who aren’t working — because of the TERRIBLE COVID “pandemic” — apparently still going on, fifteen months after “two weeks to flatten the curve.” And in reality, it’s not millions — it’s TRILLIONS — and you should know that American citizens have been given a few scraps, but most of the money has either gone to the politicians themselves or avowed enemies of the United States.

We don’t NEED “Joe” to take care of us. We don’t WANT Joe to take care of us. As for “no scandals in the White House” — he, his family and all their cronies are living, walking scandals. It’s just that there’s no justice in America anymore, and no one holds them accountable. Not our FBI, not our CIA, not our DOJ. Nobody. Instead, ANOTHER new phrase has recently been invented: “Patriot Extremists” — this is what the government has now declared to be the most serious threat to our country: American Patriots.

Yes, things have been relatively quiet here in America, but a lot is happening behind the curtain — behind the iron, razor-wire topped wall in DC. And it’s QUIET now because the traitorous criminals who seized power this year were, in fact, the very ones who CAUSED all the scandals, violence, riots, hatred and division. They’ve only stopped the insurrection momentarily to create the ILLUSION of peace. But there is no peace.

In reality, we’re dead center in the eye of the hurricane.

But rest assured, they can’t maintain their illusion of peace much longer. While Americans continue to be brainwashed into submission and compliance, glued to their tele-screens, hyper-inflation has already started — CAUSED intentionally by the criminals now in control. Since January, the price of steel is up 145%. Lumber is up 400%, food is up 40% and climbing, and oil is up 80%. First good ole’ Joe shut down the Keystone Pipeline, putting thousands of people out of work and forcing us to rely, once again, on foreign oil imports. And what a strange coincidence that the governor of Michigan suddenly became concerned (after all these years) about the “potential” of a leak in the pipeline under the straits of Mackinaw, so she ordered that pipeline shut down — at the SAME TIME the “cyber attack” supposedly caused a shortage of gas in the Southeast.

Meanwhile, our FBI is sending SWAT teams to the homes of patriotic Americans who simply attended the rally in DC on January 6th, breaking down their doors in the middle of the night and hauling people off to jail — simply for being IN that city on that day… these people never entered any public buildings or caused any trouble whatsoever. Yet they’re still sitting in jail, and more are being arrested, charged as “Patriot Extremists.”

Then there are the pastors in Canada AND the United States being arrested for holding church services now… You’ve likely already seen the videos of Pastor Art Pawlowski being arrested on a busy freeway in Canada. During his arrest and while in custody, he was beaten and abused by police — for 54 hours before being released. The charge? “Inciting people to worship.”

I recently had one of our readers contact me and ask the question: “How can it possibly be that little ole’ me knows what’s going on, but even our conservative pastors know none of this, and they look at you like you’re a crackpot if you try to talk about it?” He was referring to the dangers of the COVID jab — he has yet to find a pastor anywhere that’s heard anything negative about it. I also recently learned of a local church that is now opening its doors to the public once a week to offer free COVID shots. I’m sure there’s more than one so-called “church” doing this.

And I had a voicemail message last week from a reader who had picked up a copy of our nationally distributed newspaper for the first time. He remarked, “I know that everything in here is true, and it all makes sense. But your paper is so depressing, I’ll never read it ever again.” And therein lies the problem: people don’t know, and they don’t WANT to know. They’ll happily take the jab in order to be allowed SOME of their freedoms back. In order to travel, in order to continue on in comfort and plenty.

Where I live, businesses are BEGGING for workers, but no one wants to work anymore. Some have closed their doors because they can’t find help. They’re getting huge sums of money for doing nothing, so they’ll continue to rely on “Big Brother Joe” to take care of them. That’s an extremely dangerous attitude, folks. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more common.

The Left has recently changed their language again. Instead of using the word “Equality,” which we have always had since the founding of our nation, now they’re pushing for what they call “Equity.” “Equity” means that if you made $8 an hour, now you make $15. If you made $11 an hour, now you make $15. If you used to make $15 an hour…now you make $15. Regardless of skills, regardless of the number of years you’ve put in on the job. It’s a “Universal Basic Income” — it’s the start of their “Great Reset.”

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, has stated that soon there will be no private property. No one will own their own home, and private cars will be forbidden. And, he says, we will “like it” that way. The “Build Back Better” program has begun, but it’s not going to be better, friends. It’s communism. It’s a world where God and His Word and truth is forbidden, your every move is monitored, and YOU will become the property of the State.

Some — like the caller who left me that voicemail — will agree they understand that all I’ve told you here is true. But it’s just too depressing to think about. But as we see and understand what’s taking place right now, even quietly behind that iron curtain in DC and in backroom deals and “summits” of the kings of this earth around the world, those who know God’s Word should not be discouraged. They should be ENcouraged. The Bible is TRUE! All these things were predicted and written down for US, today, thousands of years ago.

So in the midst of our sorrow over the death of our beloved country, those of us whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life should be rejoicing — and pointing out every instance of Bible prophecy as we see it being fulfilled day by day, to all who will listen, snatching them from Satan’s grasp while we still can. And we should all be looking UP now. Because our redemption draweth nigh.


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