Apologetic Website Appeal :: By Mark A. Becker & Peter Jones

The following is an appeal to produce and maintain an apologetic website that Peter, our brother in Christ in the United Kingdom, has a vision and heart for.

Other than helping him get the word out as he seeks partners in this endeavor, I will not be affiliated with this project. My main and greatest concern is that whoever is responsible for running this unique website will have a trustworthy team that will be able to keep a discerning eye out for intrusions of apostate and compromising “ministries” and will be diligent in keeping any heretical associations, groups, churches, and organizations from infiltrating the website in any way, shape, or form. This, in itself, would be a full-time ministry and would need capable men and women to police the site.

I’ll let Peter take it from here. His contact information is below. May his vision be in alignment with God’s will, and may the Lord watch over this project with all of His love and guidance!

Dear Rapture Ready Readers:

Various Rapture Ready writers have given examples of the decline of Christian belief and influence in the world. It appears that increasingly the Bible is viewed as just a collection of myths and fairytales. Would it not be helpful if there was a website that was known to have a cohesive summary of the evidence for Biblical Christianity – one that brought together selected articles, sound recordings or videos, and other Biblical resources that already exist on the various apologetic, creation, and ministry websites?

The type of website I have in mind would feature a list of subjects such as Fulfilled Prophecy, Archaeological, Scientific, Historical and Early Manuscript evidence, Israel, and the Fruits of Christianity on its homepage. Each of these headings could lead to further sub-headings and links to the material. The website would therefore have links to what Christians considered to be the best evidence or most convincing arguments from the various sources.

As the site would only consist of headings and sub-headings with links to other sites, there shouldn’t be any copyright issues. It could be regularly updated as visitors to the site can make suggestions for other Biblically sound items, and if a visitor disagreed with any of the content, he/she could take it up with the original source. It could be a part of an existing website or be an entirely new one.

The information would be an encouragement to Christians and a challenge to others who are seeking the truth concerning God, Scripture, creation, salvation, etc. News of the site could steadily spread as it becomes known as a solid source of evidence for Biblical Christianity. Church and ministry websites could, for example, include links to what I have suggested as well. Visitors could get business cards with the website address printed to enhance its full potential. These can be distributed, for example, in restaurants with tips and used in personal evangelism. There are many other ways that we can expose the website as it grows.

Examples of possible links:

Introduction to The Bible

The Bible | GoodNewsUK

Can I trust the Bible? – Dr Tanya Walker (PhD in Politics and International studies)

Can I trust the Bible? | Tanya Walker – YouTube

Fulfilled Prophecy

Fulfilled Prophecy: Evidence for the Reliability of the Bible (reasons.org)


Archaeological Evidence for the Bible | People, Places, and Events (alwaysbeready.com)

How can we accept the myths of the Bible? | Answers to Questions – Metropolitan Tabernacle


All About GOD & Does God Exist Scientifically?

The Goldilocks Enigma – The Goldilocks Enigma – Brian Hearn (bfhearn.com)

The fruits of Christianity

How Christianity Transformed the World – WATCH: How Christianity Transformed the World – YouTube

Healthcare and Philanthropy – How Christianity Changed the World: Biblical Christianity’s Impact on Healthcare and Philanthropy – News stories – Affinity

I have visited many churches and cathedrals while on holidays but can only remember one having a display (poster) giving a summary of what Biblical Christianity was about. The website should include this information, either in a stand-alone article or a link to a suitable one.

I have reserved the domain name christianevidencelinks.com but found the process of setting up the website beyond me. If you agree that there is a need for this website, and you would be willing to set it up or could help to it set up, please send an email to pjones1@sky.com.

Thank you,

Peter Jones