Tribulation Chronicles Part 2: The Lie:: By Alice Childs

If you are following these Tribulation Chronicles, it is apparent to you by now that an event unlike any other in history has just occurred. In fact, the magnitude and scope of what has just happened is so breathtakingly unprecedented that you cannot yet fathom just how profoundly your world has now been altered.

Of course, I am referring to the event I told you about in the last letter. That event was the rapture of the Church. I know that many, if not everyone, to some degree or other has at least heard of the rapture either through movies, books, YouTube, or whatever; but most likely what you know or THINK you know is a “Hollywood-ized” version that bears little, if any, resemblance to the truth.

In order to learn the truth, you are going to need to turn to the Bible – a book with which you most likely have had little to no acquaintance, or a nominal one at best. Perhaps you have never picked up a Bible. Either way, you need to find one now. In fact, you need to find as many as you can get your hands on because very soon, the Bible will most likely become a banned book, and after the rapture, merely to possess one will put your life in jeopardy.

So while you yet can, gather as many as you can find, and find a secure place to hide them. Do this as quickly as you can; for after the rapture has occurred, online sites such as this one will almost certainly be shut down sooner or later, made inaccessible fairly rapidly.

This site, in particular, was specifically created for the explicit purpose of having archived in one place a wealth of Biblical teaching for the sole purpose of giving you, the left-behind ones, the truth amidst all the lies you will be told about what has already happened, and about those things which are shortly to come to pass.

If possible, download and print out as much of the information and Bible studies published and archived here. Put them in a place of safekeeping along with as many King James Bibles (my own personal preference) as you can find. The language may seem a bit archaic to you at first, but because the Bible is God’s ‘living Word,’ God Himself will help you to understand what you read. If you trust the Lord and believe in Christ as your Savior, His Holy Spirit will open your understanding.

As I stated in the last letter, it is no longer your physical life that matters. You will almost certainly lose your physical life during these final seven years of human history under Satan’s usurpation of this world system. It is the destiny of your immortal soul that is the only thing that matters from here on out. As things begin to rapidly spiral out of control, very few are likely to live through these last seven years.

What matters most is not how you can prepare to live through this time, but rather are you prepared to die? Where will your conscious, sentient, immortal soul – the very essence of all that is you – end up after you die?

Now that I have told you of the first things you need to do, let me now tell you what you need to know. You need to be aware that there is an agenda that the global powers that be – those who operate a globalist world system under the power and authority of Satan (the Father of Lies and the avowed enemy of the Most High God) — are working towards fulfilling. I must give you warning that these rulers of darkness do not want the truth regarding the rapture to be known.

Once people realize that the Bible not only predicted this very event 2,000 years ago, many will soon realize that everything the Bible stated is truth, and truth is the one thing that Satan and all who follow him cannot abide or allow.

Satan has had millennia to perfect “the lie” that he will continue to perpetrate in order to continue to deceive and lure the rest of mankind into an eternal Hell. Why does he do this? Very simply, he does so because he hates God. Because God loved mankind enough to send Jesus, God the Son, to die in our stead to redeem fallen man. Satan hates man too. Satan hates you. You have been left behind because you believed his lies and rejected Christ during the era of grace that was the Church Age.

He has already deceived you once. Do not be deceived again.

So, what is “the lie” that Satan has always used but will perfect during these last seven years? Why, it’s the oldest lie in the universe, and it goes straight back to the Garden of Eden. The Lie is this: that man can become his own god within himself apart from the Creator God. It is the self-same lie that brought down creation when Adam and Eve believed it, and it is the self-same lie that is the rotted foundation upon which every single false religion is built – the lie that MAN can create his own reality apart from the eternally existent, all omnipotent Creator.

Satan will continue to use this lie (and the many variations of it) to bring in his ultimate deception.

Let me give you some examples of variations of the lie that he could likely use to explain away the disappearances of those who have been taken home to Glory. Be aware of these, and be on the lookout for any other “explanations” that cast GOD as the evil one and which cast Satan (Lucifer) as the good or benevolent “god.” Below, I will list the top six most likely (from my personal perspective) explanations that Satan may use to explain away our disappearance.

Possible Lie # 1 – That extraterrestrials (ET’s) have been monitoring our planet ever since man “evolved” and have stepped in to remove all those who were unwilling to join with the rest of the world’s religions, in order for “peace” to be achieved. Watch for catchphrases such as:

(A) Panspermia – the belief that this planet was seeded by visitors and beings from other galaxies and worlds; that humanity is the descendant of alien races.

(B) Ascended Masters – beings from other planets or dimensions who have “spiritually evolved” beyond humanity and who have evolved beyond the need of bodies of flesh – entities who claim to be pure consciousness and who have been guiding humanity throughout humanity’s spiritual and physical evolution into a higher form.

Possible Lie # 2 – That the earth itself is a living sentient being; that “Mother Earth” (sometimes referred to as the “goddess” Gaia) is now in the process of cleansing herself of all human entities who possess negative energies and who have been impeding her “rebirth.” The entire religion of ecology (which includes the entire climate change pseudoscience) is based on the belief that Earth is a living being with self-awareness and sentient intent.

Possible Lie #3 – That humanity has just taken a giant Gestalt, spiritual, evolutionary leap forward; that all those who were unprepared or less “spiritually enlightened” were removed to another dimension (or planet) until they could become more enlightened and spiritually attuned; that mankind has just moved beyond “homo-sapien” into “homo-noeticus,” and all those not ready to evolve had to be removed to “work out their karma” in another existence; that all the children were taken to another planet or dimension to protect them from the planetary changes that the earth is about to endure, to prepare them to be returned when Earth and the “more enlightened ones” who were left here after the “great vanishing” (or the great purge as they will likely call it) will have come through this transitional period.

Possible Lie # 4 – That all who were taken were merely random accidents or were possibly the targets of some new or super-secret weapon.

Possible Lie #5 – That there was an accident with CERN and that those missing were pulled into some alternate universe or alternate dimension, or possibly that this is all the result of some giant Mandela Effect involving a rip in the space-time continuum, an accident involving the transfer of the missing ones into another parallel multiverse, or some such thing.

Possible Lie # 6 – that the rapture was an elaborate HOAX – a false flag event carried out by the governments of the world via something like Project Blue Beam – that the rapture never actually happened but was made to appear real, and all of the missing ones have been either incarcerated inside FEMA camps here in the United States and other prison camps worldwide, or perhaps the missing have been taken into some kind of protective custody.

These are but a few of the possible explanations that may be used by the globalists – the New World Order elites, who will, under Satan’s guidance, be running the show in this New World Order. The most important thing for you to know is this: all of these explanations, along with any others the ruling elite may put forward, will be a LIE.

The truth is simple and direct. What will have really happened to us is this: all genuine believers in Jesus Christ – those who were part of His Church – were taken to Heaven by Jesus Christ Himself. We are now with Him in Heaven in the Father’s House. This is the truth.

Be alert. The Bible says that all who do not come to faith in Christ during these last seven years will be brought under a strong delusion and will believe “the lie.”

I implore you, before you go any further: ADMIT that you are a justly condemned sinner in need of a perfect Savior. BELIEVE (place your faith and trust) in the truth that Jesus – God the Son – died on the cross as payment for your sins and mine – that He rose again bodily on the third day. Accept this truth and believe that Christ Jesus is the only way of obtaining eternal life.

I beg you, do this before it is too late, for as you will learn from the next chronicle, what is coming next is nothing less than World War III, and it will be DEVASTATING beyond your wildest imaginings.