The Litmus Test of Michigan :: By Denis Bowden

My Dear Ones,

These are my thoughts for today.

Every internal conflict commences when one side of the argument feels (rightly/wrongly) that they have been pushed inexorably into a position from whence they cannot retreat, and dialogue has, as a result, become superfluous hyperbole.

Such is the matter of MICHIGAN, where draconian Marxism has now lain down the gauntlet of permanent oppression. And no doubt, the foul soup of Marxism that is the former Democrat Party will be used by the Biden’ Train-wreck’ (for I cannot bring myself to call it an ‘Administration’) to use the Governor’s decree as some sort of Litmus Test to be forcibly applied to the rest of America.

Who would have believed that, within literally 150 years, the lessons from that which gestated the War Between the States would be so disregarded!

Then again, the eternal greed and hatred that mankind inflicts upon others in the eternal search for ultimate power and majesty have never ceased: only gotten worse.

Phrases such as ‘The War to End All Wars’ rang in the ears of the World following World War I. And yet, within forty-odd years, we found history almost repeating itself, for the same protagonists were once more facing off against each other. Yet another conflagration even worse was to take place—this time, with even more racial genocide.


In every Red, Sovereign State, the impact of the proposed decree is sinking in as people absorb the sober impact of Michigan’s ‘Governor’s’ decision to lock-down the State until at least 70% of all inhabitants have agreed to take these untested ‘vaccines.’ Surely, this then is the ‘Elephant in the Room’ in every State Capitol. And it will, of course, push the Red States into a forced coalition of opposition as they see that this is not ‘Government of the People’ but rather ‘Government Against the People.’

As I walked my dog last night, I met and walked with another guy I know. He is a retired former executive, and like me (and I suspect many other Australians), is following the ramifications of the unwinding of America very closely. I might add, with sorrow and horror at her demise. And also, completely aware of the flow-on implications to client-allies of America, such as Australia. It was he that put a time limit on the process if nothing is done to quickly bring down the evil of these now-ruling cabals. Both of us clearly understood that this must be accomplished at both Federal/State levels before the disintegration is so complete that China and Russia move in quickly to pick up the pieces.

His consensus was ‘six months.’

I opted for only another three months if the present status quo remains in place.

This cannot go on.

Yet, I fear the die is cast.


We of the Living Church, given to God through the Grace of Christ Jesus’s Atonement, wait impatiently but stoically for our delivery in accordance with the promises made to us by Jesus.

The Bible tells us that before the great Tribulation comes upon the earth, the Lord will remove his believers from the earth.

“For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words” (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18).

As Christians, we are not to look for the Tribulation or for the Antichrist, but for “His Son from heaven who has delivered us from the wrath to come” (I Thessalonians 10).

Paul explains that the church age was a “mystery” hidden from the prophets of old and only revealed after the Resurrection of Christ. The church age closes with the Rapture. After that, the story goes back to Israel to finish out the 70th week, which is clearly stated to be determined upon Israel and Jerusalem. And then the Lord will return to rule and reign upon the Throne of David in Jerusalem.

The Pretribulation Rapture of the Church was first spoken of by Paul (and supported at least by Peter, James, John, and Jude). It was then passed on to the Early Church Fathers, who in turn continued to spread it within the Early Church through their writings. With the rise of Augustine’s Amillennialism, as the “orthodox” eschatological doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, and upon entering the Medieval Church Period (that lasted for about 800 years), this belief was decidedly placed in the background. However, it still maintained an active voice throughout the Medieval Period.

This concept of preaching and teaching both Comings (Advents) of the Lord Jesus as part of the Gospel appears to be implied in the Great Commission, “and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matt 28:20). The Apostles and the Early Church Fathers did, in fact, preach and teach the Gospel in this manner (boldly declaring both Jesus’ First and Second Comings), and many of them were martyred for doing it. (The above three paragraphs are taken directly from a commentary by Paula Maillet, ‘Understanding the Rapture’ writing for her now-removed blog, ‘Along Emaus Road.’)


We have nothing but love and our sorrowful concern for that which is awaiting those who truly believe that mankind and, in this specific case, ‘Americans will fix it.’ So, it is hard to discount the philosophy of their fellow Americans in general who would argue, “Look… we’re Americans, and we always get it sorted out in the end!”

In point of fact, it is this degree of national bravado that maybe lies at the core of the present belief system, “that we don’t need God….we can manage on our own!”

And the drums of war now beat to their cacophony of militancy as traditional enemies prepare their own people for what is to come. How better to stoke the fire than with the theater of untold millions of their military arrayed in bright uniforms, marching apace, the staccato fall of their boots announcing their alleged invincibility as, like peacocks, they parade and display the latest crop of weapons of mass destruction.


Rulers now eye the spoil, their mouths salivating in anticipation. They have clearly identified the ‘treasure’ they want to seize. It lies in both America and Israel, the latter with her vast maritime oil/gas reserves, now complemented by untold billions of dollars in the shale oil of the Golan.


Although the new wars will still be fought in the traditional arenas, such as on the seas and land to subdue the opposing military assets, I very much doubt that nuclear weapons will be used to destroy cities and major assets.

The enemies now sitting on the sidelines (the borders of our respective shores) come for ‘treasure.’ That treasure is, of course, our assets, our infrastructure, and all that we have built. They come as ‘the new purchasers,’ and we are the ‘new house.’ They want it intact and undamaged so they can move a new population in immediately.

What is completely superfluous is ‘us.’ They do not want Americans or Australians or New Zealanders et al. Other than any use as slave labor, it is clear that the new weapons of war include bio-weapons of mass destruction that kill off millions of people but leave all else untouched. Perhaps the COVID-19 virus is a taste of that. Some (yours truly included) believe that the alleged vaccines themselves may ultimately prove to be highly destructive.

I validate my point by pointing you to that which China has practiced in every country she has by force or fraud taken over. She immediately moves Han Chinese in to make a majority and at the same time remove indigenous peoples out and into slave camps. She even forcibly moves Han Chinese into homes from which the menfolk were forcibly removed, and then by rape, impregnates the women to remove the indigenous seed.

In this case, our respective enemies must first complete the moral and psychological destruction of America. China has been engaged in that project for many, many years. So far, successfully.

I see that is the clear prerogative of the Quisling Traitors that now rule the nation. However, they think that they are achieving their ultimate goals by using the Chinese. How naïve is that supposition!

Foolishly, they are of the opinion that their efforts to depopulate, as ‘they’ rule by decree through a core elite, will ensure their own posterity. They themselves will never inherit the prize.


Even your most bitter enemy loathes a traitor, and history (the great teacher to those prepared to listen) clearly reveals that the fate of those who sell out their own nation is ALWAYS assured. They are immediately rounded up and executed upon the premise, ‘if they sold out their own, they might later attempt to sell us out also.‘ This is the way it works and has always, throughout all the conquests of history.


We had all fervently prayed for Revival. A great spiritual awakening. That, of course, is prophesied to happen; but only during the now imminent commencement of the Tribulation. And we who have closely studied God’s Word are all aware of what the personal cost will be. In the brief reign of Anti-Christ, they are persecuted unto death.


And because we are ‘in the World’ but ‘not of the World,’ our flesh wants to see spiritually led righteousness return to America (indeed to all the West) and to place God, once more, as the moral compass to guide our nations. Instead, we, as did our ancestors, gave re-birth to denial. And that led almost immediately to spiritual blindness and, in turn, hatred of God.

Who now can doubt that God has indeed given our World what it craved?

The ‘World’ wanted ‘Godlessness.’ It has it…in Spades.

We repeat the apostasy of Ancient Israel. And then, when they, at last, faced with annihilation, saw their nation destroyed and their peoples taken into captivity, they cried out for succor (help), appealing to the ‘good graces’ of He whom they had spat upon. There came an answer. IT CAME IN THE FORM OF ABSOLUTE SILENCE.

This is what the World should understand from having attempted to not just deny but, much worse, attempting to manipulate God and confound His Holy Word in order to have him comport Himself to meet its lusts and desires. Lust and desire lie at the core of our fallen nature, and when you deny God, it will ‘win out’ every time. It is lust and desire for that which delights the senses of the flesh that deniers can NEVER desert.

If we see America as she really is (in essence, a facsimile of ‘the World’), then America has gotten the fulfillment of all her lusts and most evil desires.

Now satiated, she (like the nations in general) has given herself over to blindness and lies without the guidance of her former moral compass. Clearly, that tells each one of us that all that remains is the just and righteous hand of God Himself.

I have had many discussions with a person who invariably goes to great lengths to delineate the only characteristics of God that she is prepared to accept. She adamantly stipulates that she is entitled to choose a God of her own making. This indicates that she is prepared to ignore (at terrible risk, says I) His character of justice and righteousness. Her own alternate theology states, “After all, is he not a loving and compassionate God!” If so, she assumes He will always move to accommodate her whims and fancies and that of the World in general.

Therein lies modern America and the World at large. It sought. It has attained. Now, surely, do we see the justice of ‘reward.’

Soon my beloved, Soon.

Denis Bowden