Lifeline: By Edwin Tan

Almost a fortnight ago, I was closely following Jan Markell’s interview with Jill Martin Rische and Ken Mikle on her regular Understanding the Times program; I was tuned in through the Tube for this one. During the interval, Jan let all listeners know of a forthcoming conference scheduled for September 11 later in the year. She, together with Amir Tsarfati and Barry Stagner, were the keynote speakers. At the end of the program, I took a peep at the comments section regarding the interview. Someone simply said that it was not highly likely for the conference to take place; this person strongly suggested that the Rapture would render the event null and void!

This statement certainly blew me away – very much like a derivatives trader talking, if this was not that person’s profession. The Body of Christ is definitely not a place for highly speculative puts and calls. It is without doubt that we are in the season with all that is showing up at warp speed. But making such rash statements can really put a lot of people off, especially those who yearn and hunger for true spiritual nourishment in these days of ever-growing apostasy!

These are truly testing times that are indeed unfamiliar territory for many who walk with Christ. Weariness is no stranger to multitudes who grapple with the so-called new order of the day, especially believers in Jesus. A lot of us would wish for the trumpet to sound before bedtime, if not before breakfast the next day. The stage-setting for the Tribulation is indeed gathering pace as the drumbeat of devils intensifies. It can cause quite a number of brothers and sisters in the Lord to experience bouts of cold sweating. At times, it might seem too much to bear. All this being the case for long-time watchmen and watchwomen on the wall. Take heart! Every firm believer in Christ should not be enslaved by the prevailing situation but instead focus on the infinite and unfailing power that is in Christ.

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

Perhaps it would do a lot of good if less time was spent on newsfeeds and more of it spent on reading the Living Word, particularly the portions that speak of prophetic truths. Prayer and meditation on God’s Word can also effectively steer the tormented soul away from the myriad of half-truths amidst the demonic din!

The Lord could tarry, but the waiting could be less of a harrowing experience if we call on Him each and every moment. Bring our doubts and fears before Him, and He will take care of it all. He might tarry, but at the same time, He showers those that are dear to Him with blessings. It might be like the final seconds, but the blessings will continue – right until that trumpet’s sounding!

There is so much darkness and deception all around us these days, so much so that genuine stuff that focuses on the inerrant Word of God is fast dwindling. Conferences like the upcoming one in September are undoubtedly an integral part of the lifeblood where the Body of Christ is concerned. There is indeed more than something to fall back on in the event we are still here in this Fallen Planet. Events like these are a clear indication that the churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia are alive, despite the lateness of the hour. Souls are being saved during the run-up to the event and definitely during the conference, if we all see it come to fruition!

We must dutifully occupy until He comes for His Bride. Conferences and seminars complete with live streaming will go on if He wills!



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