A Whole New Wicked World (Not for Us) :: By Edwin Tan

Ever since the Church Age began, true believers of our Lord Jesus Christ have borne the brunt of persecution in varying forms and intensity. The Apostles suffered painfully for the faith; most noteworthy was Saul the persecutor becoming the persecuted Paul – from which we are blessed with the Epistles! Then there were the Church Fathers who literally gave up their lives for the Gospel. There was also persecution at the hands of those who refused to deviate from the Truth – that was the case of the Spanish Inquisition and the burning of the faithful at stakes during the Middle Ages.

There was a rise and an ebb in these acts of persecution against the Church, which continued until the present day. For example, there was the frenetic repression of Christian practices in Romania not quite long ago – it died down once the totalitarian regime behind it collapsed. On the other end of the spectrum, the rise of militant Islam in parts of Africa saw a surge in violence against believers in Jesus. What was obvious then did catch many observers napping; these anti-Christian movements were oftentimes sporadic and not coordinated by a singular entity that sported an agenda. Even the bloody actions by certain individuals under the guise of a belief that opposed Christianity did not warrant any worthy note, as they were more self-motivated in nature.

As 2021 dawned, the scale, nature and intensity of anti-Christian activity has gotten many of the faithful uptight. Most noteworthy of all, these occurrences did not stem from the usual suspects. Simply not Iran, China and North Korea. Nations that adhered to principles in the Bible have demonstrated an about-turn. Canada has garnered more than a fair share of publicity in this respect. Within a decade, it has been a tsunami of upheaval – a Christian-friendly administration was brutally superseded by one that clamped down on churches and clergy. In essence, the criminalization of belief in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Movements in lockstep with the Canadian anti-God largesse have recently gained momentum across the border. There have been copycat directives concerning church access and even censorship of websites. This dark trend has even spread to Europe – as recently evidenced by a German pastor that received punitive action by the legal system over there for his repudiation of the LGBT bandwagon.

Speaking of LGBT, many adherents of true Holy Writ have refused to cave in on the pain of the above-mentioned recriminations. It is this unyielding refusal to compromise their faith that has stoked the embers of hate against our beloved Scripture. We have witnessed the green shoots of this evil trend during the Obama years, only to be furloughed temporarily under Donald Trump. With an election that has the likeness of a putsch [coup] against Conservative Christians, this venomous thrust against God has suddenly gotten wind in its sails!

Basically, spitting against what was ordained in Deuteronomy 22:5.

“A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment, for all who do so are an abomination to the Lord your God.”

Certainly, without any doubt, the LGBT clarion call is a battle cry against godliness. This ties in comfortably with the cancel culture that is the kissing cousin of the Black Lives Matter craze. Herein sits a toxic combination that has the propensity to foster a seething atmosphere of hatred across continents. It is already rearing its ugly head, not just in North America but also in Europe, Australia and parts of Asia.

Cancel culture is all about removing everything deemed as arcane and repressive – Christianity tops their hit list. These folks present to the world a contorted and biased view of the Bible – largely based on their prejudices. Chief among them is their dislike of heterosexual marriage and family.

This is exactly what is driving Canada to morph into the likeness of a rogue nation that turns its back on God. Didn’t take very long, did it? As cancel culture gains warp speed across many countries, do expect this godless mantra to be embraced willingly. A deceptive tool by the father of lies, which paves the way for the delusion that, in turn, ushers in the worst moments in the history of humanity. Many Christians could be directly under this heinous scourge. Only the Blessed Hope will stand in favor of the faithful!

Cancel culture is just a rehash for the likes of the killing fields of Cambodia and the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia. Those were low-tech and laden with bloodletting. Come the not-too-distant future will be something on similar lines, except that there is less bloodshed, and it is based on Artificial Intelligence that is powered by 5G. China has the framework of such a network through its Social Surveillance and Credit system. It would ultimately penalize people who stick to the faith – the same as starving a dissident to death when access to food and necessities can be cut off for non-compliance!

Scary stuff indeed! Same goes for all the mumbling about re-education camps for hard-core Christians. But will this horror of horrors apply to a person who believes firmly and trusts in God? Some people think that all must go through these nasties, but do they embrace His infinite grace and mercy? The whole issue is low Scriptural literacy, especially in the realm of Bible Prophecy. When they pick up rumors in cyberspace and hear vile proposals in the mainstream media – these folks end up with sleepless nights in tandem with poor appetites. Trouble is they do not have a good grasp concerning the sequence of prophetic events. They could even be duped into believing in the Blasted Hope. The Son of Perdition is laughing on this one!

Read Revelation and get hooked on Bible Prophecy. The answers plus assurances are there. Furthermore, if these things being heard of are no longer speculative gossip, then one thing is as clear as crystal – that trumpet blast anytime soon.



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