The Searching, Now Exploding Before Our Very Eyes :: By Edwin Tan

Half a decade ago, the warp-speed characteristic of prophetic activity, as we are familiar with in the midst of a global pandemic, was at best a pipe dream. Laughable over a six-pack when the scoffers had more than their say. Watchmen like me would enthusiastically scour cyberspace for something of prophetic significance. The trustworthy websites did not have much to offer other than the implications of some trend that could be the case for speculation.

At that time, I was hooked onto Rapture Ready, Prophecy Watchers and the Hal Lindsey Report. There were then a lot of phony leads on the Web – I could dismiss them fairly easily the moment some date-setting surfaced. Whenever I felt uneasy, the inerrant Word would be the rock-solid reference. Still, I decided to dig deeper; this was when Jan Markell, J. D. Farag and Amir Tsarfati were added on – to this day, they are on my list of prophecy favorites!

I was still hungry for more prophetically significant leads even as Russia, Iran and Turkey were beginning to show up in Syria. Much like Oliver Twist asking for more! Then I remembered Tom Horn and his late buddy who did great stuff on the popes. Chris Putnam was the guy who got the strong hint about the groundbreaking resignation of Pope Benedict and the ascendancy of the present-day pontiff. All this unprecedented stuff blew me away, enough to get glued to Skywatch TV when it first opened, and I tried to get inspiration from the material that was disseminated. Material that was like that from a science fiction flick – quirky, somewhat futuristic, and occasionally sensational.

There was a time when a Pentagon source (I think he goes by the name of Bob Mcginnis) was featured in quite a number of programs. This was where transhumanism was introduced to my mental lexicon. Mention was made of projects carried out by DARPA on super soldiers with transhumanism characteristics. Also, there was talk of other competing armies doing the same thing. It truly sounded like pages of a Marvel comic. Incredibly speaking, this concept is no longer pure entertainment material as the Fourth Industrial Revolution is on the cusp of being a heinous reality. Transhumanism could be a norm in the coming years if the Great Reset gets more than wind in the sails. The Bride of Christ will definitely not be here when it happens!

Another topic which Tom Horn covered extensively was the LUCIFER telescope on Mount Graham. Ironically, it was run by the Jesuits – the current pontiff is proudly from this camp. The objective of this evil-sounding device is for the purpose of looking out for celestial signs and wonders – aliens in particular! It is on this note that many New Agers call it their cup of tea. Such is the cornerstone of an increasing repudiation of the truth in our present day and age as more seek wonders from the sky – delusionary or not! This, in turn, has weakened the faith of many, best shown by increasing cases of depression and suicide against the backdrop of the raging pandemic.

Another person that kept my focus on things that were then future but very much in play was L. A. Marzulli. He had a penchant for UFOs, the Nephilim and apparitions, except that he viewed them from a Biblical standpoint. Look at a lot of the disbelievers today; why would they give you the cold shoulder if not a disinterested sigh? I have no problem answering this question because I understood the demonic nature of UFOs and the deceptive prowess of apparitions that draw crowds from across the seas. L. A. Marzulli gave me quite a mouthful which I treasure to this day. Enough to understand how the delusion spoken of in great detail (2 Thess 2:11) will enshroud the disbelieving world immediately after the Rapture!

I certainly will not forget the two couples that held a Biblical approach towards science. Sharon and Derek Gilbert were able to provide me with useful insights, done quite systematically with much of it in layman’s jargon, like an easy-to-understand explanation of the human genome. Christina and Josh Peck were in the same frequency, except that they were more technical in nature with stuff about quantum physics and black holes. Good enough for me not to be caught unaware about the nefarious activities at CERN.

I will not leave out Steve Quayle; some of his stuff is sensational, but he is truly an awesome storyteller. It is from this guy that I knew about the existence of Operation High Jump and quite a bit of the occultism behind the Nazis.

Now that I have a front-seat view of warp-speed unravellings connected with Bible Prophecy, I cannot help but be thankful to the Lord for these wonderful folks who educated and at the same time entertained me, thereby equipping me with the know-how to live in this age. It is without any doubt that this kept me away from the seductive cares of the world.

“When wisdom enters your heart,

And knowledge is pleasant to your soul,

Discretion will preserve you;

Understanding will keep you,

To deliver you from the way of evil,

From the man who speaks perverse things”

(Proverbs 2:10-12).



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