The ‘White Hats’ Are in Exile :: By Rob Pue

It’s now been just over a year since the open conspiracy was set in place — a conspiracy against all personal and individual freedoms in America and worldwide, setting the stage for a New World Order, a One-World Government that will fully enslave the planet. Of course, the conspiracy against God Almighty, Jesus Christ, and His followers has been going on forever; only in the last decade or so have we seen it become so bold here in America, with conservative Christians being actively hunted down and openly persecuted, and immorality being legislated — by Congress as well as our unjust “justice” system.

I’ve shared Psalm 2 with you many times before. But so many STILL don’t seem to “get it,” as even professing Christians refuse to believe there is anything nefarious going on in the world or any conspiracy taking place. They’re content to just continue “playing church,” turning a blind eye to everything “anti-christ” that continues to creep in like unseen black mold “sliming” out of a dark, wet basement. In truth, there’s been a conspiracy going on against all things good and Godly for all of history, and Psalm 2 explains it quite well; it’s especially relevant in what we see happening all around us right now. So let me share it with you again:

Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and His anointed, saying, ‘let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us.'”

Sounds like a conspiracy to me. The kings of the earth setting themselves and the rulers taking counsel together against the LORD and His anointed… can you say “United Nations”?

Can you say “World Health Organization”?

How about “Green New Deal”? “Build Back Better”? Lovely sounding names, disguising the agenda of the fallen serpent and deceiving the willfully ignorant Godless, compliant masses.

The heathen have been raging, constantly calling for another new “revolution” — one that will bring about a world without God, a world of perceived “freedom” where licentiousness and the foolish so-called “wisdom” of man will freely celebrate all manner of wickedness, without any guilt.

But the wicked will always be guilty.

They can pass as much “pretend legislation” as they like. They can deny God and His natural laws all they like. But that will never change the price of beans…. You can call evil “good” and good “evil” all you like — you can deny truth, facts and absolute proof if you like. But you’d be wrong. And there’s a price to pay for that.

Psalm 2 tells us the Lord will have such people “in derision.” He will “vex them in His sore displeasure.” He will “break them with a rod of iron.” They’ll be “dashed in pieces like a potter’s vessel.”

It’s disheartening that today, so many professing Christians still refuse to believe God’s Word and His commands. Probably because the most they’ve ever studied of it has been a Bible verse or two, flashed up on the big screen in church, taken out of context as the hip new pastor twists and pontificates the Word of God, until it seems perfectly reasonable to the ignorant listeners that the Scripture REALLY means the exact opposite of what it clearly says. Reminiscent of the serpent in Genesis who asked, “Did God REALLY say…?”

The false prophets and those who preach a “different Gospel” should be ashamed of themselves for casting doubt — and even re-writing what God wrote. But many times they’re only teaching what they, themselves, have been taught by liberal seminary professors. And the people remain ignorant, never encouraged to study and learn the precious Word for themselves, even though it’s so readily available. Truly, all are without excuse. Willful ignorance will be their downfall as the people perish for lack of knowledge.

So in October of 2019, the kings of the earth and the rulers — the so-called “Power Elite,” the Globalists — took counsel together and planned for what hit us just over a year ago — an ORCHESTRATED worldwide panic; a shutdown of the world economy; a massive increase in personal and national debt; unjust edicts handed down by governors and judges, forcing people to cover their faces in abject submission to the Almighty State under the guise of keeping one another safe — from a virus less harmful than the seasonal flu.

This, of course, has led to extremely dangerous vaccines not properly tested (and I believe purposely manufactured for EVIL) and mandated in many places, even though they’ve been shown to cause serious injuries and even many deaths. Other countries have halted vaccinations because of this. But America — the devil’s greatest prize — continues on, full speed ahead.

Plans are already well underway for the vaccines to be mandatory, and proof of vaccination necessary for one to travel, hold a job or shop in a store. Those who refuse will be outcasts, and the Power Elite are, right now, savoring the idea of making it mandatory for anyone who dares to resist their ultimate authority and tyranny to be treated like the Jews in Nazi Germany. They can’t wait for that day.

They’ve already succeeded in dividing the populace here in our country very well — into “maskers” and “anti-maskers”; “pro-vaxxers” and “anti-vaxxers.” The other day I was standing in a very long line at the post office, the ONLY one not wearing a mask. Let’s be clear: It’s not that I don’t wear the mask because I don’t care about other people; I don’t wear the mask because it’s stupid. Study after study shows masks don’t work. AT ALL. In fact, they’re physically harmful. Not to mention the fact that their MAIN purpose is to instill a mindset of submission and compliance among the people, so they will obey WHATEVER they’re told to do… and we’re seeing this play out now. I refuse to have any part in this wicked plan, and I believe we should ALL take off our masks. They make us look brainwashed.

And amid the lockdowns, the cancellations of all summertime activities, festivals, fairs and public gatherings, the heathen raged as the country burned — once again, fueled by the ORCHESTRATED hatred under the guise of “racism.” But anyone with eyes to see can easily recognize the riots were well planned and carried out by Leftist groups, allowed to run wild. Even mayors and chiefs of police would not protect and defend their cities. Even governors would not protect and defend their states. Because they WANTED to see carnage. That’s how the Left operates: DELIBERATELY CREATE a crisis, exploit that crisis to the greatest degree possible, and then provide the so-called “solution.”

In our case, the “solution” apparently was to tear down monuments and statues and re-write our history so that America becomes the world’s greatest evil in the minds of our young people — who were ALSO, by the way, manipulated, brainwashed and exploited for the benefit of the Leftist/Communist agenda. And this continues today.

The “kings” and the “rulers” were so successful so quickly in 2020 that they were emboldened to take on their greatest challenge yet: to OPENLY steal an American election in broad daylight (AND under cover of darkness, but not even concerned that their fraud was being captured on video in living color). And because we live in a country with wicked, evil judges and courts, all the way to the highest court in the land, they got away with it. Though millions could clearly see the absolute proof of the stolen 2020 election, the wicked got away with it because there is no longer any place to voice our “redress of grievances.”

Today, the U.S. Capitol area is surrounded by an impenetrable fence, topped with razor wire and guarded by thousands of military troops.

Meanwhile, the illegitimate man in the White House has opened the floodgates on our southern border, allowing thousands of illegal aliens to enter our country every day. These illegals come from all countries around the world. It’s not an exaggeration to say we are being invaded. And American taxpayers are footing the bill as the invaders are given food, shelter, clothing and CASH — while they infiltrate every city and small town across this country.

I have to wonder: what was the point of us all being forced to cover our faces, wearing masks for over a year, if now we’re just letting every illegal alien from every third-world country who wants to, to move in, do as they please, no masks, no health checks, no requirements for anything?

Well, the point is obvious. The Leftists are intent on bringing America to its knees. They want to get us so brainwashed that we will DEMAND “income equality” and their “Great Reset” — to keep us all safe from a mostly harmless microbe; to end “racial inequality” and strife; to provide a “universal basic income,” and to “rescue the planet” because us filthy peasants have caused the earth’s climate to change. Friends, the devil is the father of lies, and he’s having a field day with people today.

Because, I’m sorry to say, people today are so STUPID. Absolutely clueless.

Do you really want this “Build Back Better” plan? You really want communism, even though it’s NEVER done anything but cause death and destruction everywhere it’s been tried?

Let’s look at Venezuela as just one recent example.

In 1992, Venezuela was the 3rd wealthiest country in the hemisphere. But the communists — the enemies within — were working to fundamentally change that country. Just nine years later, they voted for a socialist president, who promised to provide “income equality.” Three years after that, private healthcare was socialized. Three years after that, in 2007, all higher education became “free.”

Two years later, the government banned private ownership of guns. In 2014, opposition leaders were imprisoned. Within two more years, with the communists now in full control, food and healthcare shortages were widespread and the people were desperate.

Then their nation’s Constitution and all elections were suspended. And in 2019, unarmed citizens were massacred by their own government. This situation continues today.

“Oh, but that would NEVER happen here in America!” you say. Really?

We’re already there, folks. Last year proved us to be nothing but a “banana republic.” Conservative Christians and patriots are being imprisoned and even gunned down by the FBI and our CIA while being labeled as “Domestic Terrorists.” The brainwashed masses are demanding that everyone follow all the other lemmings off the cliff, with mandatory masking, mandatory vaccines, a “vaccination passport,” allowing those who comply to have SOME of their freedoms back… but still forced to live under a totalitarian regime.

Then there’s the economy. Their ‘Great Reset’ necessitates the elimination of all private property ownership in exchange for a “universal basic income.” How’s THAT going to go for us? One need only look at the recent COVID relief plan to get an idea: if the funds our “kings” and “rulers” have dedicated to provide financial relief for our citizens actually WENT to the citizens, each person would receive more than $41,000. Forty-One THOUSAND dollars per person. Instead, we MAY receive $1,400. Where does the rest go? It goes into the pockets of the kings and rulers, of course. As well as payoffs to special interests, payoffs to foreign countries, often ENEMY foreign countries… and the enemies within.

Is it any wonder the Capitol is surrounded by a high wall topped with razor wire? When patriots TRIED to show up and voice their outrage at an obviously fraudulent election, they were basically ambushed. That was January 6th. I had a bad feeling about that event before it happened, and unfortunately, my instincts were correct. Video footage from citizen reporters showed DC and Capitol Police ESCORTING ANTIFA rioters into the staging area. These anarchists are the ones who caused the problems, but the patriots were the ones the kings and rulers and the media blamed. So now we accept razor wire fences around the Peoples’ House, and we sheepishly acquiesce to every unjust edict from the imposter in the Oval Office and those who continue to control his puppet strings.

Proverbs 29:2 reminds us, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice, but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Indeed.

Friends, please be vigilant. Learn the truth about what’s really taking place in the dark alleys of the shadow government and the Deep State. Understand the agenda of the Globalist New World Order Elites. They do NOT have anyone’s best interests in mind, except their own. DO NOT trust the media. We must even be careful of the alternative media — many are STILL saying that Donald Trump and our military are REALLY in control, not the Leftists. They’re still holding out hope for justice, and unfortunately, it’s not true. There IS no grand plan for the “White Hats” to ride in and rescue us. The “White Hats” are in exile.

There will BE no justice for the wicked until the Lord Himself returns, on a white HORSE, in fury and wrath to justly judge the wicked, cowardly and unbelieving. Until He returns, we must occupy, we must educate, and we must preach the WHOLE counsel of God. In order to DO that, it means WE, ourselves, must invest ourselves into intense STUDY of the whole counsel of God. So let us not be ignorant. We’re all without excuse if we’re taken by the enemy unawares. Know WHY you believe what you believe, and stand firmly on the solid rock of your faith in Jesus Christ and the TRUTH. Make Him your LORD, because if He’s not your Lord, He will not be your Savior either.

This world changed drastically in just one year.

It’s been unbelievable. There’s no telling what the COMING year is going to bring. Let us put on the full armor of God and understand we’re here to do battle with the enemies of God, to defeat the works of the devil, just as Jesus did. And if there’s any truth left in this world, then let the world see that truth IN US. It will not be easy, and it won’t be pleasant. I hope you’re ready.


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