Terry James’ & Gary W. Ritter’s New Novel “The Minion Protocols”

*** Terry James’ Third Novel of The Second Coming Chronicles series ***

Terry’s first two novels of the series “THE RAPTURE DIALOGUES” and “THE NEPHILIM IMPERATIVES” received many top reviews. The third of the trilogy ”THE MINION PROTOCOLS,” thrusts the on-going story forward into the present time and beyond. Although fictional in its form, the reality represented can’t be missed. This generation is deeply steeped within end times intrigues, while Christ’s Second Coming draws ever nearer.

Terry James is joined in this novel by Gary W. Ritter, one of America’s Top award-winning Christian fiction novelists. Together, they craft a story that presents an entertainingly powerful portrayal of this spiritually darkening world.

Will the dark, shadowy forces of evil win their perpetual war with the One who created them?  Until they destroy God’s crowning achievement – humankind – and ascend to His throne, the rebellious spiritual beings in the demonic realm will never rest.

Through a chance encounter, Clark Lansing learns of a fearsome Dimensional entity named Selaphiel.  This leads Clark to pursue the most dangerous story of his journalistic career.

From a trip to Israel where he observes advanced technologies, to the Pentagon where demonic spiritual powers assist a secret military project, to a research facility in Colorado which the next world ruler inhabits, Clark’s life grows increasingly at risk.

In the meantime, an elitist Deep State group conspires to thwart Clark’s plan to expose its wicked objectives.  Aligned with Selaphiel, the G7 plots its rise to planetary dominance, all the while engaged in sexual trafficking for the pleasure of its members.

As the human and spiritual evil closes in on Clark bringing danger to his loved ones, he receives unexpected help from a mysterious person in government named Q.  Plans and counterplans climax in this dramatic final book of Terry James’ and Gary Ritter’s epic Second Coming Chronicles.

Although The Minion Protocols can be read as a standalone book, it will certainly be enjoyed more fully by reading the first two novels in the Second Coming Chronicles.  Along with The Minion Protocols, the authors are releasing a Box Set Kindle version with all three novels in the series packaged together in the e-book format.

All books are available on Amazon.com.

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