Prophetic Perspectives: Unmasking the Great Reset :: By Nathan Jones

What is the Great Reset? And, what will it mean to you?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic came in 2020 and spread across the world, leaving death and draconian restrictions in its wake, weary people have been looking forward to the end of it. Governments and world leaders point to this ending as a new beginning, calling this coming new chapter in history — the Great Reset. What exactly is involved in the Great Reset and what will it mean for the world?

To shed some light on these questions, I turned to Jan Markell, founder of Olive Tree Ministries and the hostess of the “Understanding the Times” radio program. Along with Dr. David Reagan and myself, Jan also contributed a chapter to Terry James’ latest book titled Lawless: End Times War Against the Spirit of Antichrist. Jan is an expert commentator who has spoken often on her radio program revealing what the Great Reset is all about.

Leaders of the Great Reset

Nathan Jones: Jan, the Great Reset seems to be a topic people are hearing about quite often lately. My initial thought was this had something to do with resetting our TVs in preparation for another lockdown-induced Netflix binge. Since that’s not true, could you please explain why the Great Reset is much more diabolical than just resetting one’s television? After all, the implications of the Great Reset are huge, correct?

Jan Markell: Oh, it is huge! It’s the event of the hour. The Great Reset goes by other names. Perhaps you’ve heard of Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and even the Green New Deal? These are all part of the Great Reset.

This agenda was established by the World Economic Forum. It’s been around for about 50 years. Klaus Schwab is the head of it. The World Economic Forum represents the ultimate globalist outfit. Just go to their website at in order to read their plans, which are stunning. Just simply stunning! They espouse global Socialism, Marxism, and a centralized global government. And, it is a godless form of global government, for there isn’t one among them who would be a believer in anything but big government, Socialism, and even Communism.

Before the World Economic Forum could really make any progress, they had to get one person out of the way — President Donald Trump. Trump publically stated his adherence to nationalism and disinterest in globalism. And so, the globalists had to get him out of the way.

The leaders of this movement are many: Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, Bill Gates, George Soros, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and probably another two dozen world leaders. They are all involved in planning and implementing a very, very dark agenda.

Agenda of the Great Reset

Nathan Jones: What’s the end goal for this dark agenda?

Jan Markell: Creating a one-world system. A godless, global government is what they seek. The Bible prophesies this very end times system in Revelation 13. It’s the Antichrist’s global empire ultimately ruled by Satan himself.

Before the globalists can implement this one-world system, they have to get rid of certain obstacles. They have to get rid of anybody in office who, I’ll be blunt, loves their country. You can’t love your country, rather you’ve got to love the world. You’ve got to love every other country on earth. You’ve got to be willing to almost sell your soul to this global cabal. And, that’s what those who support the Great Reset are — a global cabal. When you see the word “cabal,” understand that’s evil rising to power.

Nathan Jones: I don’t know too much about the Bilderberg Group or the Illuminati. People throw the names of those groups around as being behind this globalist cabal. Are they what we’re talking about here? Are these groups real, transcending the borders of countries for the purpose of working together toward implementing a global government?

Jan Markell: Yes, and there are probably a hundred smaller organizations involved in implementing the Great Reset. People point to the Illuminati, but far more public is the United Nations. Even old organizations people think have faded from the scene are emerging. They’re now all merging under the World Economic Forum.

If you go to the World Economic Forum’s website at because you want to read up on the Great Reset, you would have to spend at least two weeks on it because their plans are so extensive. You’ll quickly learn that, again, nobody can be a nationalist and be a part of this movement. They met here in January 2021, and they are planning on meeting again in May 2021. During these two meetings, the World Economic Forum will lay out its plan. From there they will proceed with due haste to attain their ambition of implementing a one-world government.

Nathan Jones: Jan, you listed from that website some of what they are trying to accomplish. They wish to eliminate national sovereignty and independence. They plan on destroying and replacing the free enterprise economic system, which means eliminating private property. We’re all supposed to own nothing, yet still, be happy. They long to abolish Christianity. They’re hasting the move towards a cashless society and establishing a universal income.

The Church and the Great Reset

Nathan Jones: One quote on the Forum’s website reads: “Everyone will be equal. Everyone will be secure from the ravages of competition. And as a result, the whole world will be happy and be at peace.” Jan, are they actually going to be able to achieve something as seemingly impossible as what they’re proposing?

Jan Markell: Yes, in a sense they are, but in the end, it won’t work. I believe, and it is my opinion, that the seven-year Tribulation as prophesied in the Bible will be the result of the Great Reset.

Note that before all of this can actually happen, something else has to happen first. The Church needs to disappear. I believe that the Great Reset for the Christian is the Rapture of the Church. That glorious event is our reset. But, for the world that’s left behind, I believe it is going to go through an earthly reset, which is the Great Tribulation.

Revelation prophesies how masses of humanity will be wiped out living in such a catastrophic time. At the end of those seven years, Jesus Christ and the Church will come back at the Second Coming, for if Christ did not return at that time, no flesh would be saved.

God’s judgment in the Tribulation is what these people advocating for the Great Reset are truly heading towards. Do they know it will end in the death of billions? I don’t know because I don’t hang out with Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles. But, if I could ask them, I think they would acknowledge that they know that they are steering the world towards a global system that is evil, that’s godless, and that has no Christians. And, they’re right in part, for the Church will be gone at the Rapture. There will be people who will come to faith during the Tribulation, but the Church will be gone beforehand in the Rapture. Once Christ has removed His Church off of this planet, then the Great Reset can move forward swiftly and unimpeded, and the Tribulation can take place.

Now, here’s the question: Will the Church experience a time of stage-setting? I think so. Actually, I think we are seeing the stage-setting right now. We could even see a few more steps in the globalists’ plan play out. But, no, I do not believe born-again believers in Jesus Christ will see anything related to the Tribulation. We’ll be gone, taken by Christ, and will spend those seven years enjoying Heaven.

Responding to the Great Reset

Nathan Jones: Amen! For those who are worried about this Great Reset, first ask yourself, “Where do my loyalties lie?” Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior so that you know that you will participate in the Rapture of the Church? Or, will you remain in rebellion against God and so see the Great Reset come about and thereby endure the Tribulation? The choice is yours. Go to the Bible, read John 3:16, take that verse to heart, and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior this day.

Nathan Jones
Lamb and Lion Ministries