It’s Time We CHRISTIANS Learn About Jesus :: By Rob Pue

Given what we’ve seen transpire over the past year and all the wickedness, evil, cheating, lying and deception that’s been exposed within our government, our media, our Big Tech Giants, our health officials, and pretty much every public sector of our economy, I have to really wonder just HOW LONG IT’S BEEN since we’ve had a REAL, honest and fair presidential election in this country… and how long it’s been since our government operated the way it was set up by our Founding Fathers.

Some experts say it’s been since the 1800s. But as we’ve progressed through the 20th and 21st centuries, we can certainly see the massive government over-reach and a massive agenda to brainwash the populace to accept corruption in all things as “normal.” We’re at a place now where we EXPECT our government officials to lie to us, to treat us like peasants instead of being our public servants, to make us their trusting, ignorant slaves.

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that Obama was SELECTED in 2008, not elected. Here was a junior senator who had accomplished virtually NOTHING whatsoever in his short political career being hailed as America’s “new Messiah.” The massive crowds of people in the streets all over America on that election night will never stop haunting me because it was obvious that something clearly demonic was happening; the way the media fawned all over him, and people were virtually worshiping him – apparently, just for being black. And NO – I’m not racist, but that WAS the underlying sentiment at the time, and you know it.

We saw ourselves as so “progressive,” so “virtuous,” such “good people” because – we believed – racism was finally dead in America. Here we had “elected” a black man to the Oval Office. In reality, the color of his skin had nothing whatsoever to do with why he was placed there.

He was SELECTED by the powers that be – the Deep State, the Shadow Government – and from what we now know about HOW they go about manipulating our elections, things are much clearer as to how that happened. Not once but twice – even after he had radically changed America into a hideous abomination that NOBODY in their right minds wanted.

Under his watch, we saw more racial tension and division, more hatred and suspicion of one another than we had seen in my lifetime. We saw the Supreme Court give validity to same-sex so-called “marriage.” We saw Conservatives in the Tea Party and other patriotic movements openly targeted by the IRS for persecution. We saw Christians, with deeply held convictions regarding the sanctity of marriage, persecuted and prosecuted – to the point where they lost everything rather than deny the God of Creation.

Immediately upon entering the Oval Office, he set about a worldwide tour, visiting all of America’s enemies, bowing down to them and begging their forgiveness. Especially the Muslim countries. And where did that get us? It got us 8 years of unspeakable horrors worldwide – atrocities committed in the name of Islam, so hideous that it’s amazing the mind of any man could dream up such evil. Even here in the streets of our nation – Islam honor killings, beheadings, stabbings, bombings, shootings. In case you don’t remember, it was eight years of Islamic horror on the front page of every newspaper, every day.

But the papers and TV news media refused to call Islam for what it was. Instead, we continually had it driven into our brains that “Islam is a religion of peace.” We had “Meet Your Muslim Neighbor” nights at the local libraries where Imams were brought in to talk about how “loving” and “peaceful” Islam is – yet not one of those Islamic leaders ever condemned the violence and hatred. Not one.

Of course, that was not enough for the Obama administration’s plan to “fundamentally change America.” Then, our libraries, which were once meant to be places of higher learning (the same, by the way, can be said of our public schools and colleges), began holding “Drag Queen Storytime.” Perverted male sex offenders, dressed as female whores, holding little children on their laps and reading them stories about how boys can be girls, and girls can be boys, and children can be animals — and “if you feel like you’re a sodomite, you most likely are, so you should try it out as soon as possible — so you can ‘love yourself’ more.”

Many people lost their jobs during this era for refusing to use the “correct pronouns” – for simply having firmly held beliefs that there are TWO genders – NOT 67, and some even had their own children taken away by federal authorities for not going along with this abomination.

Then, SOMEHOW, Donald Trump was elected in 2016. By now, Americans were SO completely brainwashed, they willingly followed whatever the puppet masters told them. Especially the young – highly targeted prizes for the Left as they were indoctrinated from the earliest of ages. Those five-year-olds on the laps of the Drag Queens in 2008 were just coming of age by the time Trump was elected. Those 13-year-old kids were bombarded daily with 6 or 7 hours of “hate” directed at Trump in their public schools. Every public college did the same. “Be a good person,” “love is love,” “love wins,” “HATE Trump,” “Trump is a Nazi,” “Trump is a fascist,” “Trump hates blacks,” “Trump hates women,” “Trump hates freedom.”

But THEIR version of freedom meant there could be NO tolerance allowed. Conservative speakers were verbally and physically attacked on college campuses, their speech NOT allowed. No dissenting opinions. No critical thinking. No science. No truth allowed. THEIR version of “freedom” simply meant “freedom to speak freely about hating your country and your history and heritage – and ESPECIALLY GOD – which you had been taught to do from pre-school. THEIR version of “freedom” meant free abortion on demand – even up to the moment of birth. THEIR version of “freedom” meant the greatest, most courageous thing a young person could ever do in their life was to “come out” as being a homosexual – or better yet, a ‘transgender’ homosexual … and if you REALLY wanted to be a hero, you simply had to state that pedophilia is just another “completely normal” lifestyle choice.

Fast forward to eight years later. These kids who sat on the perverts’ laps during Storytime at age 5 are now 13 – ripe for the picking by pedophiles. Those kids who were ten years old when Obama began his destruction of America were now turning 18 when Trump was elected. Now well prepared, well indoctrinated to join groups like ANTIFA and BLM – not knowing, and not caring what those groups were really all about, except they stood for the destruction of America and intense hatred of Donald Trump.

Trump, I believe, “got one by” the “Deep State” in that they didn’t prepare their cheating and vote manipulation machinery well enough. They didn’t think he could really win; however, Americans were primed and ready for a president who loved his country, promised to put America first instead of our enemies, and promised to bring back the pride and patriotism that had been tossed on the Obama manure pile.

But then, the attacks never ended – even after he peacefully left office, our Congress — even our so-called “good Republicans,” voted to impeach and prosecute him. In four years, he battled everyone, even his own party, in an effort to “drain the swamp.” Had he had some help from his own party (or from CHRISTIANS), there might have been a chance. But unfortunately, that never happened.

In fact, it wasn’t long before the Swamp Creatures made it clear to him who was really in charge. This became clear to me in late March of last year when the Coronavirus “Scam-Demic” began. Every day, he would come out and address the country, flanked by the so-called “health experts.” At first, I wondered, “Is he only doing this for appearances, for diplomatic reasons?” Certainly, he’s not a stupid man – certainly, he knew the whole thing was the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American – and worldwide – public. Yet here he was, going along with it.

Certainly, he was aware of just how badly compromised Fauci was (and is) with China and other nefarious groups. Certainly, he knew the track record and intentions of Bill Gates. Certainly, he knew about Event 201 – where all this was planned and implemented just a few months earlier. Certainly, he knew about the Globalist New World Order agenda… and how America must DIE in order for their plans to move forward. Yet he did nothing to stop it.

It was in late March last year when, during one of those press conferences, I saw fear in his eyes (and heard fear and anger in his voice). It became clear to me that he was no longer in charge. If, in fact, he ever was. SOMEBODY had gotten to him. Somebody TOLD HIM how things were going to be, whether he liked it or not. America would shut down indefinitely. Big Pharma would miraculously come up with a money-making vaccine that would fund America’s downfall. Americans would willingly turn into mask-wearing, obedient sheep in the meantime. Businesses would close, and the FED would print obscene amounts of more money to fund more and more special interest groups and enemies of our nation while tossing a “bone” to the American people suffering the most.

Patriotic Americans were willing to “do their part” for a few weeks. After all, we really had no idea what was going on at the time. But it didn’t take long because Big Tech didn’t censor the information quickly enough. Soon the truth was out. The lies were exposed. Yes, there was a virus… but nothing even remotely requiring the lockdown of the entire world – even though COVID HAS apparently completely wiped out the common cold and flu.

In the end, Trump touted the vaccine as a miracle, though I don’t believe he ever got a dose himself. He gave us little hints about the lies – the fact that he was sick with the virus, but using medicines that the FDA had previously conveniently BANNED from the public, he recovered very quickly.

Bottom line: this nonsense continues. Now, those all-powerful men behind the curtains are telling us we should not only get two vaccines, we should also wear two masks. And people are DOING it.

I appreciated very much the IDEAS that Donald Trump stood for. I appreciated very much many of the things he said and even many of the things he did while in office. I was among those patriots who wanted to put America first, put common sense first, allow Christians to have the same rights that sodomites are entitled to. Build the wall! Stop the illegal flow of enemies, drugs and weapons across our borders. So much more.

Trump stood for nationalism and patriotism. Unfortunately, as I said, I don’t think that he was really in charge. He certainly had no help from anyone who was supposed to be on his side in all this. And when disaster struck via the “Planned-Demic,” he allowed our country to be shut down. He could have told the truth. But he didn’t.

Then, when hundreds of thousands of America-loving patriots still supported him, and when literally MOUNTAINS of evidence piled up proving election fraud – that there was no way Biden could ever have won so much as office of “meter maid,” much less the Oval Office – there was no one to appeal to.

All the judges, courts, and the entire judicial system, right up to the United States Supreme Court, have been found to be corrupt to the core. Willfully blind to clear evidence that even a pillow salesman can easily assemble into absolute proof.

God hates injustice. And injustice has reigned in America for more years than we know or realize. We’ve gone from “God bless America” to a “God-less America.” We’ve thrown God out of every area of our society and culture. NOTHING is as it seems, and there IS no justice in our land today. I love patriotism, but that will NEVER replace the God who gave us this nation.

Meanwhile, Biden and his ilk, who have openly endorsed physically harming and punishing anyone who doesn’t go along with their “plan,” are now calling for unity. There will BE no unity. There will BE no peace in America – or the world. In fact, as we edge ever closer to all-out Communism under the New World Order, understand: Obama was a useful puppet. Very likely, Trump was nefariously controlled, and Biden, as I’m sure we’ll all see very soon now, will end up being the puppet that hands the reigns of America over to our enemies – with a pretty pink bow on it.

Those with ears to hear, please HEAR now: God’s been warning His people. It’s time we listen – and do more than just talk and complain. It’s time we seek God, repent individually and as a nation, and accept no substitutes. NO MAN is EVER going to make America great again. In fact, the ONLY one Who can save it is Jesus… if it’s to be saved at all. It’s time we CHRISTIANS learn about the Jesus we profess to follow, place HIM on the throne of our hearts, and stop worshiping false Messiahs… no matter how sweet their words sound to our itching ears.


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