All Heil Biden! The Savior of The Motherland :: By Vanessa P.

With Trump out of the way, the left will need a new target. One thing I’ve been convinced of this last two years is that the Trump hatred will turn to Christian hatred, and quickly. It’s a very telling thing when the new president removes a bust of Winston Churchill to replace it with a bust of Caesar Chavez.

16,000 “Christians” want Franklin Graham fired for attending the January 6 rally. No, I am not kidding.

Nancy Pelosi said evangelicals and certain fringe Catholic groups would burn the whole democracy down to stop abortion. She’s not right very often. We’ve murdered tens of millions of babies. Lying to young girls by telling them it’s “women’s reproductive health.” The baby is a blob of cells, it’s not even human yet. That’s what the left says.

In just two weeks, America forever changed. The neo-democrat party aka the uniparty, paid groups like antifa to lead a charge into the Capitol building in an effort to paint Trump supporters in a bad light. In an attempt to have others follow them in. And some did.

We are now domestic terrorists who want to harm all Democrats. Franklin Graham is now a domestic terrorist. Ted Cruz a domestic terrorist. Your preacher who went to DC or supported it, a domestic terrorist. Your mom, your son and daughter. All domestic terrorists, and the Biden administration has a big plan to get rid of you.

Q was wrong. Just as I suspected. They lied to the people that were gullible enough to believe them.

I think maybe too many Trump supporters looked at Trump as though he did it all alone, as though he was some savior, not giving God the glory for everything. To those who began to put Trump before Christ, you have to realize Trump was only a man. A man with God’s hand on him, yes, but a man still the same. To my patriotic friends still listening to messages from Q. STOP. ITS OVER! Just stop it already. Our nation was stolen. An illegitimate old man was placed there by China. Kamala Harris was the first to drop out of the primaries; I don’t think she reached 1%, ever. But we made her and some old man leaders of the free world? Yeah, I don’t think so.

It’s hard to understand right now; I’m struggling with seeing this nation fall. It breaks my heart, but it’s the truth. And like I’ve said before, don’t think for one moment that the Chicoms weren’t involved. In fact, the CCP propaganda media said exactly that the fall of America proved our type of government doesn’t work, theirs does. Democracy was tried and failed, they said.

No, it didn’t fail. We had traitors in office that betrayed this nation and the people in it. They failed to uphold their oath of office and protect the real, duly-elected president, Donald J Trump.

Our current “President” is now a man that needs a teleprompter to even put a sentence together, and even then, he struggles. He is a feeble old man. A man with dementia who doesn’t know what is going on. And there’s nothing wrong with having dementia; my beloved grammpa has it, and it breaks my heart when he doesn’t recognize me. My grammpa fought in Korea. He loves this country. Proudly wore his navy and Korean War vet hat. He is a Patriot! But could he run this country? As Trader Joe would say, Come on, man!

How long will the Democrats be able to keep this façade up with world leaders? They won’t be able to, but you know what? THEY KNOW HE HAS DEMENTIA AND DON’T CARE. It was always about getting Trump. I mean, they actually want you to believe that Biden got more votes than any other president in history. Yeah, history, people. That’s how popular our feeble old president apparently is. Those are lies from the depths of hell. This nation was stolen.

Trump was the only thing standing in the way of a global one-world power. They hate him for defending us and giving us a voice again. And now he’s gone.

We had over 25,000 National Guard troops sitting in our capital. More than we had during the Civil War. Why did we need such a strong show of force against American citizens who won’t even be there? This is not a peaceful transition of power; this is a coup, and they know it. Biden had a VIRTUAL inauguration, so what false-flag bull crap are the Democrats planning in the near future?

The left is suddenly worried about those very troops protecting them too. Worried enough that they had all of them vetted on a last-minute notice. We have Senator Cohen calling them racist and possible traitors. He pointed out that most of them are white and voted for Trump. Biden’s new replacement for the top job at the Pentagon vows to weed out all white supremacists from the military.

As Trader Joe and his motorcade drove by our NG troops, many of them turned their backs on him. You think they would have turned their backs on Trump? Not a chance.

Link: Joe Biden’s Pentagon Pick Lloyd Austin Vows to Rid Military Ranks of ‘Racists and Extremists’

The Democrats are claiming the military is just overrun with racists who mean to harm them. Lloyd Austin needed congressional approval for the top job at the Pentagon, as the Pentagon is supposed to be run by a civilian with military commanders. This man is still wearing his uniform; he’s no civilian. He’s also who will lead the fight in imprisoning us traitors aka PATRIOTS. What will he do with all of the “white supremacists” they claim are in the military? He promised to weed them out.

The panicking Democrats are accusing the very people charged with protecting them of actually wanting to harm them. Because they are white men, after all.

Link: Democrat Rep: National Guard Troops Who Voted Trump are ‘Suspects’ in Insider Attack

And just for good measure, those of you who own ham radios are now suspect. You cannot use ham radios to facilitate “crimes.” What are these crimes? The FCC was very vague.

Link: The FCC Warns Ham Radio Operators

The Reichstag fire was what helped propel the Nazi Party to power after Hitler became dictator over Germany. The Democrats took a page directly from the Nazi playbook. The Reichstag fire was used to strip away the rights of its citizens.

It was used to crack down on all political opponents. The crackdown began only a few weeks after Hitler became Chancellor and his party seized control. The equivalent of our Capitol is what they burned. The Capitol “riot” by leftists has led to free-speech crackdown on all political opponents. Oddly enough, tens of millions of Americans are losing every individual right, guaranteed by the Constitution, only weeks after Democrats stole the election. The similarities are eery.

Speaking of fires, Former FBI director James Comey said, “The Republican Party needs to be burned down or changed.” He said he hopes a for a “fault breaking apart, a break between the Trumpists and those people who want to try and build a responsible Conservative Party.”

So, what kind of military are we going to have if a purge happens, considering that the vast majority of our military supports Trump and his patriot movement. Who will fill their shoes! The Chicoms? Not many basement dwellers from antifa want to be in the military. It may interfere with their beauty sleep. But what if great incentives were provided? Good money, benefits, lax boot camp, transgenders allowed in again. The sad part in all of this? Our enemy looks just like us. Well, except the trans part. The way they are talking about tens of millions of Trump supporters certainly doesn’t make them friends. They made themselves the enemy. I used to be friends with everyone; they dumped me. I didn’t turn on them.

Next up on the neo-democrat party? Detention centers and re-education camps. I think I know why all those guillotines are in the U.S. now. Why Obama’s IRS bought millions of rounds of ammo. I laughed off the rumors of guillotines; not anymore. The Democrats have revealed exactly who they are and what they are about. You haven’t seen anything yet. This is exactly why God said, “COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE! One key thing to take from the Capitol “siege” and the The Reichstag fire? IT WORKED!

Link: Thousands of Guillotines Pre-Positioned Across America for Left-Wing Terrorists to Execute Christians and Whites in the Unfolding Civil War

Get away from the cities, and get off of social media. I’m banned again anyway. I have no doubt in my mind that the Chicoms are still coming. Is China really going to be afraid of a Harris presidency? Biden is old, he has dementia, and I dare say, he’s simply a puppet. They planted him there. Their need of him Is about to expire. I think he knows it, too, considering he just spoke of his impending death.

Link: Watch: Joe Biden Starts Crying During Speech About His Death and Delaware

Like I said before, the 25th Amendment was not intended for Trump; it’s for Biden.

Q told us to TRUST THE PLAN. Well, I say, TRUST JESUS CHRIST; HE HAS A PLAN. You and I are a part of it. Now is the time to witness and spread God’s message because, from the look of things, we won’t be able to much longer.

I believe the global system described in Revelation represents COMMUNISM. Just look what Covid has already done – exactly what it was intended to do – it subdued the people. The Greek translation of bow is “the simplest of fabrics,” Corona is also crown in Spanish, and Corona was named because of the crown shapes. Conquer in Greek is to subdue. Covid did what nobody has been able to do in 245 years – subdue the American people in the only nation standing in the way.

We now have communists in the White House, and there will be an internal fight over power. Antifa began rioting on inauguration night.

Democrats are now suggesting “moderate” China Joe start a “secret police force” to infiltrate Trump supporters and hear what they’re really saying and thinking.

Secret police to listen to phone calls and read emails. Nothing to see here. This doesn’t sound like Russia or China at all, does it? Secret police are a hallmark of dictatorship. Dictators don’t have the trust and love of their people like Trump did. Dictators are always thinking someone is going to seize power from them, so they stamp out any and all dissent.

Have a Trump sign in your yard still? It’s moved beyond hearing people gloat or mock; you’re now an insurrectionist for daring to support the former president, and I dare say you are a target depending on where you live. If you’re in a heavy blue state, just remove the sticker and give it a proper burial. Don’t make yourself a target.

Remember when the left called for Obama to break the Constitution and run again? It was different when the left literally called for that two-term failure of a president, Obama, to take back the White House. That was different.

Link: Left Calls for Trump Supporters to Be Monitored by an Army of Citizen Detectives

Link: Biden’s call for unity flies in the face of media vitriol toward Trump supporters

Trump should have brought a hammer down on the real insurrectionists and traitors last summer, those burning our nation down for a year. He should have brought the hammer down on the politicians encouraging violence and destruction, like that weirdo Maxine Waters. But no, he listened to the RINOs around him. He should have filed lawsuits before the election to force state legislators to do their jobs, but he didn’t, which allowed millions of fraudulent ballots being sent in. Trump has to bear some blame in this, and I love the guy.

I watched the video of him being welcomed home in Florida. It looked like thousands were there. He was still smiling, giving thumbs up and waving. It made me cry, and I don’t even cry that often. I was saddened over what we allowed the corrupt politicians to get away with for so long. We gave our nation away.

America helped the wounded nation of China rise from the ashes at the peril of their own nation and people. Nobody ever thought China would be a superpower or great nation again. Thanks Mitch! If not for RINOs and weak Republicans, China would still be starving.

The Democrat and RINO politicians are supporting and enabling a system that has enslaved and tortured millions of people. The Democrats and RINOs, or the new uniparty, don’t care about people being tortured and murdered in China. They want their money and business.

Mitch has hated Trump as much as the Democrats do. They all hate that Trump called them out, and he didn’t care. He called it like he saw it. That was his undoing. That’s what America needed, though. I’m sick of the Mitt Romney’s of the GOP and Obama, the great apologizer.

Old Mitch has deep ties to the CCP too, along with his CHINESE wife. That explains his hatred and disloyalty of Trump. Want to know who has ties to the CCP? Just look at who voted to impeach Trump a second time. Look at those who yelled and lied loudest about Trump. The Adam Schiff’s, the Nancy Pelosi’s, THE Ben Stass’ and Liz Cheney’s of the GOP. IT’S ALL OLD DEMONS IN NEW BODIES.

Link: Schweizer: Mitch McConnell, Wife Elaine Chao Financially Tied to Chinese Government

More and more proof is coming out about antifa’s role in the Capitol chaos. This younger generation isn’t like my generation or those before mine. We could keep our mouths shut. We didn’t have to let everyone know exactly what we are doing every minute of the day, and we weren’t dying for our fifteen minutes of fame.

During the Capitol chaos, video has emerged of someone on the inside handing out bats through a window.

Link: NEW VIDEO: Antifa Hands Out Weapons from Bag During Storming of US Capitol

And then there’s this…

Link: Twitter screenshot from “Insurrection USA” BLM Activist John Sullivan

These leftist goofballs are in private chat rooms and discord servers boasting about their role at the Capitol. In fact, they are proudly taking blame, even going so far as to point themselves out. Why no mass arrests of antifa members? They even ask which Trump gear will help them blend in more. Discord is a gaming server where people go to chat privately. It was once used strictly by gamers but is now being used as a private place to plan sedition and treasonous activities against the President and WE THE PEOPLE.

Link: Screenshots from “Insurrection USA” BLM Activist John Sullivan’s Discord Claim Police Let Him In

Speaking of Jesse, the main instigator, he had a partner to help him. A CNN contributor. Nope, not kidding. CNN has now completely scrubbed any mention of John Sullivan from their site. Have you noticed over the last few months that leftist news sites like Yahoo and CNN turned off the ability to leave comments? For your safety, not their precious fragile feelings. Of course not.

Link: Video Appears to Show CNN Affiliated Reporter Infiltrating Capitol Riot with BLM Activist John Sullivan – CNN Scrubs all Stories from Their Site

The Democrats and RINOs have nothing to hide behind anymore. So when housing crashes, it’s on them. When businesses can’t reopen, it’s on them. When food lines continue to grow because of their commie policies, it’s on them. Every Covid death from January 20,2021, forward is on them. There’s no more Trump to blame for all of the world’s problems.

The Republican Party is gone, as conservatives stopped trusting the GOP with Obama’s election. Republicans are cowards, whereas Patriots want to preserve our Republic and defend our Constitution. President Trump would be wise to start his own party – The Patriot party I’ve been hearing talk of. He should then start his own social media site along with a news network. PNN, Patriot News Network.

Link: Trump Planning to Establish the ‘Patriot Party’ When He Leaves Office, Report Says

A new bombshell report came out showing without a doubt that our election was interfered with by foreign nations. We have IP addresses. The Democrat poll workers were already caught logging online during the count, which is FORBIDDEN because of hacking. The DNI report released by Ratcliffe shows that the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, China, Germany, Canada and Russia all hacked into our computers. I’m sure this was coordinated with some top Democrats; they didn’t do it alone. They switched votes from Biden to Trump. And there’s proof.

Link: DNI Ratcliffe Drops Bombshell Report, Alleges China Interfered in the 2020 Election

MANY of the people in Biden’s new administration were actively talking with foreign leaders while Trump was still president. They couldn’t contain themselves in regard to restoring America’s place in the globalist new world order.  They openly and willingly broke the Logan act, the very act that they used to ruin General Flynn. He spoke to one Russian, and it had nothing to do with foreign policy. Like I said before, Flynn’s undoing was his telling the DemonRats that he would be focusing on China, not Russia. Well, they knew they’d be found out by him, so they destroyed him to silence and discredit him.

Look at people like that fraud Eric Swalwell. He was duped by a Chinese spy into a sexual relationship. So, exactly what was said during pillow talk? Nancy Pelosi not only didn’t remove him from his seat in the intelligence committee, she recently added him to another committee. He’s not a traitor? Someone who should be investigated? Not according to the left. Keep it moving, people.

Since Biden was fraudulently “certified” as president, the Democrats have lost their darn minds with power and vengeance. Vengeance for what? I’m not even sure that they know for what. And right on cue, on Inauguration Day, antifa came out in Seattle.

Link: Antifa Attacks Democrat HQ in Portland — Wants Revenge, Not Biden

Speaking of vengeance, that fruitBall AOC wants every Republican that doesn’t kiss her behind removed from the seats they hold. That’s called communism. That’s dictatorship. As she calls you a Nazi, she is literally using a Nazi playbook. I can’t express enough how dumb this woman is. God said, “Thinking themselves wise, they became as fools.” She is an absolute fool.

The CEO of PBS wants vengeance too; the CEO of a TAXPAYER-FUNDED NETWORK called for children of Trump supporters to be removed from their parents and placed in detention camps for children, where they will be reprogrammed. Don’t worry, though; Sesame Street characters will be on the walls and TV. He said this so smugly. Would you trust your child with these demons? I wouldn’t trust Adam Schiff with a turtle.

America, for the first time, was energy dependent on nobody. We exported. Trump made the keystone pipeline happen, creating thousands of jobs. With the stroke of a pen, Biden stopped it all. We will now become dependent on OPEC once again. What leader of a country would rather depend on someone else? One that is about to destroy everything we gained in the last four years, and then some. China is just waiting for the right moment to swoop in and finish us off. God said that the people invading Babylon come from the north with a nation of many kings. Justin Trudeau wasn’t very happy with Biden. It reminded me of the Chinese troops training above us right now. Of course, a single nation with many kings is the UN. What is going to happen in America that they invade? Civil war? Retaliation? Or just because they can?

“My people, go out of the midst of her! And let everyone deliver himself from the fierce anger of the LORD” (Jeremiah 51:45).

Link: Something Awful Has Been Unleashed on Our Country

“You who have escaped the sword, Get away! Do not stand still! Remember the LORD afar off, And let Jerusalem come to your mind” (Jeremiah 51:50).

America’s best days are behind her. Our greatness is a thing of the past. Our strength and power were given to the enemy willingly.

“Babylon was a golden cup in the LORD’s hand, That made all the earth drunk. The nations drank her wine; Therefore the nations are deranged. Babylon has suddenly fallen and been destroyed. Wail for her! Take balm for her pain; Perhaps she may be healed. We would have healed Babylon, But she is not healed.”

As for our Patriotism for this country, it will be turned on us. We are now products of the State. Our allegiance goes to the State or we will be turned over, betrayed and killed. Just as Jesus said. Our patriotism will be our undoing.

And in case you don’t believe me, just go to the FBI’s new descriptions of domestic terrorism. Domestic terrorists call themselves “PATRIOTS.”

“Often calling themselves “patriots,” they believe the government has become corrupt, has overstepped its constitutional limits, or has not been able to protect the country against global dangers.

Who or What They Target: Violent militia extremists mainly target those they believe could violate their constitutional rights, such as police officers and judges.

Link: FBI Teen Website: What Are Known Violent Extremist Groups?

When have Patriots attacked police, judges or politicians? According to the left, 75 million people have been involved and labeled terrorists, whether they’re in Washington DC on January 6 physically or simply in spirit.

Don’t expect truth from the state-run media like CNN either. It was disgusting how they, along with every other MSM outlet, fawned over a man that they know is weak and feeble. A man that they know not only didn’t win, but a man who doesn’t even remember being VP. He can’t talk; he is confused. He’s a puppet. Nothing more or less, and Jill Biden should be ashamed of herself. CNN actually said that the DC Covid memorial lights looked like Biden’s arms outstretched, embracing America. I mean, Kim Jung Un had to roll his eyes at that one.

Link: CNN political director: DC COVID memorial lights like ‘extensions of’ Biden’s ‘arms embracing America’

Welcome to the USSA. All heil Biden.