Bye Bye, Miss American Pie :: By Vanessa P.

Last week before the Million MAGA March, I submitted an article. That day, Lin Wood had posted on Twitter that VP Mike Pence was a traitor and should be handled in the manner our founders laid out. Not in those words, though.

I decided to write to Rapture Ready to edit the article and add that I felt Mike Pence was a Christian man and would do the right thing. I never doubted him.

Then he turned on the people of this country and the president. Since that time, our president has been completely cut off of social media. Every major platform has banned him. That’s called communism. What are they hiding? What is it that they don’t want the president to tell us?

Not long ago, I wrote an article and pointed out that the King of Babylon is cut off from communicating with the people. Messengers try to reach him but are cut off. For hours on the sixth, I didn’t even know where our president was. How would you describe social media a couple thousand years ago? Messages. He is blocked. Could this be talking of President Trump right now?

“One runner will run to meet another, And one messenger to meet another, To show the king of Babylon that his city is taken on all sides; The passages are blocked, The reeds they have burned with fire, And the men of war are terrified” (Jeremiah 51:31-32).

On January 6, over one million Patriots descended on Washington, DC, in protest of the fraudulent election that took place. Not only the fraud, but the shocking PROOF of fraud. It has all been ignored. From both Republicans and Democrats.

This is the Neo-Democrat party. It’s the uni-party, and it consists of both Democrats and Republicans.

Trump supporters did not attack our Capitol building. They were let in by DC Capitol police. It has also been proven that Antifa infiltrated this march, just as Trump supporters suspected they would. What Patriots didn’t expect was for Antifa to dress like them and lead a charge into the Capitol building.

First of all, Patriots don’t dress in black bloc. They don’t scale walls nor attack police. They don’t loot or destroy property, and they certainly don’t get violent.

There are multiple videos of DC police urging them to go in. After Antifa began a charge inside, they urged Patriots to follow. They were hesitant until police removed barricades and opened doors. Did Patriots get caught up in the moment by yelling and shouting? Yes. But that is OUR HOUSE. What would our founders have done?

Second of all, this massive fraud was about to be proven to the world that day. Why would Trump supporters want to stop that? They wanted to be heard. Antifa is known to behave EXACTLY like the rioters did in the Capitol, and the leftists were the only people who wanted that session of Congress stopped.

One of the Antifa members, Jason, lives in Philly and is well known in the terrorist organization. I’ve included several links and photos at the bottom of this article. He not only does not look like a Trump supporter, but he has a communist hammer and sickle tattoo on his hand. How many Trump supporters do you know with communist symbols on themselves?

This was planned. Patriots were set up that day; our president was set up that day.

And third, you mean to tell me it’s that easy to get into our Capitol? There were Over one million Patriots outside with every important member of our government inside, and there were two cops at the stairs? One cop at the door? Open doors? Does that sound plausible to you? Absolutely not.

The Democrat party wants us to believe that Joe Biden got more votes than any other president in history. Are you kidding me? So we just allow them to steal our nation, and that’s that? Our founders fought and died for this? DC is shut down, and American citizens are being told they aren’t allowed in. Would ANY of this have happened fifty years ago?

The Neo-Democrat party will not forget this. Oh, they will forget the Antifa members they paid, but there are people this very minute going over photos of that march, hoping they can find someone to turn in. People are losing jobs; the media has already showed up at one man’s home. The left is demanding flight records and hotel info from any of their comrades willing to help. They want these Patriots punished – How dare they question this election. They aren’t going to end with those inside the Capitol; they want those on the steps, on the lawn and any of us who still support Trump.

Leaders from across the world including France, Britain, Venezuela and Turkey have stated their concern for Joe Biden. These people are telling Americans that they must accept this election. This goes right along with the world hating the harlot and wanting to destroy her. America fell. Our strength is gone. They know it. We just haven’t realized it yet.

January 6 was a turning point in this nation. Jesus said a house divided cannot stand. We will not stand divided, and we will never be United again. The rest of the world is giddy at our fall.

Jesus warns us of winnowing and plunderers coming.

There is also a purge coming, just like in every other communist nation. Trump will be removed from history; he will be erased. The only thing standing between us and them was him. With him out of the way, they are coming for us.

Since the media won’t report news anymore, I will. Did you know that in Oklahoma the CPP (Chinese Communist Party) has been buying up our cattle ranches? They are paying two and three times what they are worth. Now why would the Chinese buy our ranches, and why are we letting them? Right in the heart of America. You know what that means? They are going to starve us out. You know where else they are? The media hasn’t reported this either.

The Chinese, in their usual manner, went to the Bahamas and Jamaica and opened their wallet – with American money, of course. In return, the CCP now has a military base in the Bahamas. Now, why would they do that? Because they will use this base to refuel planes and ships. Cuba will help as well, I’m sure. Do you understand how serious this is now? Trump should have protected this election harder and should have started lawsuits before November 3. We knew they were going to cheat, but not like that.

This is a red alert to my patriotic friends. We are in trouble. I’ve been worried about what’s going to happen for two days now. Biblically, I saw Trump remaining president. How else could we have “Ruler against Ruler?” How else can it be explained? But scripture is clear about there being two rulers. Is Trump going to hand over the White House on the 20th? I almost hope he doesn’t. I have several friends who keep telling me that Trump isn’t leaving; just wait; arrests are coming. But haven’t we been hearing that for four years? Qanon has been spreading this garbage for four years.

Our president has been cut off. He is no longer getting briefed either. He is having access taken from him. He canceled his Camp David trip, likely because he fears he will not be let back in the White House. Our president is basically under siege.

As people try to reach him, they will fail, just as prophesied.

This is not like any other time in American history. Communism isn’t at the door anymore; it’s HERE. The Democrats seem to be skipping right over socialism and going right for communist agendas.

Xi JinPing has offered to send 250,000 CCP members to Washington, DC, on January 20 to help keep “peace.” As I said in a previous article, they are already above us in Canada, performing military training operations.

Everything I’ve warned about this last three years is here. I truly thought Trump would win a second term because of the prophecy about there being two rulers which brings violence. Well, I guess since they’ve taken our president’s presidential power from him, we do have ruler against ruler. Mike Pence and the Democrat party are making decisions that the president should be making.

Those that entered the Capitol that day are losing their jobs. People that simply went to Washington are losing their jobs. Can’t buy or sell is here.

We will be forced to pledge our allegiance to this world beast power or be cut off from EVERYTHING, just like the president. It’s only going to get worse too.

The social credit score I’ve been learning about is here. Do you visit news sites like If not, you should. But very soon, visiting” questionable” sites will lower your score. Stop thinking of only America. God seriously doesn’t have an American flag draped over Him. Not buying or selling is HERE. In China, if your score is too low, you’re not buying or selling ANYTHING. You certainly won’t be allowed to use social media. You dissenter, you!

Parler is a social media alternative to Facebook. It allows free speech and does not censor you. President Trump went to Parler, and immediately Google play store banned Parler. Apple said they are next to ban Parler. Why? Because they won’t restrict speech. In communism, that’s not allowed. Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg have proven that they are indeed communists. If you don’t think like them, poof. You’re gone. That’s COMMUNISM. Like I said, it’s no longer at the doorstep. It’s here.

The face masks we have been forced to wear are not for your safety or health. It’s to remove your individualism, make us all the same with no dissenters. That’s not America. But guess what? That’s the NEW AMERICA. You think the Patriot Act and NSA spying was bad? Ha! Just wait. If they can do this to the President of the United States, just think what they are gonna do to you.

Georgia wasn’t lost to socialists; Georgia was stolen from the people. Republican governors like Kemp have deep ties and pockets with the CCP too.

The left is in full attack mode, and we are in trouble. Please don’t think this is just business as usual; it’s not. Hollywood is rejoicing over censorship. These IDIOTS have no idea that they are next. You toe the line or lose your access.

I have to say, as a Christian, I sure am struggling with this whole forgiveness thing. I don’t have it in me right now to forgive them for what they’ve done and are continuing to do. The only thing standing in the way of us and them… was PRESIDENT TRUMP. Aren’t these the very people Jesus warned us of?

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand” (Ephesians 6:12-13).

The left never accepted Trump as president, so I will show Biden the exact amount of respect that they showed my president. Joe Biden IS NOT MY PRESIDENT. He is a fraud.

You know something else? Everything we are witnessing, we brought on ourselves and allowed for decades. Our founders told us to never give up our power to the government, but we did.

Our founders told us, if you give up freedom and liberty for safety and security, you deserve neither.

Jeremiah tells us that the destruction of Babylon is what we deserve. God tells us that what we have done to other nations, so it shall be done to us. How many governments have we toppled under the crooked leadership of the Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obama’s? Now the world is watching our own government topple.

If Patriots stay away from Washington because they were told to, what did our founders die for? If it were possible, “they’d roll in their graves,” as my gramma used to say. For them to just enslave us? What is happening to this nation? My heart is heavy, and my soul aches for what they’ve done. Other nations across the world realize how serious it is to see America fall to communism. In Japan, they are protesting for Trump. In Hong Kong, the Chicoms took over; the boot is officially on their neck.

The only good news I have for you is that there is about to be a time of great revival. It’s going to get so bad that Christians and Jews alike beg for Christ to return.

“In those days and in that time,’ says the LORD, ‘The children of Israel shall come, They and the children of Judah together; With continual weeping they shall come, And seek the LORD their God. They shall ask the way to Zion, With their faces toward it, saying, ‘Come and let us join ourselves to the LORD In a perpetual covenant That will not be forgotten’” (Jeremiah 50:4-5).

President Trump is going to either be up for impeachment come Monday, or it’s possible Pence agrees to the 25th amendment. President Trump knew they hated him; he didn’t realize they hated him this much. How much? Republicans are now on board with impeachment and the 25th amendment. What many don’t realize is when they send Trump the letter of intent for the 25th amendment, he replies. His reply can be a simple NO, I’M NOT LEAVING. He then has 21 days for Congress to debate. This gives Trump an extra 21 days in office, but it also could explain the RULER AGAINST RULER I have warned about for so long; Pence will claim he is president; Trump says I’m not stepping down. Or if Trump says I’m not leaving, we have a civil war on our hands. I hate to tell you this, but Revelation 6:4 says civil war is exactly what will happen.

“Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.”

That fiery red horse is communism. It doesn’t say men of war kill one another; it says people will kill one another. That’s civil war. If Trump doesn’t step down, chaos will reign, not just here but across the world. Do we have allies who would defend him? Is it possible Israel does stand by our side, leading to their own attack?

No matter what happens though, no matter how much video evidence we have, all of this is going to end up at the doorstep of Patriots. As I stated, some are already losing their jobs. But are you ready for ghettos? That’s actually been floated out there. They don’t want to unite and move forward. They want vengeance. They want your blood.

President Trump needs to tell the American people he has changed his mind about conceding and a transition of power. He needs to tell the world he isn’t conceding because now there is absolute evidence that our Capitol was attacked by a group he wants to label a terrorist organization, I’m sorry, but as I said in my last article, I’d rather fight and fall by Trump’s side than live enslaved under communist leadership. DON’T LIVE AND DIE ON YOUR KNEES. YOU LIVE AND FIGHT ON YOUR FEET.

It was ok to set up Chaz, a new country within our country. The left burned the Nashville courthouse, and burned down numerous businesses. They stormed the SCOTUS and Capitol last year, not once but a few times. Was anyone executed? Ashli BABBIT was executed by DC Capitol police. She served her country, four tours in the Air Force. She is Un-American and attacked Capitol police? I don’t think so.

The Capitol police stood down. They were ordered to move Patriots in. Patriots moved in. But ahead of them, ANTIFA had already started their destruction. These are confirmed Antifa members who have violent histories with arrests. This is who our Capitol police stood down for.

I don’t care how they try to censor January 6, they won’t be able to hide this much longer. The MSM is trying to claim Alex Jones led this storming of the Capitol. Forget that he’s on video telling people to be peaceful or that others spotted Antifa throughout the day. Forget that the DC police gave Antifa a police escort into the city that day. Should Patriots have gone inside the Capitol? Probably not, but in the moment, and with police letting you in, why would the average Patriot think anyone in their MAGA March would destroy our Capitol? That’s not Patriot behavior. That’s Antifa behavior.

You’re next. The left will be using January 6 as a way to control you and control speech. USA Today posted hundreds of pictures begging readers to help them identify the people there. Why? To get them fired and shamed, of course. When did our media turn into police?

It’s also being reported now that the day before the Capitol was stormed, Congress was briefed on the FACT that Antifa would be at the rally posing as Trump supporters. Was Trump briefed on this? NO!!!!  It’s all coming out. But now the president has conceded. Or has he? I don’t know what’s going to happen over the next twelve days, but either way, American Patriots are in trouble.

Sources are saying that the president is locked down in a secure location with top military leaders.

Are you going to just let them put you in a camp? Let them remove you and family from your home? They are labeling us terrorists. Claiming we are guilty of sedition. They weren’t saying that for the last four years. In fact, people like that commie racist Eric Holder called for attacks on us. They all did. Trump needs to take Hillary’s advice. DO NOT CONCEDE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

75 million people voted for him. Tens of millions of people in this country believe the election was stolen.

Biden, as he introduced his new administration, compared Ted Cruz to Joseph Goebbels. The president- elect called 75 million Americans traitors and terrorists. This is what Conservatives are supposed to just give in to?

And you want to know something else? Why did Mike Pence take out a Pence 2020 pac in 2017?? Because he thought they’d be rid of Trump way before re-election. What did we know about Pence as a VP? He certainly didn’t talk much. Now we know why. HE WAS ONE OF THEM THE WHOLE TIME. He didn’t really support Trump, but he liked the position of VP. His chief of staff was most likely one of the leaks coming from the White House that Trump could never find; President Trump has, as of yesterday, locked him out of the White House.

After the MAGA March, long-time friends of the president, like Chris Christie couldn’t condemn Trump fast enough. Lindsey Graham jumped ship. Even Trey GOWDY condemned the president. What does that tell you? He is surrounded and cut off, just like scripture says.

Pray for people like Josh Hawley and Matt Gaetz. Pray for people like Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan.

Antifa and BLM burned cities down for months. Committed acts of treason. Fiery but peaceful, remember?

Thank God for cell phones. There are MULTIPLE videos coming out of Washington, DC. INCLUDING VIDEO OF ACTUAL DC police LOCKING TRUMP SUPPORTERS IN THEIR HOTEL LOBBY FROM THE OUTSIDE.

Scripture also tells us that as Trump (King of Babylon) is surrounded, he finally grows weary and feeble. I don’t think people understand how serious this is. Our president has nobody in government right now. Even the “Christian” Pence turned on him. Think about that for a moment.

And not only have they taken our president off of social media, they shut down his online stores. There’s that not buying or selling again. That’s just the start. The purging of conservatives has started, yes. But the purging of any and all content that they don’t like is upon us too. This is modern-day book burnings. The left is no better than the Puritans who were convinced everyone was a witch. We have a witch. Her name is Nancy Pelosi. Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, there was a bombshell released from the White House today. During the Capitol chaos, Nancy Pelosi’s laptop was taken. Apparently, it was taken by U.S special forces, and there’s video of it. Not only that, but speaking from the White House today, Lt. General Thomas McInerney confirmed it.

What’s on her laptop that special forces infiltrated Antifa and then took it? Something is happening. America had better hold on tight.

“I will kindle a fire in his cities, And it will devour all around him” (Jeremiah 50:32).

Adonijah, a son of King David, had anointed himself king over God’s people. Biden has done the same thing with a lot of help from the propagandist state news like CNN, MSNBC, ABC etc.

“Then Adonijah the son of Haggith exalted himself, saying, ‘I will be king’….” (1 Kings 1:5).

And just like with Trump, the people wanted Solomon as their king and took to the streets in celebration and joy for him.

“Now Adonijah and all the guests who were with him heard it as they finished eating. And when Joab heard the sound of the horn, he said, ‘Why is the city in such a noisy uproar?’” (1 Kings 1:41).

Just then, Jonathan informed him that although he slaughtered calf for a feast and invited all of his friends and those loyal to him to celebrate him as their new king, it would not be so. For his father had Solomon anointed and sealed as king at the Gihon Spring that very day.

“Then Jonathan answered and said to Adonijah, ‘No! Our lord King David has made Solomon king’” (1 Kings 1:43).

With over one million Patriots in DC, they certainly caused a loud uproar. Could Joe Biden be a modern- day Adonijah?

Long story short, after Solomon was anointed King, he executed Adonijah and then either arrested or executed many of his cohorts. Could history repeat itself? With Trump remaining in office, war with China is inevitable too.

The Great Reset is a Chinese system based and rooted in communism and socialism. China learned to use capitalism with communism and shared it with the world. This is the new system we see emerging in the West. We began in capitalism and freedom and are moving towards a communist society of oppression and tyranny. Willingly. In fact, many can’t stop talking of this Great Reset. Especially the elite. Like Swalwell, these people are promised bright futures in the new governments forming around the globe.

The Great Reset is the abandonment of individual rights, which include things like property rights, freedom of speech and even thought, freedom of movement, and freedom of association as we are seeing through social distancing, church doors locked, and Christians held to different standards. Free enterprise will be a thing of the past. The mask is helping to remove the individual. We are all the same. Products of the state.

This Great Reset will usher in the Antichrist Kingdom.

The entire system as we know it is burning. The only government that guarantees all of those rights to the individual is burning.

Not being able to buy or sell is right around the corner. Big tech is already working on apps to prove you were vaccinated which in turn will allow you “freedom.” And that social credit score I warned you about? Don’t wear a mask or get vaccinated, and see how quickly you drop.

Scarlett O’Hara famously said “The Yankees are coming; the Yankees are coming.”

I’m telling you, the Chicoms are coming; the Chicoms are coming. I hope you’re ready for what they bring. Jesus won’t rescue you before you reach the fire, but He will walk by your side as you do. Trump is only one man; he can only hold on so long as God holds onto Him.

The fight for the soul of America has only just begun.

January 20 is almost here. Is Trump going to leave? I’m hearing he’s in a bunker with the military guarding him. The day of the Lord is upon us.

Vanessa P