America’s Future: Hope or Despair? :: By David Reagan

America’s future looks very dim as the forces advocating moral depravity and contempt for God’s Word prepare to take over the White House and Congress.

We should expect an all-out effort to encourage the goals of the Sexual Perversion Movement, with its demands to legalize prostitution, polygamy, polyamory marriage and even pedophilia (with “consenting” children!).

Religious expression will become an obsessive target with the aim of forcing it into the closet — declaring that it is appropriate only within the walls of churches, synagogues and mosques. Efforts will be made to reinterpret the constitutional guarantee of “free exercise of religion” as meaning only the freedom of worship. Don’t be surprised at efforts to eliminate tax exemptions for churches and ministries (despite the Supreme Court’s ruling in 1819 that “the power to tax is the power to destroy”).

There will be a determined effort to eliminate all limitations on abortion. And there will be a goal of allowing infanticide up to a year after the birth of a child. Attempts will also be made to further the legalization of euthanasia.

Expect efforts to enact hate speech legislation that would outlaw any criticism of abortion, homosexuality and same-sex marriage. There will also be attempts to declare that the public proclamation of Jesus as the only way to Heaven constitutes hate speech.

And then there are the Socialists who are demanding a minimum income for everyone regardless of whether they want to work.

Regarding foreign policy, expect a lack of support for Israel and the revival of the emphasis that began with President George H. W. Bush on the creation of a One World Order. Consequently, we should anticipate America’s national interest to be subordinated to the demands of international organizations like the United Nations.

Expect a renewed effort to grant citizenship to all illegal aliens. Also, expect demands for reparations for Blacks and Homosexuals.

You are probably thinking, “Come on, David, this is too extreme.” Yes, it is too extreme in concept but not in reality. These are policy positions endorsed by various Democrats during the last Presidential campaign. And they are evidence of the fact that our nation has reached the last stage of destruction described in Romans 1:28 when God turns the nation over to a “depraved mind.”

So, is there any hope for our nation? I do not believe so. We have rejected the Judeo-Christian principles this nation was based upon and which have made this nation great. We have forgotten God and His Word, and we are now determined to do as we please. We are operating in open rebellion against God. In the process, we are digging our own grave.

But there is hope for individuals who place their faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior. They will receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit who will comfort them, guide them and give them the peace that passes all understanding (Philippians 4:7). They will also become heirs of the promise that they will be included in the Rapture when Jesus appears in the heavens for His Church before the Great Tribulation begins.

And those of us who are believers need to keep in mind that God is in control. Read Psalm 2 and rejoice!