ABCs Of Salvation, Amplified for Special People :: By Edwin Tan


The ABCs of salvation is a simplified way in which the Good News concerning eternal life through Jesus Christ is presented to the average person. However, there are a sizeable number of tough nuts who require a different angle of attack. These people will not say yes in a matter of minutes but would procrastinate as well as ponder when, in their frame of mind, the whole thing is too easy. Education and social status could be the reason why they need a little more convincing.

A: Acknowledgement of a hopeless state of one’s affairs. (the need for a Saviour)

You might begin with Romans 3:23 by stating that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. There could be somebody looking at this issue from a worldly lens. You could be at the end of a cynical retort: ‘I have done nothing wrong legally, I donate to charity on a regular basis, and I am a respected member of the community.’

Get to the heart of the matter with an introduction to the Fallen Nature that is an inherent weakness in humanity. It is this weakness that generates a host of negatives, which many say is all about human nature. Anger, coarse language, and personal insecurity are some of these negatives. They are part of the Fallen Nature, which causes all humans to fall short of God’s glory. But there is one big, fat nasty which plagues every mind – fear! There is undeniably that fear of death that is top of the list of fears. Other fears could be real or imagined, but one thing is for certain – you have no peace of mind! Alcohol, sleeping pills, and anti-depressants have only very short-term relief. Same can be said about yoga plus other earthly escapades like Transcendental Meditation.

What quality of life is there when one is truly short of God’s glory? All the money in the world will not solve the problem. As a matter of fact – it could make things worse!

  1. Believe in the One & Only that can bring you out of this mess. His Name is Jesus Christ.

You could begin with an analytical look at Romans 6:23. We begin with the wages of sin that result in death. Put another way, the Fallen Nature we talked about earlier is a sure highway to death. We are talking about eternal death, which is hell. That place exists, except that there are many who deny it. But the truth about the fear of dying is evident everywhere – enough to cause nightmares and superstitions! No fun amidst a tormented mind. There are quite many that put up a brave face, but hidden from prying eyes is that silent suffering. Don’t kid yourself; you are running scared.

But then there is that wonderful alternative where God’s gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ is a hundred percent guaranteed – provided one believes in the saving power of the Son of God. Jesus will save you from eternal damnation in hell if you believe in his power to enable you to shake off the Fallen Nature. You can struggle all you want, but this rotten crust will stick to you. Only Jesus can make the critical difference. So invite him into your life, and He will give you the peace of mind that surpasses all human understanding. No money involved; simply let the Lord Jesus have all of your life. He is not going to make you a compliant zombie, but contrary to this, He is going to give a totally new meaning where your life is concerned.

Once you surrender your life to Christ, you are no longer under the curse of falling short of God’s glory. With that, you will have unlimited access to the riches and glory God has in store for the believer. Eternal life is for sure; the sting of death and hell are vanquished!

  1. Call on the Name of Jesus, and you will be safe.

In Romans 10:13, it is clearly stated that all who call upon the Name of Jesus will be saved. No doubt about it, He will save you from the sulfur and brimstone that goes with the never-ending torment in hell. But you have to call on his Name exclusively – no room for anything if not everyone else.

But here is the beauty which many don’t see. Through Jesus Christ, we have access to the unfathomable power of God. We are referring to the supernatural, that which is divine and genuine. What humans cannot resolve with their limited frailties, God can more than make up for through Jesus Christ. When you call on the Name of Jesus Christ, you will not only be saved from eternity in hell, but you will be safe in this life. He listens when you call on Him because He truly loves you. That is the reason He died the worst demise in mankind’s history so that you will be able to connect with God, as He took every wretched element of the Fallen Nature to the Cross!


It is a bit lengthy, but it addresses the heart of the matter in present-day settings and context – that it would serve to defuse the hardening, which is endemic in about every culture.

Yours in Christ