While We Were Looking the Other Way… :: By Robert Campbell

The Republicans are now the new/old Democrats.

Hello folks, it’s been a few weeks since I wrote an article. I only write when I feel the need. And right now, I feel the need. And if you are reading this, then it made the muster.

I must say, what I’m seeing today in America is alarming. It’s incredible what I’m seeing today. I wrote an article a few months ago titled “Has America Bought the Lie?” And I must say that America has indeed bought the lie. America has purchased a bill of goods that is defective. America was sold a bill of goods that we are using to this very day. And it seems that we cannot return the goods.

It seems that it’s not the Democrat Liberals we should be worrying about; it’s the Christians and so-called Conservatives. They are the ones that are not where they should be. They say they believe in God and conservative views, but in reality, they say nothing or do nothing. They are quick to pull out their smartphone cameras, and take pics and complain, but do nothing.

President Trump has proven day in and day out that he is for the good of the country and the people. The little men and women of this great country are the true backbone of this country. But ‘we the people’ continue to vote for evil people to control us. We continue to allow all kinds of evil to come in and tell us that we do not need God or family. And we sit here without any pushback.

We allow the evil folks to call white people racist, and we just sit there and say and do nothing. America has allowed so much evil to now infiltrate our lives, all we can do now is complain. The Democrat liberals are doing what evil does. They have no choice but to follow Satan. It’s the so-called conservatives and Christians that have allowed this evil to go on this far. They are the ones that sat silent and looked the other way.

We, the Christians, decided to allow the church to allow evil preachers to come in and convince us that they are from God and giving us God’s word. They convinced us that we should allow women and homosexuals into the pulpit. They convinced us to become more secular in society.

And all we did was allow evil to come in the door while we were looking the other way. We were looking the other way because we were comfortable in our things and comforts. We were not going to allow God to override the things that we had to have. After all, was it not God that gave us our comfortable things in life?

As long as we had our things, we could trust the preacher to tell us the truth. We were looking the other way while Satan did his dirty work.

The preachers kept us in the past instead of keeping us in the present (where God is). The preacher would talk of men long dead instead of talking of men in the present. The church today has become a social gathering for long-winded ministers as Satan pulls the wool over our eyes. Just look around you today.

How is it that one person complained about the woman’s right to her body (Roe v. Wade), which allowed abortion to become law (60+ million), and a million Christians could not stop it? We were looking the other way. How is it that one person complained about prayer in school (Engle v. Vitale and Abington School District v. Schempp), and a million Christians could not stop it? We were looking the other way.

We Christians have allowed so much evil to enter into our churches that it is almost impossible to now get it out. We could not put our comforts and things to the side for one minute. Just look around you.

We have allowed evil politicians to come in and change our infrastructure while we were looking the other way. We were so fixated on not allowing the Confederate flag to fly as the Supreme court ruled that homosexuals now have equal rights into law — while we were looking the other way.

The Democrats have become so far left that they are not even Democrats anymore. They have become a Socialist Party bordering on communism.

The Republican Party has gone to the middle and has become what the old Democrats use to be. There are hardly any more true conservatives in politics today. Just look around you.

Look at our President, Donald Trump. He is now in the fight of his life for a second term, for the good of the people, and now stands alone. Where are the senators and congressmen and people that claim they support him? Where are they? They are so quiet that you can hear a pin drop on cotton.

They were loud and boisterous when America was prospering under “President Trump,” and now they’re nowhere to be found. You can count on one hand the politicians that are supporting our president. The only ones that are truly supporting our president are the real Americans — the little men and women of our nation. The ones that go to work every day to scratch out a living. The ones that are the backbone of all big business. The “Ma and Pop” stores on the corner. The hair salons, barbershops, restaurants, bars, and corner hardware stores. They are not getting rich but just making a living to support their families.

We have allowed the government to lie to us into believing that we are in a pandemic — that there is a virus so evil and deadly that we must go to great lengths to protect ourselves and our fellow man. We were told to wear a mask and stand six feet from our fellow neighbor. We were told that we had to shut down businesses to save lives and not endanger others. Schools were shut down and kids sent home. We were told that millions would die from this deadly disease if we did not comply. And we fell for it just like we fell for the Abortion lie. We allowed the evil folks to convince us that we must obey. We were deceived while we looked the other way. Even after all that, we still would not stop our comforts.

They sold us fear and threatened us with fines and jail time. And yet, we still did nothing to stop them. The politicians that we voted in did this to our nation while we looked the other way. We were too busy Facebooking, Tweeting, Instagramming, Youtubing, and listening to a bunch of talking heads, and still did nothing. We knew that we were voting for bad people, and we thought that they would do a good job.

We voted them in because you white folks did not want to be called racist.

We allowed Muslims, transgenders, lesbians, and homosexuals, and women into office to run our country. We Christians have allowed so much evil into our nation that it does not even look like a Godly Nation anymore.

It’s not the liberals’ fault; it’s our fault, the Christians and conservatives. We looked the other way while the liberals conceived their deadly plans to control us. They were doing this to us for years while we were looking the other way. But God stepped in to slow it down. God stepped in because we were too into ourselves and selfish needs.

The Republican Party is now the new Democratic Party. They don’t truly believe in God or Country. Only their power and money, the love of all of the fine living granted to them. They forgot why they were elected to office. They became too comfortable with their luxuries, forgetting about the little men and women that depend on them. They did not toe the line; they crossed it. Came into power broke and now are rich. Not all but most. They sold out America.

Not all hate Trump, but most do. Why? Because he came up through the people. Trump ran past all of the politicians that wanted political power.

Trump was a businessman, an entertainer, an entrepreneur, a high society person that loved America. Most of the politicians on both sides of the aisle did not like him because he had no fear and said what was on his mind. And he could not be bought. In other words, he did what was right no matter what.

He rocked the boat and started to uncover all of the underhanded dealings and corruption going on in our nation. What was most surprising was that he was finding a lot of it on the Republican side of the aisle. The so-called conservatives were running for cover so as not to be uncovered or found out. When he said he would drain the swamp, he meant the entire swamp.

One by one, we are seeing the real enemies of America. And we are seeing that it’s not just the Democrats. It’s the Republicans also.

Trump has pulled the sheep’s clothing off of the Wolves, and we are finding a lot of so-called Christians and conservatives under them.

America is now in dire straits; it’s on the borderline of being destroyed from within. And the evil folks are doing it right out in the open. They will threaten us with our comforts and lives. They will burn and loot, tear down our statues, and beat and maim good folks. They will shut down churches, schools, and businesses, and not even blink an eye at the destruction they have caused. They would rather save one life from the virus and destroy the many to achieve their selfish goals. They will go to any length to get their evil agenda done. And the Blacks are leading the way (not all but most).

Folks, I have to be very honest in saying that the Blacks are leading the way in serving Satan. They are on the side of evil and out in the open and showing their true colors. Just look around you.

Blacks lead the way in most of what is wrong with this country.

They have no morals or values. Blacks hate white people and good folks that love their country. They blame everyone but themselves for their anger and hatred. They lead in divorce, abortion, out of wedlock sex, and sex before marriage.

The Black man is weak and pathetic and has allowed the woman to take his rightful place. He would rather move from woman to woman and take the title of “Baby Daddy” than go and be a father to his children. He would rather put braids in his hair, wear earrings, and get angry just like a woman than stand up and be a man.

The Black family is destroyed, and the black woman is now the head of the black family and men. The black women have now taken on leadership roles in the church, becoming preachers and ministers.

They have become senators and congresswomen, mayors, and are running corporations.

The average black women hate men and their masculinity. They don’t want to submit to the man but rule over him. More and more black women don’t want to be mothers but rather compete with the man. They have evil in their hearts and will deceive you. They will use their emotions and sex to rule instead of logic.

And white folks, don’t think I’m letting you off the hook. You are no better. You have become afraid to tell black folks the truth about themselves.

You have become soft and weak. The average white man is now weak and pathetic, just like the black man. You’re fast becoming just as bad if not worse than the black family. You have deserted your women and have allowed them to go to work while you stay home. You have allowed evil to take over the country you built. You have allowed evil people to tear down everything that makes America a great nation.

Women of all races, you really need to heed what I’m saying. Satan has sold you a bill of goods. He told you that you can do whatever a man can do. He lied to you just like he lied to” Eve in the Garden.” Not only did you bite the apple, you ate the whole thing. Just look around you.

Satan has put more and more women into leadership roles, and men are allowing it. While we were looking the other way. We feel good in ourselves that we have elevated the women in roles designed by God for men. We think that they will make better decisions than a man. And the man will stay home and stand behind the women.

This nation is in trouble and is on the verge of becoming invisible, just like the church. The shining light of America is now becoming dim. We decided not to follow God’s order: God over Christ, Christ over man, man over women, and women over children.

We have decided to fear the women. We decided to elevate her over man.

We now worship her like a god. She can do no wrong. The man is now afraid of telling the women the truth, in fear of going to jail or being destroyed. They will take their children away from them. Even the courts and judges are on their side. If you don’t believe me, just look around you.

All this is being done while we are looking the other way.

Satan knows that he can get to the woman. She is a weak and emotional vessel. Women are not built to handle stress and confrontation. Men were built for that. Women now run 25 to 30 percent of leadership roles in churches. And churches are going by the wayside because of it. Weak men have allowed this to happen. All because men have been raised by their mothers and grandmothers.

Over and over again, Satan is repeating the deceiving of the women. Men are now looked at as dumb and stupid in commercials and movies, and women can beat up men with absolute ease. They report the news and weather in their pretty, sexy dresses to get more viewers.

Where have the men gone? Are they home taking care of the children, or are they allowing them to work so that a babysitter can take care of their children? Women are looked at as the rock supporting the man; how can that be when they are the weaker vessel.

Yes, indeed, we have bought the lie in America. It does not matter what side of the aisle you are on, women have taken over the men as the new authority. The woman is now looked at as a god, a person that is to be honored and lifted up while the man is ridiculed. The woman has been told that she no longer needs the man, when in fact, it’s the other way around.

Without the men, the women cannot survive; it is impossible. The women will not survive without man, as man will not survive without Christ. And God is the head of all.

Satan has elevated the women to a state that they will destroy the man to achieve the natural power that God has given men. Women want the power of the man and be a woman at the same time. Women are emotional, angry creatures and cannot handle stress designed for a man.

They are illogical in their thinking and will make bad decisions based on emotion.

They absolutely hate to submit to a man, and I’m talking about the so-called Christian women. Staying home and raising their children and having their husbands over them is beneath them. They would rather compete than obey.

Men, you are no better. You have become weak and have been convinced that the woman is equal to you. The woman is not equal to the man; never has been. Men, you have allowed the women to rule over you. You forgot that God made you the head of the woman and to guide her in the right way. You have allowed the preachers to elevate her to leadership status while you take second seat.

It’s all backward now, and you have become afraid to tell her the truth.

We dare not speak up, fearing retribution. You fear they will take your children away from you, and they will, and put you in jail. The court system is on the women’s side.

Abortion came about because of weak men not standing up. All because we have become afraid of the women. Yes, we indeed have bought the lie.

Men will not stand up to the women in fear of not getting any more sex. Men fear their mothers and grandmothers. There are men still at home living with their mamas, too lazy to go and get a job. Mom has cuddled them to the point of uselessness. Men have allowed the women to run the home, and he is in the background not protecting the children. The children grow up with the weakness of the women and not the strength of the man. Boys grow up with the emotions of the women and even try to be like them. The girls grow up just like mom and pass their training on to their husbands. Just look around you.

It’s now appropriate to have sex before marriage and live together before you even know the person you are with. And these are Christians. It’s the Christians that are leading the way. The men have left the church duties to women.

Friends, it’s not the liberals’ fault or the godless ones. It’s our fault for not truly trusting God. We so-called Christians are like the Rino Republicans.

Republicans In Name Only; they act conservative but do liberal acts. They talk one way and do another.

The Christians are the same way. I call them Cinos, Christians In Name Only. They act in one way and secretly act in another. It’s alright to live together and have sex before marriage.

Christians believe it’s alright to vote for the Democratic Party, knowing they support everything evil. They say they are against Abortion and the LGBT and yet still support the Democratic Party. All because the men bought the lie. It’s the men of all races and creeds that have allowed women to kill our babies and women to rule over them.

In no way will I blame the liberal, godless folks. They never had the power. We gave them the power and did not trust God. We trusted things and comforts. We sacrificed our future children and feared losing things that we will lose anyway.

No, folks, we sold America down the tubes from our selfishness and greed. We good men have dropped the ball. God had no choice but to step in and give us a man (Donald Trump) to be the hedge between good and evil.

I believe we will suffer for not obeying God. America is suffering now right before our eyes. We are now seeing the fight of our very lives for the freedom we knew so well being taken away from us.

It’s a pain now to go to work or enjoy yourself without wearing a mask or social distancing. And the restrictions are put on America for a virus that is overrated. It has crippled the American people to the point that they are like mind-numb robots and will do whatever the government says. All for control of the people. Just like it was in the days of Hitler, Russia, and now China.

We have a president now fighting for America. Not just to remain president, but to fight for what is right. The Democrats have been cheating and deceiving us for years, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their end. They will destroy anyone that will get in their way.

But as any true Christian knows, God is in control. We may not know his next move, but we know we will win in the end.

It seems that all is lost and that America is doomed. God chose a man like Donald Trump to put darkness to light. He put him in a position to uncover evil from all facets—no matter what side of the aisle you are on. He is showing the world the evil that exists.

God is also showing which side you are on. You are either on the side of good or on the side of evil. You cannot hide, no matter where you are. And you cannot stand in the middle.

I have no clue who will be the next president of the United States. But I do know that it’s a time between good and evil. And it’s all spiritual. What you see today in America is Biblical in nature.

If America goes, so does the rest of the world. We true Christians must stand up for what is right and also walk in the light. We must not allow evil to take over and destroy us. If ever it was a time to stand up, it’s now.

It’s time to put away fear and anger and to show the world that we are God’s children. He has given us the power through Jesus Christ our Lord. All we have to do is trust him.

Men and women of Christ, it’s time to look to Him for our salvation and to do what is right, no matter what. America will not survive if we don’t back our president. We must support him to the very end until there is no more to defend.

Do not listen to the media and social media or anyone that hates America. They are doomed but don’t know it yet. Their god is Satan, and they will be destroyed by their own means. And don’t think I’m not in the same boat that you are in; I’m just as guilty. I sat on the couch and let it happen also. I was looking the other way also.

Personally, I’m looking for Jesus to return to fix this mess or take me home with him. I’m not a Bible scholar, nor will I ever be. I’m just a simple man that can see.

Drop the fear, folks, and trust God. God is still and will always be our salvation through Jesus Christ. And always keep Israel in your prayers. If not for them, there would not be us.

I’m a Christian American Republican that happens to be black.

Robert Campbell