Much Has Been Revealed :: By Rob Pue

At this time last year, I was in the midst of preparing and planning for our 2020 Ministry Expo and Conference, which we held in March, the theme of which was “2020 Vision.” It was my hope that our conference would help attendees to catch the “vision” of what God’s remnant Church of believers could accomplish for the Kingdom if they would summon the courage to step out of the worn-out paradigm of “churchianity” and become true salt and light in this dark world. None of us had any idea, though, just how our faith would be tested this year and just how much would be exposed, so quickly, in so many areas.

Our conference was held the second weekend of March — Friday evening and all day Saturday. We were to begin at 5 pm Friday, in a public shopping mall, where we’ve always held our events for the past 20 years. But earlier in the week, I began to get phone calls — LOTS of phone calls — from people planning to come to the conference, wondering if we were still going to be holding it. The “coronavirus” scare had started. I assured them there was no way we would cancel. We had speakers flying in and driving in from all parts of the country, and all the preparations were in place. There was no cancelling our event.

Then on Friday afternoon at 3:00 o’clock, the president announced a nationwide lockdown — for just “two weeks,” we were told, so we could “flatten the curve” of the virus. There were three other big events also scheduled at the mall for that weekend. All three of them were cancelled immediately. We continued as planned, and all was fine. Everyone was smiling, happy and very blessed to be there. But it was the LAST Christian conference to be held in person that I’m aware of — anywhere in the country — all this year. There WERE others, but they were held online. Ours was the last one that was done in-person and “live.” That’s very important because an essential part of our events is the fellowship, the connections we make with one another, as people come from all parts of the country each year, and life-long friendships are often made at our conferences.

Our event was wonderful, and we wrapped things up on Saturday evening. On Monday morning, the shopping mall where we held our event closed down completely, like so many other “non-essential” businesses were forced to.

What followed that weekend was unlike anything we could have ever imagined. On Sunday, as I drove one of our presenters back to the Minneapolis airport, things were growing more tense. On Monday morning, I thought it prudent to go to the store and bolster our emergency supplies. What I encountered there was panic, bordering on insanity. EVERYONE was wearing masks and rubber gloves.  People were rushing through the aisles, tossing items into their shopping carts as fast as they could.  Toilet paper was nowhere to be found. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason as to what people were buying — they were just loading up on anything they could get their hands on. It was a frantic mess.

The news media, which previously had shown us images out of China of people falling over dead in the streets — supposedly from this “virus’ — and images of people being rounded up, dragged off the streets and thrown into unmarked vans by authorities wearing hazmat suits had frightened everyone into hysteria. They believed the lies the media were forcing that the “plague” had arrived and we were all about to die if we didn’t obey the government.

I had known a few people who were sick, down with the flu — even a very unusual and difficult flu — as far back as October. My wife and I experienced a strange illness unlike anything we’ve had before in January. My wife suffered with it for about a month. For me, it lasted one day, then I felt a little better and went back to work; then I got sick again a couple weeks later — again for ONE day. It was odd. But no one was falling over dead in their tracks anywhere in this country. They never did, and they’re still not.

I’ve mentioned before how, in hindsight, the images we saw coming out of China in December and January were a little strange to me. IF the virus truly WAS as bad as they said it was, IF it really was that overwhelming and people were dying by the hundreds of thousands from this virus, then WHY – in a country that has the tightest grasp on their media of any place in the world, absolute control of the internet, and NO freedom of speech whatsoever — WHY would they let such “negative” publicity get out to the world? Wouldn’t that show weakness? Isn’t “weakness” something the leaders of China would NEVER allow to be seen in any way, shape or form?

So it occurs to me that perhaps those videos were intentional… purposely choreographed and released to frighten the entire world into blind submission. I’m not saying that WAS the case. I’m just posing the question. Because regardless of whether those images were real or fake, they certainly did their intended job.

This year has been one of lawlessness like we’ve never seen before in our history. Government and health officials imposing draconian mandates on the people, quarantining the healthy, locking people in their homes — throughout the WORLD, INCLUDING the United States, where we never thought such things could happen. Not to mention the so-called “mandatory” mask-wearing. Healthy people did that continuously and VOLUNTARILY — even through the hot summer months — and they’re still doing it, as the so-called “second wave” has arrived. At least that’s what the government and health tyrants — and their allies in the media — are brainwashing us with.

This has brought about a spirit of fear, of suspicion of others — friends, co-workers, even strangers have become “estranged” to one another. We can no longer see one another’s faces, and we’re told we must stay far apart from one another… every business place has a plexiglass barrier between the customer and the staff. It’s difficult to communicate because of the masks. The wonderful fellowship we had at our conference, which I KNOW is so important — was abruptly cut off. There’s no fellowship allowed anymore. We’re told we MUST keep our distance.

They cancelled the 4th of July, all the summer craft shows, festivals and county fairs. Now they’re cancelling Thanksgiving and Christmas, and so many are so eager to go along and do as they’re told.

In my area, many churches are STILL “online only,” eight months later. They’ve never opened up again.   And even with all we have learned about this virus — the fact that the whole scenario was pre-planned by Globalist elites during Event 201 last October, the infinitesimal death rates (you have a better chance of winning the lottery AND being struck by lightning on the same day than you do of dying from COVID-19), the extremely faulty test results, the enormously inflated numbers (done for profit, because each “positive” test nets the hospital a hefty check), the clear scientific evidence that masks do NOT protect the wearer or anyone around them — despite all that, more people today are wearing the masks, social distancing, and scowling at those who question the official narrative than ever before.

Not to mention the physical and mental abuse people are putting their children through because of this “planned-demic.” The other day, my wife and I had to go to WalMart. I don’t like going there, and it’s the first time I’ve been there in many months. But in this case, we needed something we couldn’t find anywhere else. For the past eight months, 99% of people EVERYWHERE have been wearing masks — even while driving alone in their cars, even while out on the lake boating in the summer, even while riding their bikes or walking in the fresh air. On this occasion, however, I was encouraged to see that about 5% of the shoppers in Walmart were NOT wearing masks.

That was encouraging because I thought, “Good. FINALLY SOME are waking up to this scam.” But as we were leaving, my wife overheard a conversation between a very young child and his mother. Somehow I missed it, but she heard it. The child asked his mother, “If those people are going to die, why don’t they wear a mask?” The mother replied (loud enough so WE could hear as she scowled at my wife and me), “Because some people care and some people don’t.” Talk about “good” parenting! That, to me, is mental child abuse — frightening a child with a horrible LIE (that’s been scientifically PROVEN to be a lie over and over again) — telling her little one he will DIE if he doesn’t keep his mask on — and very likely giving that child a life-long phobia and fear of other people. Because of a LIE.

After the lockdowns and the unlawful rules and restrictions on American citizens, and people around the world — do not forget this is WORLDWIDE in scope, in keeping with the Globalists’ plans for world domination and control — then came the riots, here in our country, and around the world.  We saw American cities under siege by mobs of rioters. We saw 600 American cities burned, looted and destroyed. Hordes of anarchists flooding the streets at will — the police ordered to “stand down” and let them destroy — while law-abiding citizens were harassed, cited and jailed for not correctly obeying the lawless orders of governors, mayors and health officials.

We saw one city overtaken by Marxists and declared a “sovereign country” within these United States. Here in Wisconsin, we saw a young man, 17-years-old, offer medical aid during the riots, and even medical aid to those who tried to kill him as he defended life and property in Kenosha. When he was ultimately forced to defend himself against certain death, he was charged with murder — yet the violent destroyers were allowed to go free.

Lawlessness and injustice — along with corruption in every sector of our society — has been the “vision” we’ve seen during 2020. We’ve watched the Democratic Party openly advocate for socialism and global communism — not to mention persecution of Christians, conservatives and political opponents.

Prior to the election, we saw the democratic presidential candidate on video reading a written statement, saying, We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Those are his exact words, people — straight from the horse’s mouth.  Then election night came, and there can be absolutely NO DOUBT in any THINKING person’s mind that this was, indeed, the most extensive voter fraud event to ever take place in any American election, ever.  We’ve become a banana republic. The evidence is more than clear to anyone with eyes to see.

There has been so MUCH that has come to light this year. Corruption and crime have been present throughout our culture for many decades now, but this year it’s become plain and evident. The evil ones are no longer even trying — not even a little bit — to hide their intentions or their crimes. They’re as open and proud of their treason as the sodomites now are about advocating for pedophilia. They’re bold and haughty about their evil — because they believe they’re above the law, and completely untouchable.

Complicit in all this is the “Shadow Government,” or “the swamp,” if you will, in Washington DC, which is merely a puppet for the globalist “Deep State.” The FBI is in on it. The CIA is in on it. All the agencies that were SUPPOSED to be upholding the law, enforcing the law, bringing criminals to justice… they’re all as guilty as the criminals they SHOULD be prosecuting. They’ve been overtaken and are now PART of this crime syndicate that rules our land. Even with clear, obvious and plain PROOF of horrific crimes and treason by those who wield power over us “peasants,” the FBI does nothing. The CIA does nothing.  Instead of being brought to justice, the criminals are given even MORE power over us.

Also complicit in all this is the mainstream media. President Trump has repeatedly called them out, even coining the phrase “fake news,” which was long overdue. And following the election, where the Associated Press “called” the election for Joe Biden despite overwhelming evidence of fraud, public trust in the mainstream media has fallen to an all-time low. According to a recent Gallop poll, only 9% of Americans now believe the mainstream media is trustworthy.

And all throughout this year, the censorship of TRUTH has been more Orwellian than ever. Whether it be scientific evidence regarding the virus, the lockdowns, the masking, the social distancing — or LIVE VIDEO showing the truth behind the rioting, the core doctrines of groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, the fraud in the election — or the clear and irrefutable evidence against Hunter and Joe Biden; everything from child rape to child sex trafficking to accepting bribes from foreign countries for political “favors,” … if one were to DARE to attempt to share any of that in public platforms such as Facebook or YouTube, you were immediately either “fact checked” or outright banned. And the evidence was conveniently erased — DELETED — by the social media giants.

Here’s a tip for you: if Facebook “fact checks” something, if Facebook or YouTube bans something or doesn’t allow it to be seen — it’s very likely the absolute TRUTH.

There’s much, MUCH more to say about all this. Lord willing, I’ll be able to get into more detail next time. God’s Word tells us, “There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.” There has been a LOT of wickedness and evil revealed this year. We now see our enemies for who they truly are. Their evil plans have been PLAINLY exposed — but they don’t care because, as I said, they believe they’re far, far above the law. What they don’t realize is that they are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. Nothing hidden that will not be revealed. God has busted open wide the vault of truth this year. MUCH has been revealed.

The question now is, with all the brainwashing and indoctrination of the media, with all the lies so prevalent in this world today — will the sleepers wake up? Will the willfully blind finally SEE? It’s time the true Church and the true patriots rise up and demand justice. Because if WE don’t deal with this evil, GOD WILL. And if that’s the case, He won’t simply deal with the evil ones — He will also render just judgment on those who CALL themselves “Christians” but remained apathetic and cowardly and silent, allowing evil to reign. That should concern you.


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