Life in The Spirit Versus Death in The Flesh :: By Edwin Tan

“For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace” (Romans 8: 6).

There is a burgeoning crowd that has little idea about the seriousness of the above-mentioned piece of Scripture; this includes a sizeable number of practicing Christians. In this age of materialism where over-inflated focus on self takes precedence over all things, the relationship between God and man has as good as disappeared into oblivion. There is regard for self-empowerment versus the empowerment that comes from the Holy Spirit. Individuals are judged by earthly criteria in the manner of key performance indicators. Either a cut is made or not. If one scores big time, there is cause for celebration. If the contrary was the case, then a situation of being down in the dumps!

The most unfortunate aspect of the above said approach to living is the deletion of compassion. In the event somebody falls hard, there is no room for comfort. This translates into a lack of peace. The ensuing pandemic has brought to the surface this predicament. Multitudes across the globe have come crashing down. When there is nothing by earthly reference points to work with, deep despair amidst desperation sets in. Years of employment experience plus Ivy League papers do not stir waves. There would be a probable stack of resumes that could be left to collect dust! If there were any solutions that stem from the Fallen Nature, it could be instant death if not a pathetic chain of events which ultimately results in a fatality!

What about great names that appear to have got it made who simply ended their lives by their own hands. Think about a celebrity chef and a few names in the entertainment world that have left a black mark to be remembered by many. Then there are those that are troubled when they exit the world, despite their advanced age and wealth.

When someone thinks that there is life filled with bliss without God, it is a sad misnomer. Whatever peace plus joy is artificial and fleeting. Simply because that kind of pseudo peace does not surpass any human understanding. What kind of a life is that?

When one is endowed with the genuine and priceless peace that is showered by the Spirit of God, whatever trials plus testings will seem more like mow hills versus mountains. This peace comes as a result of not just trusting God but letting Him be the center stage of our lives. No matter what kind of situation we are thrust into, we can savor this peace through our communion with the Comforter of our souls. The world could terrify and torment us with rumblings that suggest the unthinkable, but the still though small voice of our Counsellor brushes all these aside. Nothing is impossible for our mighty Father in heaven.

“And my God will supply every need of ours according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).

On that note, there is indeed more than life when there is that peace which surpasses all human understanding. Such is the pathway that leads to eternal life. For this to be the case, there is need for the Holy Spirit to be an active participant in every aspect of our lives. Yes! An open book minus those closeted corners.

Yours in Christ


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