Is The Flag Still There? :: By Denis Bowden

Is the Flag still there?

The shot and smoke (my metaphor for the current News blackout and falsity) had obscured the fort, and some reports say that the prisoners held in the brig of the British Flag Ship kept asking Francis Scott Key and his several companions assisting the ‘exchange of prisoners’ discussions,


It’s reported that the prisoners were not just worried about themselves or whether the British would repatriate them as they hoped but only,


My dearest brothers and sisters, we are the proverbial prisoners held in this patriotic analogy. We are all now being held hostage by traitors and anti-Christ spirits.

I am an Australian, a patriot, and I love my country unto the point of my own death. And I love it with a fervor that equals your own love of America.

My country has allied with America in virtually every war you have been engaged in since WWI.

We bled alongside you wherever your own Flag flew. We bled with you as we allied to fight both Nazi Germany and the Japanese Imperial Forces in WWII, we bled with you in Korea and Vietnam, and we still bleed with you in Afghanistan.

Joined in death, our bones sometimes lay beside yours in actions where our remains were never effectively recovered, such as in the dreadful slaughter of the Somme in WWI. Our advancing troops, attempting to storm German positions, were often forced to temporarily seek shelter in great shell holes to avoid yet another bombardment. They were sometimes then buried alive as that same great salvo of shells, exploding on top of their sanctuary, caved in their shelter. To this day, in Flanders and the Somme, farmers still come across their sad resting places.

Today, Australian warships accompany your ‘Freedom of passage fleets’ as we confront the monstrosity that is the Chinese Communist Party’s bid to become the only Super power on earth. China is a Communist dictatorship bent on yet another attempt to rule the world, with all nations subjugated in vassalage before her.

China has fortified virtual sand islands in the South China Sea into gateways with the potential to block trade, and falsely she claims international waters as part of her own sovereign territory. This has the potential to obstruct the right of passage to pass through to our other major trading partners.

The CCP is a blood-sucking machine that will strip all our respective nations of their natural, God- granted treasures and resources. In the end, they won’t even bother to pay for it. They will consider that they have come to own us by default, as our own sold us out.

Tonight, as I type this, China has imposed punishing tariffs upon our landed goods (alleging dumping practices of second-class product) in an attempt to silence and punish us for siding with President Trump’s policies.  How do I know this? The Chinese ambassador openly castigates our Parliament and people for having the cheek to oppose ‘mighty China.’ Like all bullies on the block, they think no one can or would be game to challenge them. Well, one man did. His name, God Bless Him, is Donald John TRUMP.

Like America, a news blackout has occurred here in Australia.

Our major news outlets already have the allegedly criminal bribe-taker that is Joe Biden ensconced in the Oval Office. And even our Conservative Government has rolled over to let Joe and his ‘team’ scratch our belly to keep us quiet and docile on behalf of their own Chinese masters. Make no mistake. Elect Biden – elect the CCP.

And you will have elected a man who reputedly (read all you can about the seized Hunter Biden laptop computers where the secret corruption was painstakingly recorded) is totally beholden to China through bribery and blackmail.

As I type, even Democrats (but loyal Americans) have now begun to realize the absolute, horrific enormity of how a supposedly free and democratic election has been stolen from all Americans. THEY ARE COMING FORWARD TO GIVE EVIDENCE as to what they themselves saw when acting as ballot scrutiny officials. One new witness reportedly says, ‘I couldn’t keep silent any longer and was sick to my stomach!’

In the clip I’ve attached, you will hear two highly decorated generals of the Army tell you this election was stolen from you and threatens to take down the Republic, permanently.

Make no mistake, God-fearing patriots; this is an act of war in which foreign ‘players’ are complicit, supported by internal traitors.

You will also hear mention that when the President and Dept. of Defense identified that computer servers ‘assessing’ the votes were located at a CIA ‘farm’ in Germany, orders were given to seize those servers for analysis. Unfortunately, the CIA got wind of the raid by US Special Forces, and they, acting with the malice of high treason, brought in CIA special forces, allegedly from Afghanistan. A ‘fire-fight ensued. There may have been casualties of US soldiers as mentioned by retired Lt. General McInerney in this clip. I had been hearing ‘whispers’ of this for a fortnight. He confirmed both the raid to seize the servers and the fire-fight, and reports of casualties.

People of America, Democrat or Republican, but patriots all, ‘do you get this?’ Part of your own defense mechanisms to defend the integrity of the Republic, acting obviously under the orders of their own chain of command, conspired to house suspect voting servers offshore. The implications of this are astounding. They are also sickening, and they break your heart.

And I kid you not; if America goes, Australia will fall like a big juicy apple right into the hand of the CCP.

Mark me well; Joe Biden is the ‘Wicked Queen turned Witch’ who brings this poisoned apple to kill ‘Snow White’ (my metaphor for Australia). He will deliver us up on a platter to our enemies, as he will quickly deliver up America the same way.

These are the actions of a ‘Quisling,’ the name of the man who sold Norway to the Germans prior to their invasion in WWII.

Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonsson Quisling (born July 18, 1887, Fyresdal, Norway—died October 24, 1945, Akershus Fortress, Oslo). He was a Norwegian army officer whose collaboration with the Germans in their occupation of Norway during World War II established his name forever as a synonym for “traitor.”

At a meeting with Adolf Hitler in December 1939, Quisling urged a German occupation of Norway; after the German invasion of April 1940, he proclaimed himself head of the government.

At the conclusion of the war he was executed as a traitor.

This surname lives on in infamy. He is to Europe as was Benedict Arnold, who sold out his own nation and fellow Americans for what he hoped was personal profit, success and advancement.

Here is the clip of the interview with Lt. General Michael Flynn and Lt. General McInerny:

There are many traditional American Democrat voters who are now totally askance at how far to the Extreme Left of Socialism America and her people have been captured and taken.

Those who now control the Party are slathering for our literal deaths. In the Public Square (to which only they now have access), they are chortling that they have already prepared lists of their class enemies (patriots).

No, they are not saying they will prepare such lists: THEY ARE OPENLY STATING THEY HAVE LISTED THEIR ENEMIES.

They are speaking of CCP and Soviet Russia-style (Gulags) ‘re-education’ camps. ‘Recalcitrants,’ (Christians particularly, who will NEVER recant and deny), along with other ‘specially identified highly dangerous enemies,’ are to be first in the roundup. And in the long term (as they feel confident enough to move at will and also when they have seized the guns and identified ALL the ID of their owners), ‘the deplorables’ will be executed.

The Biden ‘team’ of hand-picked Leftists will follow the Marxist handbook to the letter. In fact, wherever Communism has ‘succeeded’ in breaking a democratic nation, their initial actions are always to destroy ‘class enemies’ of the people (the Proletariat).

Do you think I am inventing this from yet another supposed ‘conspiracy theory?’ These are people who, amongst other beliefs, share a focus on ‘forcible’ depopulation. Abortion/the aged/the mentally challenged are firmly within their sights. Why not ‘political dissidents?’ Many of them speak to and sing this evil mantra openly.

There will be no militias of patriots permitted to exist.

I also suggest, on the evidence of that which has gone down in EVERY country that has fallen to the Communist Hammer and Sickle flag (blood-red aptly to signify the blood of martyrs) that both serving military officers and veterans of all ranks will be ‘dealt with,’ if convicted by ‘tribunals of the people.’

In Europe, as the little, independent nations of the Balkans fell to the Soviets, the KGB Secret Police, armed with lists, gathered police/army/bureaucrats/priests and known conservatives. Taken into the forests where huge pits had been pre-dug, they were machine-gunned and hastily buried. Talk to an older Pole/Latvian or Lithuanian if you wish to confirm it personally.

It is well documented that approximately 100 Million people have been murdered as Communist revolutionaries took down their respective countries. And allegedly, 77 million of them perished in Mother Russia alone.

Jon Voight, the respected actor, says it best.



During your own Revolution to escape the constraints of British rule, there were eyewitness accounts that the Flag continued to fly over Fort McHenry because patriots, seeing it virtually shot away on several occasions, risked their lives to run from their limited shelter to physically lift the supporting pole back into position, and some died in the effort. The awful, horrific bombardment went on for hours.

In the name of God (whom so many have abandoned), hear this call to repentance. There is coming a time when failure to repent and call for the Saving Grace of Jesus will double down on your ‘forever’ future. You have none whatsoever if death claims you unrepentant. There is no undoing of that left undone. Remember the parable of the rich man who called out to the beggar Lazarus from the forever of the Hell he chose freely for himself.

Repentance, as we call upon and entreat the name of Jesus, is the major step we must take, and it is truly our call to Arms!


Only this time, they come from China to replace Old Glory with the Hammer and Sickle. And they will bring riches and entitlements to the traitors that opened the door. Mark me well; those traitors sit on both sides of the House and Senate: already bought and paid for. However, if they run true to form, even amongst the traitors, there will be a culling and kill-off to include those ‘who simply know too much and where all the bodies are buried.’

You can do your ‘bit’ by at least having the courage to send this Rapture Ready link to as many folks as you can. Mark me well; if Biden and his team are given (‘I won’t say elected’) the Presidency, even our email will eventually be subject to cancellation until all voices of opposition are finally silenced.

You’re maybe a bit worried, you say, about ‘exposing yourself’ lest they come for you?

My friends (fear not), they will come for all of us regardless of both our silence and docility if their plans achieve fruition.’

Remember (as you continue to call upon the name of Jesus), ‘none of us have any portion here,’ so we cannot build a future in this World in any case. Our hope is built on the promises achieved through Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

Through our prayers, together with our physical efforts (even such as this), we prevail upon Almighty God to forbear his long overdue ‘Day’ just a little longer.

Jew and Gentile revered King David. He was a many-faceted and flawed human being. David was a man of faith, however, and he believed the promises of God. In spite of his many incursions into sin, God forgave him.

Donald John Trump is flawed as are we, but he claims Christ crucified, the Son of God. If we accept that he is genuinely repentant for his own sins, then to me at least, it is self-evident that God has brought him to this time and his present role, specifically,


Denis Bowden