Revelation: A Book of Hope :: By Jeff Van Hatten

1 Peter 1:13 – “Be steadfast in your unwavering hope of the grace that Yeshua Ha’Mashiach will bring to you when he is revealed.”

Hope, according to the scriptures, is anticipating that Yahweh will do in the future just as he has done in the past, since he does not change (Malachi 3:6). Hope is in the revealing of Yeshua, or should I say, the Revelation of Yeshua.

Many think that the Book of Revelation is only a book of war, plague, pestilence, wrath and other terrifying things. While this is true to an extent, Revelation is also A Book of Hope(1). Revelation contrasts the Bad Guys, Ha’Satan and his minions, with the Good Guy, Yeshua. And guess what, just like a bedtime story told by a loving parent to his little child, the Good Guy wins!

Only three verses into the book, Yeshua states that reading the words of the apocalypse (Revelation) aloud, hearing them spoken, and obeying their message are a blessing and a joy (1:3). Then we are told that Yeshua is alive forever more and has the keys of both Thanatos and Hades, commonly called “death and the grave” (1:18). Now, that is a message of Hope.

Chapters Two and Three have many positive messages and bring much hope: we get eternal life (2:7, 10-11); hidden manna, a new name (2:17, 3:12); authority over the nations (2:26, 3:21); white clothing (3:4); immunity from the time of testing (3:10); and sitting down to a fine meal with Yeshua (3:20). Again, a message of Hope.

Chapters Four, Five, and Six show us a Lamb who is very much alive, and who is greatly worshiped and praised as he receives the seven-sealed scroll from the right hand of Yahweh (5:7). Chapter seven tells us that 144,000 servants are sealed and go forth with the gospel to all the world. Many are saved, never go hungry again, and every tear is wiped from their eyes (7:16-17). Again, a message of Hope.

The next few chapters are a bit terrifying, but Chapter Eleven ends with thanks and praise (11:16-17). Chapter Twelve details the protection of the chosen, and by Chapter Fourteen, The Day of the Lord is nigh and the sound of singing is in the air. Vindication at last is coming, and Chapter Nineteen brings the four Hallelujahs. Again, a message of Hope.

The final chapters detail the return of Yeshua at the conclusion of the Tribulation Period; his millennial reign as heaven opens, a white horse appears with its rider called Faithful and True, and all the armies of heaven follow, also on white horses; we see Ha’Satan tossed into the abyss; and at the end of the Millennial reign, we see him thrown into the lake of fire along with Thanatos, Hades and all who have done evil. We see the new heaven and earth, and the full restitution of all creation. Death is gone forever, as are tears, mourning, crying, and pain; all have passed away (21:4). Yahweh’s promises are all fulfilled. Our hope soars even higher than before.


Our message of Hope, Revelation, has been told. The Bad Guy has lost, the Good Guy has won, and Yeshua has been revealed.



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