The Future is up to Us, but Maybe Not for Long :: By Rob Pue

It’s been quite some time now since our colleges and universities could be called “institutes of higher learning.” Indeed, for decades now, their primary purpose has been as liberal, Leftist indoctrination centers, molding each new emerging generation’s minds to accept, support and demand the coming socialist New World Order. Where once the Word of God was the standard — in all of our schools — today, the name of Jesus Christ cannot be uttered unless it’s being used as a curse word.

Is it any wonder, then, that our colleges are turning out graduates that can no longer think critically but simply spew back out the Leftist ideologies that have been drilled into their brains since kindergarten? Free speech — if it opposes the official talking points of their Leftist leaders — has long since been forbidden. Try challenging the hardened mindsets of college students, and most often, you’ll be met with uncontrolled fits of rage because they cannot defend their positions when confronted with logic, truth and critical thinking.

Not only that, but a college degree doesn’t mean what it used to mean anymore. In days gone by, if you had a college degree, you were assured of a well-paying career. But college degrees are so commonplace today, many leave the university after four (or more) years with a basically useless diploma, and the best they can do is a cashier’s job at a convenience store, or perhaps retail or fast-food service. This is what happens when you major in subjects like “15th Century Feminist Poetry.”

But the students also emerge with a serious “entitlement” mentality — they expect a high-paying job no matter what, and many will refuse to do ANYTHING after graduation if they can’t find a job that pays as much (or more) than their parents earn after having worked hard all their lives. And of course, they also demand a very generous package of benefits. If they can’t find that, they’ll simply “wait” — with tens of thousands of dollars in Student Loans to pay — on “deferment,” accruing interest daily.

Today, anyone who’s interested can easily go to college. The government provides guaranteed student loans, and so college degrees are commonplace and even irrelevant. And NOW, after being steeped in the ideology of socialism in the government schools and colleges their entire lives, college students are demanding FREE college for all.

I wonder how “valuable” such degrees will be when EVERYBODY has one. If they’re of little value now (when they’re actually paid for), my guess is they’d be entirely worthless when everybody has one, ostensibly for “free.”

A much better choice would be a technical college or trade school that focuses on teaching valuable job and career skills that are actually NEEDED in the marketplace, rather than intense studies in re-written American history, LGBTQP+ “struggles,” racial and income “inequality,” and the need to dismantle the natural family while learning all about how evil it is for men to be masculine. But I digress….

Recently, a study was done showing that MOST current college students overwhelmingly support America becoming a Socialist country. Yet few (or none) could explain what socialism actually IS or point to a single “success story” of a country where socialism actually made things better.

They have no clue.

Campus Reform recently released a video showing a number of interviews conducted with students in the D.C. area. When asked if they support socialism, students agreed overwhelmingly. One student claimed it was “definitely an open-form of government” giving “equal ground” to many more people. But when this student was asked what that actually MEANS, their response was, “To be quite honest, I don’t know!” The “I don’t know” response is commonplace. Not one student interviewed could explain exactly how socialism worked or how it has impacted the citizens of socialist nations around the world.

The Heritage Foundation recently released a booklet entitled Nine Ways that Socialism Will Morally Bankrupt America. In this publication, they rightly assert that there are three big reasons why, every day, socialism becomes more and more popular among young Americans:

1). Socialism is being marketed to young people as “kind, selfless, and community-focused.” 2). Many people are unaware of socialism’s dismal record, and 3) Young people are not being taught America’s founding principles, so they’re unprepared to combat the narratives they hear in their schools and colleges.

An example of this indoctrination can be found in the writings of socialist Danny Katz, who wrote, “Socialism is a society whose top priority is meeting all of its people’s needs — ranging from food, shelter and health care to art, culture and companionship.”

I would assert that those who are currently brainwashing our young people to accept this without question are preying on the EMOTIONS of young people. Young people are very idealistic and want to make the world a better place. That’s a good thing. But when they only hear a one-sided, very twisted narrative — and are taught not to question but simply accept what they’re being told — they’re easily led astray and eagerly jump aboard the socialism bandwagon.

The Heritage Foundation’s publication cited a quote from Teen Vogue — another media monstrosity that continues to warp young minds: “Teen Vogue goes further, saying, ‘Capitalism takes the position that ‘greed is good,’ while ‘anti-capitalists view capitalism as an inhuman, anti-democratic, unsustainable, deeply exploitative system that must be dismantled.’ Teen Vogue continues, ‘In a capitalist country, the focus is on profits over anything else; in a socialist country, the public is seen to be more important, and social welfare is a major priority.'”

The Heritage Foundation report states: “Socialists rarely talk about actually existing Socialist countries or their historical record. They compare real ‘capitalism’ to fake socialism. In this socialist utopian vision, the only way to live a fulfilled, connected life and to take care of your neighbor is to share all things with them equally. Those who support free enterprise are painted as selfish, isolated, and uncaring. When those are the two options that young people are presented with for the future of America, it’s no wonder so many have heeded the siren call of socialism.”

I’d encourage you to seek out this publication from the Heritage Foundation and share it with young people in need. But here, briefly, are the nine points they cover:

First, socialism directly opposes the American Dream. While the marketing experts pushing this promise that socialism will create equal outcomes for everyone through government redistribution of income or wealth, it actually creates inequality. The American Dream is about rewarding those who work hard, take risks and defer short-term pleasure (for example, “free stuff for all”) in order to better themselves and their families.

Second, politicians in power make your most important decisions for you. It forces people to behave as government demands. Politicians and bureaucrats make all the rules, and the people must obey.

Third, freedom of choice is severely limited or eliminated. In socialism, government decides where you go to school, the curriculum in the schools, and jobs or careers are dictated by the bureaucrats.

Fourth, under socialism, all suffer equally. Here’s a FACT for you: “Mild Socialism lowers the public’s standard of living, and when it’s seriously implemented, it always leads to mass poverty and deprivation. It’s never led to greater prosperity.” We need only look at the history of countries like the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba to see that socialism has left nothing but disaster in its wake. EVERY SINGLE TIME it’s been tried, it has failed. It ensures mass poverty.

Fifth, if everyone owns the resources, nobody truly owns them. It encourages greed and wastefulness while killing the idea of personal responsibility. No one has any incentive to be a good steward or protect what they have.

Sixth, robbing Peter to pay Paul is morally wrong. Of course, one of the first things they teach kids in public schools and colleges today is that there ARE NO moral absolutes. But remember, benevolence, charity and compassion are VIRTUES when they involve giving of one’s self to another. But this is eliminated when the people are FORCED to “give” by government. It also takes away our ability to instill these virtues into our own children. Again, it encourages greed while eliminating the idea of personal responsibility.

Seventh, power is consolidated within the government. Socialism gives the government “god” status — they take control of every aspect of your life and confiscate your hard-earned resources. It’s not the PEOPLE that decide what’s best; it’s the government bureaucrats. These government leaders also suppress relationships formed in churches, schools, charities and civic organizations while censoring and silencing free speech and ideas that do not conform with the State’s agenda. Under socialism, even one’s own THOUGHTS become crimes.

Eighth, the government controls everything you see, hear or think about. It controls the media, and you’re only allowed to know — or think — what they want you to know or think. The freedom of speech is an unalienable right of American citizens. But under socialism, anyone with “free thoughts” running counter to what the government declares is “best” for the people is seen as a threat that must be severely punished or eliminated.

And finally, socialism creates dependence instead of freedom. Socialism destroys peoples’ drive to be self-sufficient. When you can’t make your own choices, can’t ever work to improve your lot in life, can’t speak your mind and can’t follow your dreams, you have no choice but to fall into the corrosive lethargy of dependence. The Almighty State commands, AND YOU OBEY…or else! You look to the government for your every need, and you dutifully OBEY that government in order to make sure you get what you need.

While being brainwashed their entire lives in government schools and colleges to accept and demand socialism, our young people are also being taught that America is a democracy. This is deliberate and is intentionally being done to create a specific outcome: obedience to a new One-World Government. Further, they “soften” the terminology now, calling it “Democratic Socialism,” which gives the impression that the people have more power. In the 1960s — and beyond — the cry was for “Power to the People.”

But this never happens under socialism (which, by the way, always leads to Communism), and anyone doing even ten minutes of research can easily see how socialist countries have extreme disparity between class levels — the government bureaucrats become filthy rich, while the CITIZENS live in utter poverty, have absolutely no rights, and are not allowed to have any contrary opinions about anything. “Thought crimes” are punishable by death.

To illustrate how far we’ve come on the slippery slope toward Globalism, we’ve all seen the violent marches and riots in recent months and years — mostly by high school and college-age young people. Their chant is often “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE.” That MAY be the only thing they’re getting right. That IS, indeed, what “democracy” looks like. “Democracy” has been described as two wolves and a chicken deciding what to have for dinner. It’s mob rule — but remember, the “mob” is never allowed to “rule” under socialism.

Such uprisings, as we’ve seen here in America lately would be quickly put down under socialism. And unlike here, where police are ordered to “stand down” under socialism, anyone taking part in such marches or riots are immediately imprisoned, sent to hard labor camps for “re-education” or simply put to death.

And “Democracy” is NOT what our Founding Fathers set up for us either. They gave us a Constitutional Representative Republic, where the will of the people is supposed to be carried out by our public servants and representatives. But the people are now deceived into believing the delusion that “Democracy” will give “power to the people,” and that socialism will bring about equality for all. So many are just CLUELESS.

Meanwhile, our Constitutional Representative Republic is now on life support, and our nation’s capital has become a swamp full of opportunists, shady backroom deals and lawlessness. No longer do we have equal justice under the law.

The ideals of our Founding Fathers have been smirked at and scoffed at, our Constitution ignored, and those charged with representing US have taken more than their “thirty pieces of silver” to line their own pockets at the expense of their country. This is treason, but lawlessness abounds and truth has fallen in the streets.

The enemy of our souls has been working hard to destroy the minds of our young people for generations, and now those “young people” are the ones in charge. America is at a tipping point. History will record these days we’re living in as either the time when patriots rose up to take their country back, fathers rose up to love, teach and discipline their children, teaching them, again, the fear of God, and the natural family was restored, thereby rebuilding the foundation for a civilized, freedom-loving country; OR these days will be recorded as the time the Globalists won their greatest victory, bringing about totalitarian rule and enslaving us all.

I guess the future is up to us — but it may not be for long. I pray that by God’s mercy and grace, He will yet pour out His Holy Spirit on the faithful few, giving them the courage to strengthen the things that remain.