The Truth is Out There :: By Rob Pue

Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet. His Old Testament book is one of my favorites because I can relate to Jeremiah. I understand the struggles he went through. The Lord told him to warn the people of His coming judgment because of their rebellion, disobedience and spiritual adultery. But He also told him they wouldn’t listen. They’d continue to worship false gods, including Baal, and even burned their own children alive as offerings to Moloch.

The priests and religious leaders would continue to preach falsely, and they would persecute Jeremiah intensely. And even though the people knew they had strayed so far from the commands of God Almighty, they couldn’t have cared less. They were comfortable and happy in their hedonism. There was no fear of the Lord among them. Still, Jeremiah continued to warn of what was to come when the longsuffering patience of God ran out. But they continued to mock Jeremiah. And they mocked God too.

In Jeremiah 10:21, we read, “Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes and see not; which have ears, and hear not.” Sort of like the old saying we all know so well: “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” Isn’t this exactly what’s going on in our world today? So many blind and completely oblivious to obvious deception, unable to discern between the true and false. They couldn’t care less, even though many modern-day “watchmen on the wall” continue to sound the warnings. They have no interest in the truth and no time for God.

Most are so blind that they refuse to even look when you place clear facts, figures and evidence right in front of their noses. It’s frustrating to me because it seems that SO MANY now CHOOSE to believe the lies. The result is the chaos and havoc, fear and submission, blind compliance and obedience to things that are more and more wicked and evil every day. The fact is, some things are SPIRITUALLY discerned, and the carnal man cannot comprehend the truth. It’s not that they don’t want to — they CAN’T. Still, I have to wonder, in complete amazement: how can so many people look around at all that’s happening in our world today and believe such obvious lies and just blindly go along? It seems most people now will fall for any lies the evil ones toss out there, no matter how ridiculous they are. And they’re only too eager to blindly obey, never questioning, never thinking critically… never thinking at all, really. Just doing as their TV or their smart phone screens command.

In 2nd Thessalonians 2, we read about the great “falling away” from the faith that will occur before the Lord’s return.  Certainly, MANY today have fallen away from the truth. The majority of the modern-day church pastors flat out REFUSE to preach the whole counsel of God for fear of offending someone. They ABSOLUTELY refuse to step out and speak the Word of Truth beyond the four walls of their sanctuary buildings, their “safe spaces.” In fact, in order to keep the people pacified, almost all refuse to speak the Word of Truth INSIDE their safe spaces as well… truth has fallen in the streets, folks. The sheep are led to slaughter without the protection and guidance of a faithful shepherd. The people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

But it’s not all the pastors’ fault. You see, the time has long since come when people will no longer endure sound doctrine. Instead, to soothe their itching ears, they’ve heaped up for themselves false teachers who tell them what they want to hear — winking at sin, just a little “adjusting” of the Scriptures — you know — to stay current with the modern times… and, of course, to satisfy their carnal lusts.

It’s long been said that if God doesn’t send fire and brimstone raining down upon America, then He owes a huge apology to Sodom and Gomorrah. I think we can all agree that our heavenly Father has been MORE than patient and longsuffering with us stiff-necked, hard-hearted, self-centered, adulterous people.  Now, today, we’re seeing Bible prophecy playing out before our very eyes, and STILL most refuse to see.

We are, right now, at perhaps the most pivotal time in all of history. I believe we are very near that great, final Last Day when Christ will return with eyes as flames of fire, making war on those who despise Him, rendering righteous judgment and setting things right again. But I also believe that those of us who name the name of Christ are going to have to endure a time of testing, the likes of which we can’t possibly comprehend right now. I believe we WILL have to endure great hardship and persecution (SOONER than we realize)… and not all will survive the test. Many will fail. Many will betray the Savior when it comes down to a choice between life and death; for that matter, between inconvenience and comfort.

I’m sorry to tell you, friends, but we are not special in our day. Do we really think we will somehow escape the trials that ALL of Jesus’ disciples endured? All the early apostles of the Church? All the martyrs who gave their earthly lives for His Name’s sake? Are we so much more special? Does God love us that much more that He will allow us to enter the Kingdom on the easy, smooth path? Or are we to walk through that same narrow gate, that same rocky path of those who went before us?

Things are happening very quickly now. Six months ago, life was pretty much “normal.” Now, we’re told by the earthly powers-that-be that “we’re never going back to normal.” Masks are never going away. We’ve been trained to obediently comply with whatever our government “masters” command. Never mind the double standards… Governors and legislators pass edicts, mandates and even laws to control us “peasants,” but conveniently exempt themselves. They do this pretty much all the time, in case you haven’t noticed. It’s only recently, when we’re no longer allowed to travel freely, unmolested on our way, that some have started to take notice.

But in the land where “all men are created equal,” still some are more equal than others. If you’re a Leftist, Marxist, Socialist, Communist… if you’re part of ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, the LGBT or “transgender” movement, you’re allowed to pretty much do whatever you feel like doing. Murder your own children, redefine “marriage” and “family,”  recruit young children into a sodomite lifestyle; even burn, loot and destroy while claiming your right to “freedom of speech” and “peaceful protest.”

You’re even allowed to physically attack people now. You’re allowed to deface property — public buildings, streets, monuments and signage.  Wicked Governors, Mayors and City Councils give you a free pass  — just as long as you don’t actually SUPPORT America and love your country. Basically, the law doesn’t apply to you, if you fall into one of the privileged groups on the Left. HOWEVER, if you’re just an average, run-of-the-mill peasant, you MUST adhere to STRICT rules, especially during this current health scam: mandatory masks, face shields, social distancing, you must close your business down when told to. If the rulers are in a good mood you MAY be allowed to open your church building, but you MAY NOT be allowed to sing praises to God out loud.

Few of us understand: these things are not just happening here in the US. It’s GLOBAL in scope. Nations around the world are LOCKED DOWN. The “New World Order” Globalists are running the show now. It never was about the “virus,” you know, any more than it’s about “racial inequality.” Oh yes, there IS a virus out there, and some people have died from it; but the numbers — even the very fraudulent, inflated numbers — have not come anywhere CLOSE to justifying what’s taking place throughout the entire planet right now. And we didn’t begin seeing the massive riots and devastation until “SOMEONE” — once again — called up the troops and “ACTIVATED” Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.  And once again, this is WORLDWIDE. Very nefarious forces are at work, right now, to take over the world. But they can’t do it until America has fallen. So America must be destroyed for their plan to succeed.

Our US Constitution (what’s left of it), our Representative Republic (again, what’s left of it) and the fact that many of our citizens are legally armed is troublesome to the Globalists. But they seem to have found simple solutions to these problems. Who would have ever thought it would be so easy for them? Most people here are eager to believe the lies, obediently covering their faces as they’ve been told, staying at home when they’re told to do so. Happily collecting their socialist “government benefits” in exchange for not going to work anymore. Soaking in hour after hour of Leftist propaganda on their big screen TVs as they sit at home. Never questioning the dictates of the government or the official talking points of the “health experts.” Being “good little peasants” — and feeling “oh-so-superior” to those “rebels” who refuse to mask up and those crazy conspiracy nuts who think our government leaders would ever tell a lie.

Our country hasn’t been so divided since perhaps the civil war. In fact, it may well be much worse now; there is just SO MUCH HATRED. And from what I’ve seen, there couldn’t be two more diametrically opposed political parties in the history of the world. Donald Trump was elected for his patriotic nationalism — “make America great again.” National sovereignty, stop illegal immigration. Stop being abused and taken advantage of by our enemies. But Donald Trump can never make America great again as long as he continues to compromise…. as long as WE continue to compromise.  There’s no “deal” you can ever make with the demonic Left and hope to make America great again. To make America great again, we would need a RADICAL transformation of hearts and minds. We would need to see a massive revival of wicked men and women crying out for God’s mercy. We would need repentance of biblical proportions!

Instead, we continue funding Planned Parenthood; we continue the fiction of same-sex so-called “marriage,” and kowtow to the radical LGBT agenda. We allow Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Debra Birx to act as tyrants, closing our country down and destroying our economy. We allow the fiction of a “national coin shortage” to go unchallenged. We allow criminals like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Soros (just to name a few) to skate away free, while good, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens are persecuted. We allow American cities to be taken over by thugs and anarchists; historical monuments to be torn down; police departments to be defunded and disbanded; citizens to be forced out of work, forced to wear masks, forced to take a vaccination. Forced to be ashamed of our heritage, forced to hand over all our freedoms, while we allow the Left to wreak havoc nationwide, doing as much damage and harm as they possibly can.

Our cities are burning, the inmates are running the asylum — while law-abiding citizens, patriots and Christians are willingly muzzled.

We also have Joe Biden and his vice-presidential choice Kamala Harris (who, by the way, not being a natural-born citizen, is legally ineligible to run for this office… but since we’ve already had a Kenyan president, I guess that no longer matters). But I don’t believe the Democrats ever had any intention of putting Biden and Harris in the White House. We need to stop looking at what they’re SHOWING us, and start thinking more critically. I believe I can easily see right through their plan… and here it is:

According to a report by the New York Times, at least three-quarters of all American voters will be eligible to receive a ballot in the mail for the 2020 election — the most in US history. No matter how you slice it, this is a recipe for massive election fraud. If you thought the “hanging chads” of days-gone-by were a nightmare, wait until you see what’s going to come of this. With so many mail-in ballots, there’s simply no way this is not going to be a contested election.

Whatever the results, they WILL be challenged. And that’s exactly what the Left is hoping for. I believe the Globalists, who really run things, will drag the election results out as long as possible. They just need to make it through until 12 noon on January 20th, 2021. At that time, without a clear win for either side, the Trump/Pence team will have no choice but to leave. Who, then, is next in line?

Assuming the Democrats maintain power in the House of Representatives, then the Speaker of the House takes the Oval Office. Can you say “President Pelosi”? Yes, friends, THAT is the plan on the Left in this perverted “3-D Chess” match. Then, I believe we’ll see complete, total, unconditional surrender to the New World Order. This will come with forced mandatory vaccinations, mandatory digital tracking chip implants, and a global financial “reset.” Law and order —  or better stated, ENSLAVEMENT — will quite likely be provided by UN troops from foreign countries… yes, UN tanks and armored vehicles patrolling our streets, going door-to-door, confiscating our firearms, and even our children if we dare cross them. And it’s completely reasonable to assume this could easily all happen by mid-January.

But in case you didn’t have enough to think about, NASA has been tracking an asteroid, about 6 1/2 feet in diameter, which is set to strike the earth on November 2nd — one day prior to the 2020 National elections. There are three potential impact sites — but according to NASA, none of these scenarios will cause a “deep impact,” though it may cause localized devastation.

Most likely though, the asteroid will miss Planet Earth altogether. According to scientists, the chance of it striking us is only 0.41%. Those are pretty miniscule odds, I guess, aren’t they? But bear in mind, the odds of catching the Coronavirus if you’re under 65 years old are only 0.04%. So… nearly a half-a-percent chance of the Earth getting hit by the asteroid the day before the presidential election. On the other hand we’re measuring COVID infections in the “hundredths” of a percent! And because of THAT and the FEAR we’ve been brainwashed with, the WHOLE WORLD has shut down, civilization has turned to anarchy and chaos, and now when you venture out of your home, you step into the Twilight Zone where EVERYONE is forced to wear a mask.

Sadly, SO MANY don’t even question anything anymore. Because of strong delusion sent upon them, because they CHOSE to believe the lies. Open your eyes, friends. And work to open the eyes of others too. Because the truth is out there, for those with eyes to see.

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