Accord of Three Strands Is Not Easily Broken :: By Jean H. Nealey

Guest writers on this website and other prophecy websites have tried to connect the perils that seem to follow when meddling with a peace agreement on Israel’s behalf. Like gathering facts for a high school essay, I thought I would do my own wiki fact-finding to see if this is an accurate conclusion. This is, after all, what is on everyone’s mind with the newly announced Abraham Accord.

We begin with the forgotten Camp David Accords during Jimmy Carter’s presidency and the Madrid Conference that President George H. W. Bush put on his record of accomplishments in 1991. However, it was William Jefferson Clinton who became POTUS in January of 1993 and who was, I believe, overly credited with the work of the Oslo Accords when we had the “rubber meets the road” moment. If George H. W. had won a second term, the credit would have gone to him, since the work on this document began before that fall election. Instead, President Clinton was in the famous photo with PLO Leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin at the White House on August 20, 1993.

Hence came a Category 3 tropical depression that began forming on August 17 (oddly, that hurricane was named Hurricane Hilary). At that time, we did not have 30 years of destructive weather patterns to connect the dots, but I am jumping ahead of myself. I should note that Mexico, California, and Iowa were most effected by that hurricane. Also forming on August 22 was Hurricane Emily, heavily affecting the North Carolina Coastline. Lastly, you could call it a warning if you wanted to make a case, but on August 6, leading up to the Accords, there was a tornado outbreak in Virginia. This outbreak recorded 24 confirmed tornadoes. Again, this is nothing compared to what we in 2020 have seen happen, but this was quite alarming in 1993.

Fast forward to 2005 when President George W. Bush supported what is called the Israeli Disengagement Agreement when, beginning at midnight on August 14, the Gaza Strip was officially closed for entrance by Israeli citizens living there. House by house removal of those who did not comply, many by force, commenced soon afterward. The demolition of some 2,800 homes and 26 synagogues followed. This included removing graves and relocating them.

On August 23, a Category 5 hurricane was forming in the Gulf that later would simply be known as Katrina. This is when many in the prophecy world started taking notice.

President Barack Obama never brokered an official accord or treaty while in office and is only credited with the Mitchell Talks during 2010-11 and the Kerry Talks during the 2013-14 timeframe. The short story on the Mitchell Talks is numerous visits to various Middle East areas, and before any real work was done, he resigned. The short story on the Kerry Talks is Israel had to release over a hundred Palestinian prisoners just to talk to the PA.

If you read the Wiki summary of the Kerry Talk years, I cannot help but imagine the blood pressure readings of John Kerry. The frustrating story mostly went like this: Gaza or West Bank commits a terror act against Israel, and the PA downplays it to nothing less than a misunderstanding. Israel responds in defense of their own people, to which the PA claims fowl. John Kerry tries to appease the PA. This goes on just about every day for two years.

The real damage by the Obama Administration begins with the Cairo speech; progresses to the disgusting Benghazi event; then either by accident or heaven forbid, on purpose, the U.S. ends up helping fund ISIS, and ends his era of presidency with the Iran nuclear deal. It is an understatement to say the security of Israel was jeopardized during these once unimaginable moments. I say it is unimaginable because no one would dare touch an American Ambassador, but then again, it was once unimaginable to see lawlessness at levels seen in aggressive nations here on American streets either.

But this is 2020.

Throughout the Obama years, there were too many natural disasters to even document. Fire, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes all continued, leading to a conditioning of sorts that we all are accustomed to in 2020.

Then you have President Donald J. Trump who miraculously wins the presidency 2016. The history books will record him as the greatest U. S. president to the Israeli nation ever, declaring Jerusalem the forever capital and moving our embassy to Jerusalem as well. The “cure-all” to all our disasters. Right?

However, according to this website, five of the top 10’s most expensive hurricanes in U.S. history have occurred under the Trump Administration. So no, the disasters persist, as well as fires, floods, and earthquakes. In fact, while we were watching the Abraham Accords live, there was a hurricane and a damaging derecho occurring in the U.S.

So why even write this article, you may be asking?

Because I think many are too “U.S.” focused and that we would all be better to focus on the fact that Jesus said there would be birth pains, and Romans expands to say that the whole of creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth. Christians muddy the waters when we try to say this one was a judgment and that one was not. Prophecy writers can end up sounding like the National Enquirer, sensationalizing events too often.

This website link does show an increase in natural disasters beginning in the 1990s. This link is better because it is worldwide in its documenting.

Am I glad we have President Trump sitting in the Oval Office at this time in history? Yes. I think God is using him to shine a light on some dark places and on all the evil that has been living at the bottom of a swamp, the universal swamp. It will leave many without excuse.

DJT recently eluded that not only those in the Democratic Party wish him ill, but also many powerful people in the world wish to harm him. I believe it to be true, and we should be praying for the rulers, the authorities, like no other time in our lives. Not just for DJT, but again, for all those who seek after righteousness.

Am I saying that none of the above disasters could qualify as judgments against the U.S. for using its superpower to make the trembling cup of Israel tremble just a bit more? Not only am I not scholarly, but I also do not claim to hear from God like the prophets of the Old Testament who warned God’s people of the coming judgments beforehand. We do have God’s word that says he will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.

It will be wonderful to someday have these times all clarified to us by God when we read about these times in what I believe will be a Third Testament. The Old and New Testament outline the prophecies of the first and second coming of our Lord Jesus. The New Testament bears witness to the prophecies of His first coming. It is only natural to assume that there will be a Third Testament for those in the 1,000-year reign to study.

I will conclude my essay on the U.S. standing with God with the worn-out saying by those in the prophecy realm. I think that all nations are headed to that Valley of Jehoshaphat like “moths to a flame.”

God’s blessings, and continue to pray while there is still light in the world.