Has Fear Taken Over? :: By Robert Campbell

What has become of America that we have become so scared to fight for our Nation? When did we decide that it was alright to allow evil folks to control us?

It seems that fear has taken over our everyday lives. We now cannot even function without being afraid of offending someone or speaking the truth. We walk around on pins and needles, hoping to get through the day without saying the wrong thing. We cannot go around and speak our minds or we could get killed. A country built on free speech has now been turned against us. We now cannot even think for ourselves because of the thought police. We could lose everything just because of what we are thinking. You are not allowed to voice your opinion, or you will be ridiculed.

If we wear a certain garment or hat supporting our president, we are cussed at or beaten down. We have been so dumbed down that we are afraid to speak up. Satan has so thoroughly convinced us, that we are not even sure of ourselves anymore.

What has happened to America? What has happened to its greatness? America does not look like itself anymore. It is starting to look more like a third-world country.

We have allowed fear to set in and control us. Fear has gotten into everything. It’s in our homes, and our churches and businesses. Fear is so thick in the air, we can cut it with a knife. We will talk tough, knowing that we will fold the minute we are threatened with our jobs or lives.

We now have become so comfortable in our things and freedoms that we will do anything to keep them.

What happened to the strong Christian men and women and decent folks in America? Where did they go? What spooked us into not speaking up against evil?

The brightest star (America) has now been dimmed. What I see now in America is almost something you thought you would never see. The country that the entire world envies. America is absolutely the best country in the history of the planet. The place where you can make your dreams come true. And now we have allowed this country to be destroyed by Satan and his demons. And using godless people to get it done.

Crime is out of control; cities are under siege and leaders are doing nothing to stop it. America now is in the grip of fear.

We voted in bad people, knowing that they hated this country. We allowed people to take over our country and slowly bring in their agenda. The evil folks have sold us a bunch of lies, and now use fear to control us.

Should we be surprised? No! Because we voted them in, out of tolerance, out of fear of being called a racist. We allowed them to convince us that change is good and we needed to become one with the world. Fear has allowed the left to make us believe that we are a racist country. White folks have been told that they have white privilege, all because of their white skin. They have been accused of “Systematic Racism” put on people of color. White folks are now believing that they have been so bad for this country that they are now giving up everything to just appease black folks, all due to fear. They are being told to kneel and apologize for their ancestors’ wrongdoings. They’re now apologizing for just being white.

They now have bought into the BLM movement, knowing it’s a lie, due to fear. Sports team owners that have made more black millionaires than any other business have now become weak due to fear. They have allowed the employee to now become the employer. Out of fear. You are seeing the weak becoming weaker. You are seeing men from all walks of life succumbing to fear.

BLM has now become a household word. It’s in our everyday lives. We have allowed the evil group, out of fear, to now take over how we even think. We were fooled into thinking that they were for the black man, and they were defending the blacks against evil white supremacists. And they were fighting for white on black crimes.

How did they manage to fool so many people? When did it happen and how?

They did it through deceiving us while we were comfortable. They did it through lies and fear. We were so relaxed that we did not care or even see it coming. After all who would believe such nonsense. Who in their right mind would believe that they wanted to change our culture and freedoms?

The folks that most want to change our culture are the wealthiest folks on the planet and are benefiting from its freedoms. These folks are now blatantly using people that hate God and the good folks to destroy America. All for power and gain. These folks could care less about what’s good for America.

The liberals hate America because it represents good and that we love God and the Flag. The liberals have used fear to control us; they have convinced you with ease to do things without question.

We have allowed these folks to make you believe that there is “systematic racism” and white folks are to blame for it. And the very black people doing the blaming are living high off the hog.

All these organizations – BLM, Antifa, and other small factions – are well funded by wealthy men and women who hate the very fiber of America. They hate God and family and what the flag stands for. These folks want nothing more than to take away our freedoms. They want socialism; they dream of a country where they control everything and everybody.

The American people have been made to believe that there is a pandemic and that you must wear a mask and stay several feet from your neighbor. They did this by using fear. The liberals and Dems have been using this tactic for decades.

The evil folks are now in your face and daring you to do something about it. We won’t push back because of fear. And the folks not wanting to give up their comforts fell for it. Americans are afraid to stand up against it because we are so rooted in our things. We are so into our reality shows and “Social Media” that we dare not put it down for one day.

We see the sports franchise given into the threats of the “BLM” movement and will allow members to kneel before the flag. Only one, maybe two will stand and honor their flag and country. Only to be ridiculed for doing so. Will we Americans stop watching sports? No! because it’s a drug; we must have it. We must satisfy our addiction to it. So what if they kneel? As long as I can watch sports, I’m good.

So what if they take our black faces off of pancake boxes or rice boxes. I still need to eat. So what. Out of fear, they have people believing in the lie.

People are so fixated on their things that they will not for one minute give it up. Our smartphones and smart TVs and their comforts now own us. We will get angry if we get cut off from “Social Media” because we did not meet with their approval and their agenda. And we will appeal to them and beg to get back into their evil social media world. Only to be muzzled. Social media is another addiction that has us over a barrel. We must have it; we need to know everything going on in the world. We need to know about “Susy Lou and Johnny john.” Social media will punish you and give you downtime in the corner, or suspend you for weeks for speaking up against evil or their evil agenda. We will do it with ease due to fear of not being able to get back on. We will satisfy our addiction as long as we toe the line.

Look around you. I’ll bet your spouse, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, or child is looking at their phone right now as I speak. We have allowed evil (Social Media) to get into our infrastructure. We have allowed them to get a foot into our door. They are now in our living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

The name “Black Lives Matter” has a nice ring to it, does it not? After all, do not black lives matter? Of course they matter, or do they? Do black lives really matter? Do blacks care about black lives? Do we care about the black children being killed on the streets, let alone in the womb? Are we concerned about the blacks killing other blacks in our community? Are those black lives important? When did they not become important to us citizens?

No, we good Christians are more focused on when the next good-spirited sermon about nothing is preached to us. And please don’t bring up anything that will convict us to do something about the issue, because a great TV show or game is coming up in a few hours.

No folks, we don’t care about what’s going on because we don’t want to deal with the fear of losing our comfort or possessions. This is why Satan is winning against us; he knows that we will not give them up. We bit the apple just like “Adam and Eve” did in the garden. We are now drunk with our belongings and comfortable living.

This China virus has us all on pins and needles. We see husbands and wives getting on each other’s nerves. We see parents at their wits end on parenting their children. They cannot wait to send their children back to school to the devil’s den to get indoctrinated. They have no clue on how to raise their children. Schools are nothing more than a babysitting center. The women should be at home raising their children instead of some leftist teacher teaching your child how to hate America.

The husband decided he needed help in supporting his wife and children, just so that he could afford his shiny new truck or super big screen TV. He decided to allow his wife to go out and take the arrows and dodge the bullets, not caring about the children and their welfare.

Satan’s biggest thing is that he sold us fear. When I go out, I see just about everyone wearing a mask, even babies. It has now become fashionable to wear a mask that stops nothing. It’s like a comfort blanket; it gives you false security, thinking it will protect you.

Satan has to be laughing for how easy it was to get people to do his bidding. I have no doubt that it will be easy for folks to take the “Mark of the Beast” when the day comes, and it’s coming. Folks will stand in long lines waiting to be a part of Satan’s minions. All out of fear of losing their freedoms and comfort. And false promises.

2020 seems to be a very trying year; it seems everything is coming to a head.

The liberals had all their schemes and well-laid plans ready to go. We had our first Black president (Barack Obama) to put the liberals’ plans into high gear. By the time he left office, racism was at full force, abortion jumped up, homosexuality was put into law, and he had blacks hating whites and teaching them on how to make white folks feel guilty. Instead of America coming together, he divided the country.

After he left office, the liberals had “Hillary Clinton” all set to take his place. But something went wrong. Something went so very wrong for them.

A man comes out of nowhere. A man even the Christian folks could not believe. This man had more baggage than most of us. He was arrogant. He boasted his wealth. He was in the fast lane of success. But he was a man without fear, and loved his country. And God needed a man that would do his bidding. God always seems to use men and women we least expect to do his will.

Donald Trump is one of these men, sent by God to hold off evil in this country. President Trump seems to have no fear. He says what’s on his mind and acts on his convictions. He believes in this country and is doing everything in his power to keep evil back. There is no doubt in my mind that he is God-sent. He is showing no fear of his enemies and will do the right thing to get the job done; he is not afraid to do so.

God is looking for men and women to do the right thing. God cannot work with folks who fear.

Those comforts you are so into are the comforts that liberals and godless folks want to take away from you. If we allow the Dems and liberals to fully have their way, there will be no more freedom. Look how locked down the country is now. People cannot work or go to worship God, or do normal things because of fear.

God is allowing this evil to go on so that you can see clearly who the enemy is. You will have no doubt who the real enemy of God is. A blind person can see it. It is coming down to you folks deciding on whose side you are on. You are either influenced by evil, which is of Satan, or you are influenced by good, which is of God. Those of you that think you can stand in the middle are sadly mistaken. This is about good versus evil. It’s so very spiritual. This election will be the most important in our lifetime.

Fear has been a tool of the left and Satan to take over our lives. But we have a God that will take your fears away by just forgiving your enemy. Not to mention your parents for screwing you up. It all starts in the home where parents are raising their children. Fathers staying home and guiding their wives in the right way. Being the spiritual head of the family.

This may be a good time to see that God is giving us a chance to do the right thing. Perhaps it’s time for us good Christians and decent folks to reevaluate what really is important.

Are our “things” more important than our gift from God – our children. After all, it’s the children that will be running our country in the future. Look at what our young are doing now. They are lost.

God will take something that seems hopeless and turn it around for good. But you would have to be on the side of good to see that.

Parents of all races, creeds and colors – perhaps this is a good time to get to know your children and family. Maybe this is your chance to do the right thing. Perhaps it’s time to do it God’s way and not yours. Don’t worry about that job you lost; if you’re man enough, you will get another. And if you love God, he will provide.

I know he has taken care of myself through all this. I have lost a lot of friends and family but have gained new spiritual friends. God has removed a lot of old terrible habits that I once had. And I can say for the first time that I’m truly a born-again Christian. I know what it means to be a part of the world and not be in it. All I did was forgive, and God did the rest.

Now is the time to make your decision. Not tomorrow or next month. These are great times to be alive and see God work it out.

I’m not afraid of the evil that is going on. God is in control. He always has been. We decided to allow fear to set in and control us.

Pray for our president and country, and support him, for he is on the side of good. Also pray for the Jews and Israel because it’s through them that all this got started.

Robert Campbell