Unmasking the Lies; Unleashing the Truth :: By Rob Pue

It’s no secret that I am strongly opposed to the mandatory mask ordinances and so-called “mask laws” that have been sweeping the nation.

Even as the legitimate number of coronavirus cases has dropped substantially (less than 1% in most cases), more people than ever are now wearing masks everywhere they go — many voluntarily, and many being forced to. In some areas, if you’re caught in public without one, you’re subject to stiff fines and even imprisonment. This is crazy.

I believe it’s way past time to UNmask the lies and unleash the TRUTH. First of all, there are a lot of contradictory recommendations being put forth by the so-called “experts” in charge of all this. Recently, in one of my news feeds, I received one story reporting Anthony Fauci’s statement that mask-wearing was just “largely symbolic” and that masks were ineffective and unnecessary. But within two minutes, ANOTHER story came across stating Fauci believes everyone ought to be wearing goggles or face shields IN ADDITION to wearing masks now. It’s as if they’re intent on keeping us continually off-balance in an atmosphere of fear.

Many have asked, “what’s the big deal? Just wear a mask…. ‘no mask, no service.’ It’s no different from ‘no shirt, no service.'” I beg to differ. It’s WAY different. First of all, wearing normal articles of clothing, like shirts and shoes in public, is… well, NORMAL! We don’t go shopping or out to eat at a restaurant half-dressed. On the other hand, being forced to cover our faces every time we go out in public is definitely NOT normal, unless perhaps you’re in an Islamic country. But in civilized society, this makes absolutely no sense, and it’s only serving to further divide us.

Others will claim that wearing a mask is not meant to protect the wearer, but to protect OTHERS. So the mask-wearers are now pitted against the non-mask-wearers… and again, FEAR plays a key role. There have been countless incidents of violence where those wearing masks have ATTACKED those without one… it’s not enough to yell at them and accuse them of being “uncaring” or “selfish” for not wearing a mask. Now, mask-wearers are actually physically attacking people — including young mothers out shopping with their children and elderly veterans — simply because they chose not to wear a mask.

Everything about this “pandemic” has been “fishy” from the start. I remember the “lockdown” was only going to be for two weeks, and everyone agreed to it, just to be safe. Two weeks turned into more than two months, and now many states are shutting down again because the numbers of “cases” are supposedly rising. Never mind that the numbers have ALWAYS been artificially inflated from day one, and never mind that the increase we’re seeing now is mainly due to many more people being tested. And we KNOW that many (perhaps even a majority) of those tests are false positives. Indeed, we now know that over and over again, people who were NEVER tested at all are getting letters in the mail stating they’ve tested “positive” and they need to quarantine themselves, as well as report all their personal contacts.

A word of advice here: DON’T go and voluntarily submit yourself to one of their “free tests.” I cannot, for the life of me, imagine why anyone would do that. You’re only giving them more “ammo” for their propaganda machine, because odds are very good that YOUR test will come back “positive” whether you are positive or not — or even whether you were actually, truly even TESTED or not!

(Look it up; it’s happening everywhere).

I also remember being told a few months ago that we were going to be seeing 2 million people die in the US within a 2-week span, so we should prepare for the worst. After many months of this fearmongering, we now understand that only a tiny percentage of Americans have actually had COVID, and only 0.04% have died from it. That’s the reality. But the mainstream media, social media, and our government and health officials are desperate to keep us all in fear, all wearing masks, all “social distancing,” and tensions continuing to rise.

Recently, when a group of doctors who work on the front lines held a press conference, declaring that treatment with Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Zithromycin had not only cured but also prevented people from contracting the virus, mainstream and social media couldn’t censor the information fast enough. Every post on Facebook regarding this was labeled as “false news.” The mainstream press ridiculed these doctors, calling them frauds. I wonder why they’ve been SO intent on doing that. If we really ARE in a serious “pandemic,” shouldn’t every option be investigated? These doctors are telling us they’ve treated hundreds of patients with these medicines, and not ONE has died; ALL have recovered, and NONE of the health workers taking the prescriptions contracted the virus, even while working with sick patients DAILY. So why then is the media working so aggressively to silence them?

The answer is simple: it doesn’t fit with the PLAN. And as I’ve said for months now, this absolutely IS a “Planned-Demic.”

The treatment that actually works to prevent illness and cure sick patients costs less than $10, and there’s no need for any vaccine. On the other hand, Anthony Fauci is a financial ally of Bill Gates, and the Gates Foundation is part of the National Institutes of Health, which is funding the Moderna vaccine. The US government has already ordered 300 MILLION doses of this vaccine, which is said to be on the “fast track” for approval. Quite a windfall for those who will be benefiting financially from this. But it’s even worse. Not only is the new vaccine NOT going to be effective — (Gates has already said we will need MULTIPLE vaccines) — it’s already been proven to be very harmful.

But it’s even worse than that because, almost certainly, it’s going to also contain a digital tracking device, and quite possibly a digital CURRENCY device so that you will no longer be able to buy or sell (or receive your “free money” from the government — can you say “socialism?”) unless you have the vaccine!

Things are happening unbelievably rapidly now. We have a planned agenda, designed to control the population already set in motion, being blindly accepted by the “sheeple” in record-setting time. I have no doubt people will be lining up to get their vaccinations very soon. They went along with the lockdown, and they went along with mandatory masks, social distancing, the closing of schools, parks, beaches, and businesses. It’s obvious that the American people are, by and large, so indoctrinated by the lying Leftist media they’ll pretty much fall for anything.

But getting back to the masks. First of all, the masks do nothing good for one’s health. The manufacturers even put a disclaimer right on the box that reads, WARNING: this product will not provide ANY protection against COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or other viruses or contaminants.”

When people have posted photos of this disclaimer on social media, they’re immediately flagged as being “false news.” How can this POSSIBLY be “false news” when the manufacturers THEMSELVES are stating the facts?

The truth is, the smallest pore opening on the MOST effective mask you can possibly buy is 3 microns in size. The COVID-19 virus is 1/10th of a micron. This is like expecting a chain-link fence to keep out mosquitos. Again, Fauci himself — the “expert” — has said that wearing a mask is “largely symbolic.”

But it’s also very unhealthy to wear a mask. They restrict oxygen intake and cause you to recirculate all of your own bacteria and CO2.

Workers who must wear masks for 8-hour shifts can contract life-threatening lung infections, not to mention extreme fatigue, headaches, migraines, extreme stress to the respiratory system, anxiety — and worse.

Wearing masks is also dehumanizing and degrading. They turn us from being unique individuals, made in the image of God, to a herd of dumb animals — or robots. Mask requirements immediately steal our freedom of expression and freedom of choice. Combined with “social distancing,” they rob us of one-on-one interaction with others. This WEARS

on people mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. There have already been more suicides in response to this “planned-demic” than deaths from the virus itself.

And what about the children? Growing up now in a world where everyone wearing a mask will become “normal” to them. Perhaps that’s one of their ultimate goals as well. Creating a “new normal” where we’re no longer free people, unique individuals able to socialize, express ourselves, interact with others, go to work, the grocery store, the park, or the beach — unless our faces are covered. If we dare to do so, we run the risk of being “snitched” on by our neighbors or attacked by others out in public. We risk oppressive fines from police and even imprisonment. All for a virus that’s been proven time and again to be less serious than the annual flu bug… and a virus which front-line doctors have TOLD US there’s a cure for, with no vaccine needed. If you think this is “normal,” I don’t know what to tell you, but I, for one, am not playing their little game.

But, you know, it never was about the virus or our health.

It’s been about social engineering and behavior modification and CONTROL. It’s about the New World Order — totalitarian socialism, which is coming faster than any of us can comprehend.

From day one, we’ve been told we must all learn to adjust to this “new normal” because, they said, “we’re never going back to ‘normal.’

COVID is never going away.”

This is quite obvious when you consider the huge new industry that has sprung up in the wake of all these ridiculous mandates… an industry of mask-makers. You can buy all kinds of masks now. Custom designed with your company logo, with all kinds of artwork and various statements on them. Fancy ones adorned with beads and jewels. Some that mimic Islamic headgear. In some stores, you can even find a rack with all the various masks available and a mirror nearby so you can try them all on to see which one you like best.

How SANITARY is that, I wonder?

This is all just so deceitful — and stupid!

If the truth be told, all masks should come with a disclaimer that reads: “This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease. Its sole purpose is to dumb down the populace into mind-numbed conformity and compliance, preparing people for the tyranny of their new masters.”

That’s a bit of a re-write from the disclaimer that natural health products are REQUIRED to put on their labels. Indeed, the FDA will not even evaluate natural health products or vitamin supplements because there’s no money to be made there. But they are very good at propping up Big Pharma.

Friends, we need not live in fear. Yes, there’s a virus out there. But you know what? There are a LOT of viruses out there. And germs and bad guys who would kill you for five bucks if they could. The past four months have not been a response to a “pandemic.” The REAL numbers never came close to reaching “pandemic” status. The past four months have been about control, social engineering, and behavior modification. About getting us all to comply and accept their “new normal.” But I will not comply, nor will I be complicit in spreading false reports or lies, which I believe you ARE when you consent to wear a mask… you’re perpetuating a lie and helping with the Globalist take-down of America.

Since Hydroxychloroquine has now been banned in many areas (doctors are forbidden to prescribe it, and pharmacists are forbidden to dispense it), it’s important that we all keep our immune systems strong and healthy. Most doctors — and especially the COVID-19 “experts” — will never tell you this; and if you bring it up, they’ll call this “fake science” too. But the truth is, God designed our bodies to heal themselves, IF we have the right nutrients. The modern American diet is seriously deficient in nutrients, even if we try to eat “healthy,” so all of us need supplements.

I’m not talking about taking a “One-A-Day” multivitamin with the bottom line recommended daily allowance, and I’m not talking about “Flintstones chewables” or “gummies” here. We need real, high-quality supplements that actually work. For immune health, high doses of good quality Vitamin C are essential. It’s been PROVEN to work — yes, even for the coronavirus, though social media will label that “false news.” I take 6,000 milligrams of Vitamin C every day, and more if I get sick, which is rare.

Along with that, I take Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2, a good dose of B-complex vitamins, Zinc, and Potassium Iodide.

If you’re healthy, follow this regimen, and you will stay that way. If you get sick, increase your dosage of these vital supplements, and you’ll get better quickly.

This is not medical advice. It’s just plain common sense based on research and study. We all need to do more of that — research and study. Because, you know, people actually DO perish for lack of knowledge. So stop listening to the lies of the Left that are spoon-fed to you daily in the mainstream press and social media. Study and research on your own, and learn the truth. If you do, you’ll no longer live in fear. As Christ-followers, we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind. That’s a terrible thing to waste! And as for the unlawful mask “mandates,” I encourage you to resist the tyranny. We ought to obey God rather than men.


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