On A Quest For ‘Normal’ :: By Rob Pue

A few weeks ago, my wife and I took some time off. It was way overdue and a greatly needed break from our hectic work life because, while many others have been out of work or staying at home under “quarantine,” we have both been working harder than ever, longer hours than ever, with days that begin before sunrise and rarely end before midnight.

We debated whether or not we should take this time off because we KNOW that when we do that, we return to an enormous backlog of work that must be immediately attended to.

We were also hesitant because we were not sure what we would find if we were to venture out of our area. Would we encounter lockdowns, “mask laws,” or perhaps even violent protests in the streets?… But we decided to go because we desperately needed a rest, a change of pace and time to refresh and renew.

My wife also pointed out that in light of what is quickly coming upon the world, this may well have been our last opportunity to go anywhere.

So we went. Our ultimate destination was central Ohio, where we joined the Salt and Light Brigade for their annual National gathering. But we left early to revisit some of the places we used to go on camping trips when our kids were little, and also to see some areas of the country we hadn’t been to before… and celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary as well.

The first day went well, and that evening we walked in the shallows of Lake Michigan and sat together on a park bench on the beach as we watched the stunning sunset over the lake. But we woke up the next morning in Michigan to a new statewide mandated “mask law” which the governor there had just declared. No one was allowed out in public without wearing a mask.

Just one problem: we will not comply with these edicts because we believe they are not only NOT intended for our health — or the health of others — but rather as a tool for mind control, further exploiting the fear so many live in these days because of the hype from our government, health officials, and the mainstream press. Those caught not wearing a mask in Michigan were subject to a $500 fine and up to a year in prison; businesses not enforcing the mask rules were also subject to a $500 fine.

I decided to turn OFF my steady stream of news sources while we were away. At least I tried. The weight of the 24/7 newsfeed can be emotionally and physically overwhelming, especially in these days of fearmongering, blatant lies and deception, and the fact that “good” is constantly called “evil” and vice-versa. So I was unaware of this new so-called “law” regarding the masks. We WERE surprised to see so many people wearing them everywhere we went — even outdoors.

And when we stopped at a roadside Farmer’s Market to get some fresh fruit, nobody mentioned anything about it to us. But that all changed when we went to check in to our hotel that evening. The front desk clerk refused to even speak to me unless I was wearing a mask. She explained that the new ordinance had gone into effect statewide that morning and that the hotel could be fined — and I could be fined or arrested — if I was not wearing a mask in ALL public places.

I checked with a friend that night to see what things were like in Ohio. “Just a recommendation,” I was told. “No mask laws here,” my friend said. Great! We will drive a short distance and spend a couple days on the shores of Lake Erie. However, we quickly discovered that while there was no official mandate, most every business and public place WERE requiring masks. We had hoped to take a ferry to an island and do some hiking and exploring, but we couldn’t because the ferry required all passengers to wear masks.

We then headed to our main stop along the way, literally in the “middle of nowhere” in West Virginia. We chose this area weeks before because we were told the state was “open,” no mask requirements, no lockdowns, no restrictions. We had chosen a nice hotel where we would be celebrating our anniversary together. The hotel had a large indoor and outdoor swimming pool, boat rentals, and other activities we could do. And the area was beautiful. But that all changed before we arrived.

We were greeted at the entrance by a huge sign stating masks were mandatory in all public areas. This facility was selling custom-designed cloth masks with the hotel logo on them for $20. We declined. In fact, we didn’t wear a mask the entire time we were there, but we did endure the shaming looks from others and spent most of our time dodging the “mask police.”

While their swimming pool was huge and could easily accommodate more than 100 people, the hotel had changed the rules: only 25 allowed in the pool area at a time, and it was staffed with GUARDS. Before entering, you had to have your forehead scanned so they could take your temperature and make sure you weren’t sick. (I felt like telling them sarcastically that “MY ‘mark of the beast’ is in my right hand, not my forehead!”) Hotel guests had to sign up to reserve time at the pool, and so they did — lining up early in the morning to get their names on a list and a time slot when they’d be allowed in.

They also canceled all boat rentals and other activities while we were there because of the “virus” scare and the new mask “laws,” leaving virtually no activities open… and we were truly in the middle of nowhere, so there wasn’t much to do. We took drives around the area each day to admire the beautiful views but were turned away from the State Park gift shop. Because we had no masks on, we were treated as if we had the plague.

With a little research, we were able to find some nice hikes to go on. We walked several miles down a trail through the woods and discovered a beautiful waterfall. On another hike, we discovered a hidden cave. The weather was hot and steamy, in the 90s every day; but with the humidity, it always felt like over 100 degrees. On each of these hikes, we encountered groups of other people — and they were ALL wearing masks, outdoors in the oppressive heat, gasping for air as they struggled up hills — literally in the middle of the forest, in the middle of nowhere. Hundred-degree heat, thick humidity, breathing their own Co2 in and out as they hiked. But they were all slavishly obeying the “mask laws” — even outdoors in the woods, even just among their own families.

Restaurants in the area were “curbside pickup only” or “drive-through only.” My wife and I had our 30th Anniversary Dinner in our car, after driving through KFC. It was sad to see the downtown there so abandoned. The main street of the town, full of quaint shops and stores, was virtually closed down. Some buildings were boarded up. Signs in the windows read: “Closed until further notice.” I dare say most of those will never open again. It’s hard enough running a business under the best of circumstances. But being forced to close during the height of the tourist season… I see no way to come back from that.

It was such a relief to arrive at our final destination in Ohio for the ministry training event. Over 100 of us came together once again from all over the country. People were there from California to Maine and many points in between. It was such a joy to reunite with old friends we hadn’t seen since last year; the fellowship was wonderful, the testimonies, study and worship time was incredible, and because the event was held on private property, no masks required. In fact, not a single person had one there. But when we would return to the city to visit a gas station or grocery store, we would have to endure the “shame” from others because we were maskless… and when we returned to the hotel, we quietly slipped in the back door and into our room to avoid running into others.

It became obvious to us — perhaps somewhere along the shores of Lake Erie, or perhaps it was on one of those long hikes back in the woods in West Virginia — that we had found ourselves on a “Quest For Normal.” We just so much wanted things to be “normal” again, and it was sad to come to the realization that most likely, they never will be. The America we grew up in, raised our kids in, and yes, took for granted just four months ago, I’m afraid is gone forever.

It’s painfully obvious that we’re in the midst of a fundamental transformation of not just America now, but the entire world. We’re on the “fast track” to socialism, communism, and a New-World-Order Globalism, where arbitrary so-called “laws” can be commanded from on high, and everyone blindly obeys because the “experts” and the media tell them to.

I did check in to several of my trusted news sources while we were away. Suddenly there was a “new” thing occurring: a national “coin shortage.” Banks and businesses refusing to deal in coins or paper currency — everything must now be digital… because a new crisis had risen: the “coin shortage.” But friends, this, too, is a ruse. As the world economy crashes and burns, we are absolutely headed for a “digital currency” of some kind. Most likely, this new “digital currency” will be integrated with the coming coronavirus vaccine (which they WILL make “mandatory,” make no mistake).

And every minute I had my newsfeed on, there was a steady barrage of media reports about “hot spots” springing up all around the country, where the “virus” had suddenly re-emerged with a vengeance. States were shutting down quickly again. Contact tracing in full gear. Walmart — and many other big chain stores around the country, including most grocery stores — announced that masks would be required for everyone in order to enter and shop.

Now, I don’t believe the masks are “the mark of the beast” — but I absolutely DO believe they are a means to an end… we’re being softened up, trained to comply with the masks (for our own good, of course). No buying or selling allowed unless you’re wearing a mask. And once everyone’s on board with that, it’s only a short jump to the mandatory vaccine, with a digital transceiver to record and report and track our every movement, our every purchase, perhaps even our every thought. Our “smart phones” are already listening to personal conversations we have in private, even when they’re turned off.

As I write today, the media drones on continuously about the unprecedented number of new COVID-19 cases across the country. Even conservative states like Texas are being locked down again. But friends, we KNOW the numbers have been manipulated from the very start. We KNOW we’ve been lied to about all of this. With even a TINY amount of research, you can learn the truth about all these things from RELIABLE sources and trusted doctors, and insiders.

You’ve likely heard the reports from nurses who, having become suspicious of the virus tests, sent UNUSED tests to their labs, only to have them come back showing “positive.” Or medical personnel who have blown the whistle on the fact that ALL deaths were being marked down as ‘COVID 19’ deaths, if they could possibly get away with it, to purposely inflate the numbers.

You’ve likely also heard about people who lined up to get a free coronavirus test, but then changed their minds and decided to skip it. Days later, they received letters in the mail stating they tested “positive,” even though NO test had ever been done. I doubted these stories myself — UNTIL someone I know reported this very thing happened to THEM. They registered, then waited in line in their car for a free drive-through test. But the line was miles long, and they soon realized it was going to take all day; so they got out of line and left. Three days later, they EACH received a letter in the mail stating they were “COVID-positive” and were now being told to self-quarantine — and also report their whereabouts and any contacts they’ve had with others for the past several weeks.

Friends, does this sound like a conspiracy theory? Please hear me: the TRUTH is indeed stranger than fiction. If what is taking place in our country today had been written as a novel ten years ago, no one would have believed it. If today’s headlines had been made into a movie ten years ago, it would have been a box-office dud. There IS a conspiracy, but it is FAR FROM a theory.

Psalm 2: “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against His anointed, saying, ‘Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us.'”

Our nation is burning as the heathen rage. God has given many over to depraved minds, and thus, they imagine vain things. Truly there is nothing more “vain,” or shall I say “INSANE” than the demands now being made by the Leftists. Meanwhile, the “kings” of the earth are taking counsel together (conspiring) against the Lord and His people — against YOU, if you’re a Christ-follower.

What we’re seeing in our world today is NOT normal. Please, don’t call it “the new normal.” There’s no such thing. Only tyranny and destruction of everything good and decent. I’m still on a quest for “normal,” but I’m afraid I won’t see it again until the Lord returns and restores His natural order to this evil land. Meanwhile, I suggest you brace yourselves, folks… I have a feeling we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


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