The Invisible Church :: By Robert Campbell

Hello folks, What I’m about to say will most likely offend most church-going people. I’m sure I’m about to get all kinds of heat for saying what I see in the churches today.

What have churches become today, and where have they gone; what changed? What happened to the churches that kept you in line with life? When you were struggling, the minister would keep you focused on not committing sin and doing the right things in your life.

What happened to the pastor who would preach and teach and keep you focused on Jesus and current events? How come the face of the church has changed and Jesus did not? Where and when did the Bible change and allow what we see in the churches today? Was there a new Bible written and I missed it? Was there another set of men that wrote a new Bible and snuck it in? If you look at the churches today, you would have to say that there must be a new doctrine that is taught.

Look around you; we have allowed all kinds of wickedness to enter and take over the church. We have allowed the enemy to come in and give us a new doctrine that slowly puts Jesus at the back of the line. We have managed to make Jesus a man who now loves all kinds of people living in their sin and staying there.

The church has become invisible and cannot be seen. They are there but not there. They disappeared right in front of our eyes. We now see preachers more focused on the size of their church and how many they can get in their building. They talk about things that have nothing to do with everyday life, but talk about things that will promise you prosperity. They talk about how you can get rich and have what they have, while knowing that it was your money that bought them their fine houses, cars, boats, and airplanes. They walk across their big stage with their big-screen monitors like rock stars in their fine suits. They have huge crowds and mesmerize you into giving them money. Even the small churches have given in to the new doctrine; in fact, they follow the big churches.

The average church today gives your mind nothing but junk food that does nothing for your soul. They don’t preach to you sermons to convict you to go home and think about them. They don’t reinforce that men and women have families, and not gays and lesbians. They don’t talk about the children obeying their parents and growing up with morals and values. They don’t reinforce that Jesus came to die for your sins. The preachers stopped hurting your feelings and making folks uncomfortable in their seats. After all, if ministers did that, the folks would stop giving you their tithes and offerings. It became more important to pay their big mortgage bills than talk about God. In fact, the pastor talks more about giving than Jesus.

Music has become more of a show than really singing for God. We decided to slowly allow things that God was against to now come into the church. We decided to allow women to rule over men. We decided that it was alright to allow homosexuals and lesbians to become ministers in the church. And that’s like allowing the wolves in sheep clothing to run the chicken house. They will eventually get you to see that wolves are not that bad. And in the end, you will be devoured.

Through the years we see the church has become so quiet and weak that it’s not even noticeable. They have become invisible. There was a time that the churches had a major impact on decisions made in your life. And they would get involved in crimes in the cities and country. Now they stay quiet and say very little in fear of losing their tithes and leadership.

We have been silenced and not allowed to speak out against the lie. Yes, there are some that have, but they are laughed at and said to be old fashioned. They say, “Have you not heard of the new doctrine of God?”

We are basically told that God will allow some evil to come in, and that you may continue your evil ways, and it’s really not that bad since we are all sinners anyway. It’s alright to have sex before marriage because we all do it anyway. It absolutely alright to have same-sex marriage. That was way back then; we are more tolerant now.

And we really don’t need a family unit. We parents need to go to work and get the comfortable things in life that are more important. It’s alright to allow the women to leave home and go to work and leave their children to strangers. After all, we told the man that we don’t need him. We told the man that I’m equal to you, and I have a right to do with my body as I wish. I have a right to abort my baby because it’s my body. By allowing that, we have killed 60 million-plus babies in the womb to date. Have we forgotten that Jesus loves the children and their innocence?

The man has been weakened to a state of alarm. He now has succumbed to this lie. He now has become a pathetic shell of a man. And the men in church let it happen by allowing women to come in and rule over them. Remember, Satan used the woman to his own advantage. Satan hates the man’s masculinity because the man represents God. Satan had to first convince the woman that she is equal to the man in that she can do whatever the man can do, that the woman is more emotional and compassionate; therefore, she can do it better. The women were made to believe that they can go out and work and take all of the pressures and fights that a man was built for.

Just look around you; is it working? Look at your cities and states run by women. They will fall for evil faster than anything I have ever seen. They are emotional when we need strength; they would rather talk it out than fight it out. They love to rule over men rather than follow men. Many women believe that it is beneath them to stay home and raise their children. They believe that staying home and seeing to their husband’s needs is a form of slavery. They don’t want to stay home and make sure the kids are getting the proper training and instructions from their husbands. The woman does not want to make sure the home is secure while the husband goes off to provide for her and the children. It’s beneath them to listen to their husband. They would rather compete with him rather than obey him with love.

The husband brings home the money and security that a woman needs to function. The husband loves his wife as he loves Jesus and the church; and she passes on his love from him to the children.

The women’s liberation movement has literally taken the women out of the homes, as social services and welfare have taken the fathers out of the homes. These actions have literally destroyed the average family. And in the black family, almost completely. We now have baby daddies — we now look at children out of wedlock as a norm.

Men and women forgot the way God set it up. God over Christ, Christ over men, men over women, and women over children. And that’s the churches’ fault for not teaching this. The so-called “preachers” had to stop teaching this due to money and fame. They had to allow women to be preachers while the men stay home and babysit.

We now have churches that have more bubbly-wubbly sermons that have nothing to do with being righteous, or showing them how to go out and speak the truth about Jesus. In fact, the church is nothing more than a club for social gatherings. The church has now become invisible.

When was the last time you have been to a church and they talked against evil: abortions, adultery, false witnessing, gossiping, murder, sex before marriage, same-sex marriage, and the bad men of our society? When was the last time you went to church and heard about loving the Jews and Israel? When was the last time you were told to forgive your enemy, including the person sitting right next to you? When have you heard the preacher tell men to live in the home and raise your children?

With all that is happening today, where is the church? They are so quiet, you cannot even hear them whisper. Even the big-name preachers are talking the same old dead sermons you have heard a dozen times over. You even hear them say that they agree with the movement BLM. They will support evil just not to have a bullseye put on their back. The one place you should get the truth no matter what (the church), you get instead a watered-down version of the truth mixed with lies.

You have churches on every corner and down the street. Communities are non-existent. Your next-door neighbor goes to a church across town, and the family across town comes to your neighborhood to a church on the corner. The preacher teaches one gospel while the other teaches another. It’s all confusion, and we all know who’s the author of confusion.

We in the churches should see evil right away because of what our pastors teach us. But now we cannot recognize evil. In fact, we now embrace it. We now see good as bad, and bad as good; and the pastors continue to remain silent.

The pastors will tickle your ego and say what you want to hear, and by no means talk about your drug habit or the drug dealer down the street. The pastors love to build themselves up and make it look like they are the voice of God when, in reality, their god is Satan.

They believe that God called them into ministry, so they go to universities to train on becoming ministers, and have to pay back huge student loans and go into debt. Why would God want you to go into debt? If God calls you, you will know. You can study the Bible for yourself, and he will put the words to say in your heart. Many of these universities today aren’t teaching the truth.

Don’t you folks know that Satan knows the Bible better than any of us. God knew this. He knew that Satan can interpret the Bible for you and make you believe anything he wants you to believe. The Bible is a wonderful book to read; it’s a road map to God. Read it for yourself and God will keep the words in your heart.

You have preachers that say they rely on every word in the Bible and take it as absolute law, and at the same time, gloss over all that is happening in your own community. They will preach the gospel, and at the same time, turn a blind eye to what’s going on in their own congregation. They will see the adulterers, drug addicts, gays and lesbians, gossipers, etc., in their own church and give a watered-down sermon to not offend them. Did they leave out a chapter; did they skip a few pages?

The folks that need real truth stay in their sin because the preachers have given them a new doctrine. They are really not preachers called by God, but called by Satan.

The church is supposed to be like the police, the last defense of evil. But it would appear that the church has been defunded just like the police. The church has been silenced and made invisible, and now we have wolves in sheep clothing running the most sacred part of our culture, and leading the way in keeping us silent. In other words, we have become a tool for Satan, acting like Christians when in reality we have become complacent.

We were slowly mesmerized by our comfort and technology. Our smartphones became our best friends. We take comfort in knowing it’s right in our back pocket or handbag. And we take peeks at it every ten minutes, no matter where we are. We will go crazy if we misplace it, or can’t see the latest gossip or nothingness news. We have literally made it our god. Satan has used our weakness in relying on our human comforts, and holding us hostage if we cannot get at them.

We believed the preachers when they said give us your tithes and God will take care of you. The churches today, not all but most, are just another place to get indoctrinated. They slowly get you to believe in the lie. And that’s because Satan has his hands in it. He snuck in when we were most comfortable, and fooled us with our own Bibles.

But God is not mocked.

There are ministers and preachers in churches today who are fighting the good fight, and not allowing evil to come in. Those are the churches you don’t know or hear about because they are small and few. They are humbled and teach the truth. These are churches not looking for fame or fortune, just trying to get you close to God through Jesus. Those churches are the ones that the evil one tries to shut down because Satan knows that they are teaching the truth. Those churches are telling people of the warnings of God, and realizing the times so we can go forth with a spiritual shield. These strong pastors are taking the heat and will tell the truth no matter what may happen, because they trust God.

All folks that follow Jesus must suffer. Did he not suffer? Did he not die for our own mess? Did not most, if not all of the apostles suffer and die in the end. They put their all in Jesus and our Father God… And we, with all our comforts, cannot tell folks of the good news.

We need to tell the men to stand up and take back our churches and houses of worship. Kick Satan out and speak up. Not speaking up against evil is just as bad as the ones doing evil. You are just as guilty.

A good friend of mine (Patrick) said to me that all we conservatives do is bash the liberals, and at the same time do nothing. And the liberals bash us conservatives, and at the same time do everything against us. Satan is giving them all the tools for a price, while God has given us the power to defeat Satan for nothing. What a shame! Folks, it’s we the Christians and decent folks that will have to take the lead in defeating the enemy. Nothing has changed; God did not update the Bible, nor his words in your hearts. It has never changed.

Satan has clouded your mind with lies regarding good and bad thoughts. You have become way too comfortable in your living. You have made comfort more important than Jesus and our God. You have made things more important than your spirit.

Men — you have fallen away from your duties and allowed the weak to control you. Women– you have allowed Satan to convince you that you do not need the man.

It’s an absolute honor in being a mother at home. And God loves both men and women equally, including single women and men. Marriage is not for everyone, but God loves you just as much.

We are not to use our bodies as sex toys to play with.

If we trust God, He will choose our paths for us. We cannot continue to believe the lie.

We have to forgive and drop our anger.

We all need to speak out against evil, and trust God in giving us the words to say, without anger. I, of course, had to learn that the hard way. I have lost family and friends over me speaking out against evil, and standing up for what is right no matter the cost. That’s the least I can do for God. I have no clue what tomorrow will bring, or what happened in my past. It’s what I’m doing now that’s important. If what I say helps you see, then I’m humbled. If not, I will continue to pray for you and wish you well.

Also, remember to pray for the Jews and Israel.

I’m a Christian American Republican who happens to be Black.