He Will Receive Us to Himself :: By Ron Ferguson

Received to Him, untainted bliss,
That this world will not comprehend.
Received to Him, not one will miss,
Of those to Christ, whose ways did wend.

What joy it was when saved from sin,
To know its penalty removed.
But joy supreme, when then with Him,
From present sin forever moved.

In Person, Christ will come for us,
“Arise My saints from sorrows’ ground!”
Rise mortals, too. ‘Tis glorious.
Death’s shackles can not hold us bound.

He comes again in history’s page,
To harvest His redemptive fruit.
From every nation, every age,
Received to Christ, the Lord, in truth.

Caught up with Him forever more,
In history’s greatest gathering,
We’ll praise the Lamb and Him adore,
Because of His deep suffering.

The Bride will sing of unfeigned love
In victory, with victor’s voice,
Translated, with her Lord above
(Redeemed and with her Lord above,)
Then in His presence, she’ll rejoice.

[Many tunes will fit.  “When I survey the Wondrous Cross,” etc.]