The Rapture :: by Ron Ferguson

We know not what a day may bring,
Or if the skies with joy will ring,
When to Himself, the Lord our King,
Takes us who Rapture’s song will sing.

And if His coming yet is stayed,
His children then won’t be dismayed.
For while His coming is delayed,
The gospel message is relayed.

The blesséd hope we look out for –
To be with Him for evermore.
The present signs, we can’t ignore,
Begin to open up that door.

God’s trumpet will peal out its sound,
Archangel’s voice heard all around.
The Saviour’s shout will much abound
To snatch His own from death’s cold ground.

Forever to be with the Lord,
Where love and grace have been outpoured,
To worship Him, our God adored,
Where, gone forever, all that’s flawed.

His promise then will be fulfilled
Exactly as the Father willed.
With doubting heart and mocking stilled,
By Rapture’s song we will be thrilled.